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    Jan-Olav, when you read this: you're mos surely on the right spot. I'm so happy for you!!!
    Well spoken, Sterkoder; he is doing what all captains should do; steering in the right direction!

    (By the way: what's the use for that paint brush? Dust cleaning of instrument panel?).
    I think so; I have seen this in many taxies, coaches and trucks, it's for keeping the dashboard clean. (So-called dust-off!!)
    Regards; Sigve.


      The Skyscape Diaries – Week 36

      Still in Norway, and choosing doesn’t get any easier!

      Even a photograph of Ålesund that has made its way into Hotel room views would have been appropriate for Skyscape and it was not the only possibility taken from that location. But in the end it just had to be the view from Fjellstua. Yes I know that is the view you see all the time, the one that everybody takes, but not usually showing QM2 and another cruise ship, Maasdam, where a hurtigrute should be! The hurtigrute of the day was Lofoten, but it was not possible to take photos of her arrival and all the activity on the quay as well as ascending Aksla before her departure – there are just too many steps!

      Day 250 is the view of Vigra from the plane as I left Ålesund. And so to Kristiansand and the Tall Ships. Well there they are on Day 252 together with some fireworks, and on Day 253, at the end of the Parade of Sails, heading out towards the open sea.

      Day 251 is a more unexpected choice and I am delighted with it – as if the clouds were escaping from that huge vase. The vase is by the artist Kjell Nupen who was born in Kristiansand, often referred to as “the blue artist”. I first encountered his work on the hurtigrute ships Finnmarken and Trollfjord.

      And so to another view from the air, sunset over the Firth of Forth, and the cloudy day which followed.


        Day 249– 2010 July 28


          Day 250– 2010 July 29


            Day 251– 2010 July 30


              Day 252– 2010 July 31

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                Day 253– 2010 August 1


                  Day 254– 2010 August 2


                    Day 255– 2010 August 3


                      they are beautifull again Cecilia.
                      this week favorits are 252, the fireworks, bright, clear, sharp.just stunning

                      253,don´t no why,just speaks to´s just had something.

                      254,the sun through the clouds in 1 straight line over the water,a composition where i dream about,but i dont fly.
                      best regards Thijs


                        Ooooohh,Cecilia...these are all so wonderful and DIFFERENT this week....Each day--totally different and unusual. You keep coming up with something new! I don't know HOW you do it!!

                        I love the urn! And the black and white...and the tall ship...and.....and....and..and!!!!!!!!!


                          Thank you both, I kind of knew there’d be special favourites for everyone these last two weeks. I had so many images to choose from, it took me all of yesterday to complete that selection! Because it had been such a specially wonderful time in Norway I wanted to consider “the whole” of all the things I did and saw there, and was trying to have a special image for each, something that says it all to me personally, to look back on in the future.

                          But I think I need to calm you down E!!!!!!! Cunning of me to post Week 36 on a Tuesday wasn’t it?! A moment’s thought and you might have worked out that I have actually slipped a week , but perhaps I’ll just let everyone soak up my Norway trip for a little bit longer before catching up . I’ve said before how difficult the days after returning from travels are, because all I want to do is sort out my trip photos, make those challenging choices –not go out taking new images (not to mention intrusion of everyday domestic tasks!).
                          So Week 37 will be more abstract, for the cloud connoisseurs only –it’s been a stick the camera out of the window week!


                            #249 will be chosen for the title of the next Alesund touristic broshure!!!
                            #251 is my personal favourite
                            #252 makes me speechless. A wallpaper for each TSR visitor!!

                            Superb week!
                            Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                              All incredible photographs! It is a shame there is only 1/3 of the year left. I hope you are planning another project.




                                That's it... Waow!
                                With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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