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    Garden by the Bay is 5 years old and growing strong:
    Next time you are in Singapore, take a break from Orchard Road shopping and pay a visit there.


      This is definately one place I have been wanting to visit for a while, but with an upcoming visit to Hong Kong first - it might be a couple of months before my trip to Singapore.
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        I have posted before on the fact that the entire downtown Singapore is now a catchment area, draining into Marine Bay Reservoir. Of course the water cannot be pumped directly to the taps, it has to go through a costly cleaning process before it is ready to drink.

        The process will now be combined within a new desalination plant to be built at reclaimed land in Marina East and bring Singapore a step closer to water self-sufficiency:
        Malaysian politicians will no longer be able to threaten to cut off water supply whenever there is a dispute over anything, or to gain votes during election campaigns.


          3 weeks ago I posted about a Hawker stall in Singapore with a Michelin Star (Post # 1412)
          Here is a list of ALL eateries in Singapore which received Michelin Stars this year:


            An old and well loved "institution", the "Thief's Market" in Singapore is coming to an end:
            Nowadays most of the goods are actually collected by "Karung Guni men" (Rag'n'Bone men) or purchased at jumble sales.

            Here is a picture of Thief's Market in my young and tender days, when there were still shop houses along the narrow streets:

            I have walked these street many time over the years. It didn't change much before sometime in the mid-1990's, when the houses were demolished, but the vendors kept on trading anyhow.


              I only just remember a few bits of Singapore that looked like your photo - but thinking about the Singapore I worked in 20 years ago, I'm not at all surprised that a couple of the hawker stalls got Michelin stars - I have such positive recollections of the quality and consistency of hawker centre food. Only ever had tummy trouble once in the time that I worked out there, something I ate in one of the rather nicer hotels!!




                If you should somehow manage to get back there now you will not find anything that resemble the picture of Sungai Rd area in the 1960's/70's. That is all gone, or sanitized and converted to tourist traps, like some of the small lanes around Arab Street:

                In little India:

                Or off Beach Road, where you even find a Swedish restaurant:

                PS> In this article about Thief's Market there is a mention and picture of a Coffee shop, which still exists in a HDB block in the area. Their Sungai Rd. Laksa is "world famous all over Singapore". If they haven't got a Michelin Star yet, they probably should have:

                It is also well known as the place where you can buy precious stones from Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Smuggled out from there, but legally into Singapore. (It must be legal, since the next door neighbour is the local Police Post)


                  It is not all over for Thief's Market in Sungai Rd. after all. I will be moved to Golden Mile in Beach Rd. if all goes well:


                    Crime wave in Singapore!!!
                    Two armed robberies in a matter of two consecutive days are just about unheard of in "crime free" Singapore.
                    The first at a petrol station:
                    Second in a Western Union office:
                    Even more unusual is that the second robber was not caught within hours.


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                      Read about this at either BBC or AlJazeera.... pretty remarkable that the second one had nobody apprehended within a short time - in Singapore!

                    I have been posting new and old pictures of Singapore here for years now, then I came across this site from Straits Times, which is doing it professionally:
                    Lots more by scrolling the "more slides" block on the right of the top banner.

                    The history below each picture tells the story behind the site.


                      Singapore under storm clouds:

                      Picture taken from a Reuters report.


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                        Are there usually so many ships anchored outside Singapore?

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                        Usually around 1000 ships in port on any day 365 days/year. at least a couple of hundred at anchor withing Singapore port limit.
                        In addition at least that many outside port limit in Malaysian and Indonesian waters of the Singapore Strait.
                        It is the busiest port in the world by total tonnage and number of ships. (Not only counting container throughput)

                      I'm not there to witness Deepavali and Hari Raja Hadji this year, but here is pictures from Straits Times of the decorations and festivities in Little India:


                        The last bit will complete the "circle" in Circle Line:


                          Religious freedom is a constitutional right in Singapore, but being a multi-religious society there is also strict laws against talking bad about, spreading ill will, or criticizing any religion. Trying to use religion in politics is also against the law.

                          Foreign preachers of any religion can be banned from Singapore if they are known to preach negatively about other religions. Recently two Christian preachers has been banned for this reason:


                            Singapore has a new President. The first female to hold the post and the first Malay for 47 years:

                            True to form, she will be staying put in her HDB flat, where she has lived for 30 years. This is very much like all previous Presidents, although they have an official residence at the Istana.
                            The same applies to the Prim Ministers, although there is an official PM residence in the Istana grounds it has been used as a VIP Guest House since independence in 1965.