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The most ridiculous comment on your lenses....

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    The most ridiculous comment on your lenses....

    The most ridiculous comment on your lenses....

    What is the most funny/ ridiculous comment you have ever received on your big lenses when you pulled them out of your bag...

    One of the most common one, that I have heard is something like:

    "How far can you take a picture with that thing...?"

    My reply? Well, how far is it to the moon?
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    I usually get some odd remark about "size" whenever someone sees this situation:

    Unless people are familiar with SLR's they assume that all cameras are cell phones or at least pocket sized point and shoots. Many people are surprised at the size of the camera body (and it's not even a full size pro model) and then even more surprised with a telephoto lens mounted... Then comes the question "does that take good pictures?" or "why is it so big?" and one of my all time favorites "You must be a pro."