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    Wide Angle

    What is the difference between a 15mm wide angle lens and a 15mm fisheye? For example I am comparing the Canon EF-15mm fisheye against the super wide angle 14mm L. They are nearly the same focal length and they are both 2.8f. They are both very wide angle...

    I have one of those 15mm Canon Fisheye lenses and it is an awesome lens no doubt. It's a very special lens and it distorts the reality quite a bit though.... horizon really become like a banana-shape.

    I have probably not used it as much as I initially planned: it's not always appropriate to use but it has also saved me many a time when I wanted everything in one picture.

    My fisheye is nearly 17 years old or so, and well used... still got it and still love it.

    The difference between the lenses you describe I'm not sure but the fisheye really distorts the image: thereof the name fisheye.... imagine what a fish sees, and that is what you get.

    I wonder if it could be the picture field maybe? The fisheye nearly has a full 180 degrees field of view, probably around 170 degrees.
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      With the crop factor of the 50D I am starting to think if getting something wider than 24mm (which I currently have on my 24-105) is worth while. I started looking at the wide lenses and realized that there is something other than focal length going on with a fisheye.