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Funny (or silly) Tee-shirts

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    Funny (or silly) Tee-shirts

    I always look for funny or silly Tee-shirts being worn by people, some knowingly and some have no idea that it either.
    Here is an example to start off this thread:

    Permission granted by the subject, (she's family) but I did crop the picture a bit anyhow.

    This thread did not get much response, although there are a lot of funny (or not so funny) tee-shirts out there.
    Here is one with a serious message for the drinking fraternity among CVF members and guests:

    Please heed the advice!!!


    • wherrygirl
      wherrygirl commented
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      If I'm responsible for paying I make sure I never spill a drop.

    • pilotdane
      pilotdane commented
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      Whew... I'm glad someone else posted first. I thought that shirt was aimed directly at me.

    Nobody else manage to find (or photograph) people wearing funny (or silly) T-shirts???
    I know, it's difficult to ask a complete stranger; you mind if I take a photo of your totally ridiculous T-shirt??
    Well, I found a way around that when I saw this Russian gentleman:

    I said; that is my kind of tie. May I take a picture??
    No, no, no, not a Selfi with you and your drunken friends, just of your T-shirt.
    Simple isn't it??


    • yvneac
      yvneac commented
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      I'm sure he wears a tie.....but only with a polo-neck.

    • wherrygirl
      wherrygirl commented
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      Gulp! No, can't picture that for laughing.

    • ombugge
      ombugge commented
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      I don't wear a tie very frequently any more. Mostly for weddings and funerals, but most of the last these days. (I live in the tropics)
      In my young and tender days tie, long sleeve shirt, cuff links and tiepins were "compulsory" in Singapore.
      I even had a suite with vest for special occasions, like entering high class restaurants.

      PS> The tie here is printed on the T-shirt. Not my type of everyday wear, even now.

    Bangkok fashion:

    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

    Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
    Main page:

    Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


    • ombugge
      ombugge commented
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      Maybe the Russians had been in Bangkok before coming to Singapore.

    Today's resolution:


      No problem for me!!!

      "To thine own self be true.......
      Thou canst not then be false to any man."


        Yesterday I saw one fellow wearing a Tee-shirt I would have like to take a picture of, but couldn't find a good excuse, so I'll refer the text here:
        "I Don't Need
        My Wife Know it All".


          Maybe not entirely a tee-shirt, but at least this girl has got her priorities right:


            Here is a fellow who would like to get his message through wherever in the world he may be:


              One more Tee-shirt with a message for drinkers:


                More funny or silly Tee-shirts for you:

                This text may have been shown somewhere else, but not on a Tee-shirt:

                Same girl, different day and different Tee-shirt:


                  on the annual market i let print every year some shirts,
                  this one i let make this one.

                  ''the docter says,
                  thats it is incurable''
                  Last edited by janihudi; January 14th, 2018, 12:28.
                  best regards Thijs


                    not a silly or funny shirt,but for a truckdriver so welknown.
                    this shirt came by on Facebook when i was surfin on it on the mobile

                    and i wanted one.
                    but at home for ordering it, i looked closer.
                    that exhaust is on the wrong side, the word duck above the grille at the hood shouldend be there,it should be mack and the whole print was mirrored.

                    didn't wanted it anymore.
                    but i stil wanted it.

                    so made another call to the shirt printer from our annual market in Giessen..
                    (i was already in contact to make shirts for me,but i don't have paybal, so can't order.)
                    if he can make them like that for me and that i would look for a print.

                    send him some images of the mack and if he can use them.

                    from the images he choosed this one.

                    best regards Thijs


                      also searched for a good useble image for the duck

                      and this would be how they would look.
                      by approval he would make them

                      best regards Thijs


                        i placed them on Facebook if there are moore who are intrested?
                        in total i ordered 7 of them.
                        within 3 days i had them in my house,not even payed for it.

                        another shirt that came by was this one. long before the rubberduck shirts.
                        i was already at the market busy with him for it

                        and i wanted it too
                        best regards Thijs