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    Tommis Ilustrated Log book

    Dear all,
    ever since the year 2000 when I became a proud owner of the small sail yacht "Tiger" I have been spending quite much time on the lake during the summer half of the year. Last year I evolved a feeling that I really wanted to be even more on the water. This kind of lead to the decision that I needed a bit bigger and more comfortable boat than the one I already had. Late last autumn I started looking for what the market had to offer.
    This winter has been really tough with all kinds on stuff going on, the change of work being one of the most energy consuming ones. So in the mid March I was very happy to find exactly what I was looking for, a well equipped yacht for which I actually knew much of it's former history. Since a couple of weeks I'm the proud owner of a Dehler 29, currently named "Svea".

    I currently have the boat far out in the Stockholm archipelago, where it will remain for the rest of May for some nice weekends.
    In this thread I will share some images and stories from my journeys, please feel free to follow.

    A great new acquisition, Tommi plus a lovely invitation. I look forward to your travelogues.

    "To thine own self be true.......
    Thou canst not then be false to any man."


      My first weekend was very much focused in familiarizing to the vessel, and of course to try to stow all equipment in a good way - a task that probably will go on for the rest of the season.
      The "maiden" voyage went to Vindalsö, near Sandhamn outside Stockholm.

      Here you can actually see some horizon.

      Evening sun on the cliffs.

      Perhaps I didn't just randomly choose this anchorage?

      I think that I already showed you the morning sunrise?

      A fox looking for something.

      The weather was excellent, and I was both happy and veery tired when returning home.



        Last weeks trip passed the island of Möja, and we ended up in the national park of Träskö Storö. I'm sorry that I didn't photograph Möja this time, we we're kind of sailing and eating lunch at the same time - so there was no time to bring out the camera.

        Big parts of the isle of Träskö Storo is operated by the foundation "Skärgårdsstiftelsen". Their mission is to open up the archipelago for people, while protecting the nature.

        We had all kinds of weather. The next day there was actually rain, snow, hail and some distant thunder too, along with some sunshine.

        Impressive blocks.

        Early spring gives you a good view in the nature.


          Beautiful start. Yes, I recognised the sunrise and that image of the sun on the rocks is very beautiful, highlighting the blaze of colour on the lichen.
          I love the fox photo and, particularly, the breaking of the rule about centring the main subject. The geometry of the background demands it, doesn't it!

          "To thine own self be true.......
          Thou canst not then be false to any man."



            There are a few houses on the island.

            Remains of agricultural activities.

            Spring flowers.

            The fungus' is clearly keeping track of the horizon.

            More delicate bloom.

            Since it's a park, then everything remains where it falls.

            Back at the beach after an hours walk in the forest.


              After a rather cold night with some frost on the deck we got a rather sunny morning - before the hails came...

              Anyone home?

              What a difference some sunshine can make!

              Just another hole.

              Not too crowded, one big island and four boats, I love pre- and post-season trips.

              Stay tuned, more escapades in a couple of weeks.


                Thank you Ivy for the comments!


                  Looks great Tommi. The yacht looks magnificent, and the views from it are also wonderful! Bit windy here this weekend for too much sailing - various events in the Solent called off yesterday due to the weather, and the tugs were busy in Southampton keeping the big boats in their moorings.




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                    We have the opposite weather here: grey, rainy, no wind - so I'm home in Strängnäs this weekend.

                  Terrific, Tommi - Svea looks absolutely super! ...and time out in the archipelago is of course a delight. Swedish idyll, lots of nature and some nice rocks!! And I keep giggling at #3/3 and its caption!


                  • Tommi
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                    Thank you Cecilia. I'm still thinking about if Svea is a good name or not. It'll probably take some months before I come to a conclusion about that.

                  Very good spring report! I especially liked the Amorella and the fox!!
                  Regards; Sigve.


                    Lucky man!A nice yacht,a terrific archipelago on hand,a pure nature...
                    I'm looking forward for more photos of your "pirate life"


                      Great news, Tommi! I was curious about your progress in job changing and i am quite happy that it seems to have worked out fine. Terriffic boat. I took the freedom and had a short look inside. Veeery cozy!


                      I don't know much about womens names and the special meaning for you, so i can't comment Svea. Shall it be a womans name again or something else (like a special place)?
                      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


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                        It's actually even cozier, mine has the "old" interior with even more wooden panels, pictures will follow as soon as I get everything in place.

                        I haven't changed the name since the radio license also have to changed with the result that some stuff on board needs to be re-programmed. I'll keep it during this season, and then we'll see. I named my old boat to the very neutral name "Tiger".

                      Now some pictures from the rather nice tour during last week when the sun was shining and weather was pretty.

                      Fancy house. Not a too unusual type of house in the archipelago.

                      Party cruiser Cinderella and the archipelago boat Viberö.


                      A quick capture of a person up in the rig of a small sailing ship.

                      This night was spent in a nice anchorage.

                      A strategically located nature harbor.

                      Amorella outbound to Åland and Finland.


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                        14/1.Fancy?Indeed.And more than fancy.What a view it must be from there.


                      The breakfast entertainment of the next morning kind of slipped away...