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    Vintage Hi-Fi

    Anyone remember hi-fi separates (a separate box for every function)? Back in the 1970s and 1980s, if it wasn't separates, then it wasn't hi-fi.

    Anyway, my vintage hi-fi has been out of action since my house move in 2017, until yesterday. I decided it was high time to connect everything up and get it working.

    The Dual record deck was hesitant at first but eased up after a few tries. I should really get in there with some oil and grease. For a delicate mechanical device bought in 1978, it's doing pretty well. The JVC tape deck is slightly newer (1983?) and the Marantz tuner-amplifier dates from 1989.

    JVC KD-A5 Tape Deck and Marantz SR-50 Tuner-Amplifier

    Dual 521 Record Deck

    Leak 250 "Sandwich" Speaker (x2)
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    Yep, I remember them, Clipper. In fact I still use one, having nothing better in the way of hi-fi. It must have been in the late '80's/early '90's that I bought it, a Sony LBT-D7 which cost about £400 and I remember feeling terribly guilty about such spendthrift behaviour!
    Only two sections work now. The drawer to the CD player stopped opening and closing shortly after I bought it but a local shop replaced the drive belt and it was fine. Unfortunately more recently it stuck in the open position and is useless. The dual tape deck is also out of action, it just chews up the tape. But the record player and radio are fine.
    I occasionally look at adverts for all-in-one-box type hi-fi's and really must get going and buy one. Not being au fait with modern hi-fi's it's difficult to decide, short of going to a reputable store and listening to the salesman's songs of praise for all his models.
    I'll try and take some pics. of my set-up.
    It's OT here, but tell you what I have still got, though I never use it now - a TK24 Grundig reel-to-reel tape recorder. 'Owz 'at? I was still living in London then and well remember lugging it along a good 15 minutes' walk to the station when I was returning to Beaulieu where I was teaching. With that in one hand (was it weighty!!!) and my suitcase in the other I was nearly on my knees.

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      Grundig TK24 - a great memory Ivy. Those things are beautiful old museum pieces with styling that has come round again.

      When you're in a techie mood, give YouTube's TechMoan a try - this one and others are well worth watching -

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      Ok, Clipper, I'll have a look at that. Thanks.

    Nice idea for thread. Must go home and take also some pictures of my old stuff. We recently discussed it among friends - nor comparison to the cheap digital stuff from today...
    I started with Wega (at that time already a Sony-daughter, then continued with Sony, hat a short step to Akai and am working today with Denon, Sony and Panasonic. Speakers? A completely new topic...
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      Ralph, I thought of you as I got the Dual deck working. Great German engineering.

      I must add a photo of my Leak speakers to the top-post. I bought them circa 1973 so they are something like 46 years old.

      My Dad's old Akai (4000D?) reel-to-reel tape machine is somewhere in the garage. I should really bring it back into the house before it sustains too much damp damage.
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