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    Doughnuts may be good, but all at the right time:!/video/112475/d...afoeren-jobben


      Tall fish stories from America:!/video/113001/f...aa-utrolig-vis

      One more for your entertainment:!/video/113057/t...fisk-fra-kajak


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        Even more fish stories from good ol' USA:

        How Seagulls could be accused of dropping them I don't know. Seagulls has web feet and swallow their catch on the spot, usually.
        Sea Eagle is a more likely answer.

      Hypocrisy is alive and well in the US Congress:
      TTP cannot be approved if Malaysia is within it, because it is on the receiving end of human trafficking. 139 graves have been found just barely inside it's boarder with Thailand, where human trafficking is prevalent and has been for many years.

      Hundreds of bodies of migrant has been found just across the boarder in New Mexico, but is USA to blame?? No, it is those vicious Mexican traffickers who is abandoning them in the middle of the desert, that's who.

      What is really behind it?? They are afraid that the TTP could negatively affect their home district, but cannot find anything else wrong to block it.
      Besides, if Obama is for, they are against, no matter what.


        Don't do this at home:!/video/114030/d...-et-surfebrett


          The article may be about policing in Norway, but the Comments by the public below the articleis very much about policing in the US:
          To compare all of US with little Norway may be wrong. Take crime statistics for Oslo, (the most violent town in Norway??) compare that with a similar size town in the US to be fair.
          But the real question raised here is about the culture differences, both in the police forces and the general public when it comes to guns and the use of force.

          In Singapore the Police, incl. the Aux. Police force, is armed at all times when on duty, but the incidents where shots are fired is very rear, although this year one person was killed by the Police:

          In another case a detainee managed to grab the gun off a policeman and actually discharging the weapon:
          Most case of gun use by Police Officers have been to commit suicide:

          What has gun use in Singapore got to do with the article above??
          It just goes to show that gun use by Police is not necessarily related to whether the Police Force is armed or unarmed.
          In Singapore there is strict gun laws, and they are enforced. Permit to carry hand guns are not issued to individuals outside the Police and Armed Forces.
          Hunting is not a major item here, thus there is no need for rifles or shotguns to be kept by individuals. ​To have unlicensed fire arms are punishable by death.

          Here is some statistics comparing Crime in Norway vs. USA:

          And Singapore and USA:

          Finally, Norway vs.Singapore:

          Pretty descriptive I'll say.


            I hope nobody is watching the US Presidential election news. Especially where Donald Trump is concerned. I can't speak much about him without foul language but I am glad that he has finally shot himself in the foot with his comments about John McCain's capture in the Vietnam War. It further proves that Donald Trump is not a statesman and is unable to lead this country.

            Normally the crazies and radials are weeded out by lack of funding. Now we have someone with enough wealth and crazy to cause a distraction. I do not think he has a chance of being elected but it shows the danger of someone with a lot of money and a big mouth. Basically I am embarrassed that he is in the news and somehow thinks he is representing our country.


              What do you mean; "I hope nobody is watching the US Presidential election news"??? How can you avoid it, especially if you are a news junkie like me??
              If you watch any World News Channel, whether it is CNN or BBC Wold, it has just about dominated the news since the 2014 intermediate election. (It actually started the day after the 2012 election) On Fox News it is only overtaken by criticizing Obama, whatever he do or say.
              Even on CCTV News, RT News, Aljezeera, ABC News and CNA there would hardly be a day without the US Presidential Election being mentioned.

              As for The Donald, he is probably seen as a joke to most people outside the US, even outside the Republican Party.
              The scary part is that he is actually one of the front runners among the declared Republican candidates on most polls.
              Since there have been 8 years of a Democratic White House, we are due for a change as per historical norm.

              His latest target for "foot in mouth" comments, John McCain, may have been a bad mistake. He is another Republican who has right wing opinions, especially on foreign policy and popular with the same crowd.
              According to this Reuters report it may have backfired and the Donald is busy back paddling:

              If the Donald should be the Republican choice as their candidate in 2016, I think that will break the "tradition" of alternating the Presidency between the parties every 8 year.

              If he should be elected President, heaven forbid, I'm afraid that the world will be distancing itself even more from America.
              His idea that closing the borders will bring back manufacturing to the US is a pipe dream. Who will do the menial work then??


              • pilotdane
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                Russia has Putin. We could have Trump. Wouldn't those two be fun head to head. They would kill us all in a nuclear pissing match and accomplish nothing.

              The Civil War was more than 150 years ago, but not everybody has finished fighting it:

              If you want proof of White Supremacy, just look at these representatives of KKK here:

              A bit of background for the KKK organization:


              • pilotdane
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                I chuckle (laugh) and shake my head every time someone is on the news supporting the Confederate flag. While I can certainly understand the history that the flag represents the people that get on the news both make me laugh and scare the hell out of me. They are funny because they are truly the stereotype and they scare me because they do really exist. Uneducated prejudice and intolerance and easily available guns... not a good combination.

              • ombugge
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                I think I have quoted this before somewhere on CVF, but it can bare being repeated.
                Visiting rigs with American crews there used to be a calendar hanging somewhere with a cartoon for every day and the text; "You know you are a Redneck if..."
                I used to get a good laugh of flopping through this, especially when on a rig with plenty of Rednecks in the crew.

                I can only remember one such cartoon; a man sitting on his poach with a fly swatter in his hand and a confederate flag flying proudly by the steps.
                The text read; "You know you are a REDNECK when you can entertain yourself for more than 2 hours with a fly swatter"

                My favourit definition of a Rednecks; "A REDNECK is someone with a glorious lack of sophistication, and PROUD of it"

              I had to go the Magistrate's Court this morning which is in the Sheriff's Department building. I had to ask why the flag was at half staff this time... "another movie theater shooting" was the reply. We put a man on the moon when I was a baby and have the highest funded military in the world and have more of our own citizens in prison than almost any nation and it's still not safe to go out on a date.


              • ombugge
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                You could add that you have more firearms per capita than any other developed nation and more people killed by them in the US than US citizens killed in wars, or by foreign terrorists anywhere in the world, every year, incl. 2001.

              President Barack Obama has admitted that his failure to pass "common sense gun safety laws" in the US is the greatest frustration of his presidency.
              This is from a BBC interview with the President. The movie theatre shooting occurred not long afterwards.

              "To thine own self be true.......
              Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                Two small Singapore Shipping Companies has been put on a US sanction list (OFAC -Office of Foreign Assets Control) for having has relations with a North Korean Shipping Company:

                One had chartered a ship that later was found to carry rocket parts from Cuba to N.Korea. (Ostensibly for repairs)
                The other had paid the same company some money, also before the same incident.

                It is fairly common for shipping companies to charter ships from each other and to pay for it. What can the US do against these two companies, other than to ban their ships from calling at US ports?? Well, a lot of transactions in shipping is done in USD and involves US Banks. It can be difficult for them to do normal business, unless they can avoid the sanction somehow.

                Claiming extra-territorial jurisdiction because the transactions are done involving US Banks appear to be all the rage these days.

                Nearly all Internet traffic is also directed via the US, hence many countries are setting up their own networks to avoid the NSA snooping on domestic communication at least.


                  May I present the Republican Party front runner for President of the United States of America:
                  May God help us!!!


                    Only in America, I hope?:

                    No matter what the Police say; would this have happened if his name was John Smith and his skin white??


                      Further to the discussion about weapons and a sensible way of registering them.
                      This is an article about a problem in Norway, but I assume it applies just about anywhere else where there are weapon registration requirement.
                      What happen to weapons when the registered owner dies?:
                      The same may apply when people move to old folks homes, or leave the country permanently, leaving their weapons behind in care of an unregistered person.

                      Is there any simple way of solving this without making a major new bureaucracy??


                      • nari
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                        In Australia, where weapons have to be registered and kept in locked cabinets ot of reach of kids nd teenagers, if the owner dies the weapon has to be either handed in to police or given to someone who then has to pass muster to own it.
                        There are considerable fines if the gun is just left abandoned and ownerless.
                        This all started with the Tasmanian massacre of about 30 people some decades ago at a cafe. Rather similar to the more recent one in Norway. In both cases the perpetrator was a national.

                      Another mass shooting at a school in the US:

                      It fits "nicely" into a number of other major mass shootings in the US over the last few years:

                      But this is just the mass shootings and episodes that has received wide media coverage. What about the 30,000 other shooting that happen every year?
                      In Chicago there were 14 shootings in a 15 hr. period recently:

                      Maybe somebody should point out that the 2. amendment of Constitution was adopted on December 15, 1791, as part of the first ten amendments contained in the Bill of Rights. At that time there were marauding Indian tribes and bandits in the few states that constituted the United States at the time and the guns in existence were single shot flintlock pistols rifles, not automatics weapons that can spray large number of bullets at a rate of knots.

                      What does it say?? Here is the text;
                      A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
                      It does not say that the gun cannot be registered, or restricted to sane law abiding people.
                      If anybody wants to know more about it, here is a Wikipedia link:

                      To uphold the Constitution is admirable, but after over two hundred years it may the time to update it to reflect today's reality.
                      When the Constitution talk about "We, the People" that was understood to be; "White Protestant Male Landowners", not every Tom, Di*k and Anny.

                      When was the last time the Constitution was amended?? Here is the answer:

                      ​What Constitutional amendment proposals are presently pending approval by States??:
                      Please note that there are no proposal to scrap, or modify the 2. Amendment, or to introduce gun control Laws.

                      When are they going to learn???
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                      • nari
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                        When are they going to learn??? (quote)
                        Probably never...the belief that one must carry a weapon at all times to stay safe rings a very false note. It is time that they moved out of the 19th century.

                      • ombugge
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                        You are probably right. After all it took 202 years 7 months and 12 days to ratify a simple common sense law about Senator's and Congressmen's remuneration.

                        To change the Constitution should be a "simple thing" to do, if the will by the people was there to do so. Now it need to be pressed through the Congress, Senate and 50 State Legislatures and bypass the President's and 50 Governor's Vetoes. Too many "checks and balances" can cause political gridlock.

                        When politic becomes a "contact sport", where the main point is to get re-elected, not what is good for the country, It is no wonder that things get FUBAR.

                        The present Presidential candidates doesn't appear to have any opinion of their own, only what their handlers and latest opinion poll tells them to say.
                        The exception is The Donald. He has plenty of own opinions, but lacks any consideration for other countries and people.