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    WE ARE HOME!!!


      This place looks familiar. I can understand that you take off from snow, sleet, slush and cold for a while.
      Enjoy your time in warmer climes.

      If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you...


      • ombugge
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        I'm not surprised, you spent what I thought was a pleasant night eating good North Indian and Nepalese food just to the right here.
        We did the same last night.

      Back visiting familiar sights in Singapore, starting with Clark Quay.
      The mushrooms hasn't grown much since last visit, by they still change colours all the time:

      As does Read Bridge:

      With a steady traffic of River Cruise boats passing under:

      Here is the busiest "Port" on Singapore River:


        So many things there that I did not see. I suppose I will have to go back.


        • ombugge
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          Yes there are more to see and experience in Singapore than the poplar belief that "2-3 days is enough to see it all".
          Next time, take a stroll in Fort Canning Park and learn the history of the place by reading the plaques placed along the various treks:

          Or if you are into longer walks, visit Kent Ridge Park, starting from Mt. Faber and ending in South Bonavista:

          There is a report somewhere earlier here about a walk in both places some time ago.

          PS> Here is a map of the 300 km. Park Connector network as it stands today:

          Maybe you would like to try the Central Urban Loop, combining walking/cyckling and eating at some of the best Hawker Centres along the way?(Known as the "Makan Loop")

        Chinese New Year is long over, but the decorations in Chinatown has stayed up longer than usual:

        Maybe because there are more tourists in the area than ever before??


          Singapore has some fancy high rise building architecture.
          How about this one, with infinity pools cantilevered at various floors:

          Or this one:

          Building with holes "shot" out in the middle appears to be a popular thing:

          Not a high rise, but a bit special:

          Also at Oxley Rd. is this old wrought iron fence, once protecting a stately villa. (long gone):


            On the side of Outram Hill we came across this Memorial that I have never noticed before, although I have probably walked passed here hundreds of times:

            Being the curious type, I had to find out who's grave this was. Here is the answer:
            The actual grave of Tan Tock Seng was a bit to the side and we did not walk over there to take pictures.


              Heritage Hotels are all the rages around the world, incl. in Singapore.
              These old Godowns along Singapore River has been standing empty for the last 17 years, since a Discotheque moved out:

              It has now been renovated and made into a small hotel and restaurant. It still smell a bit of nutmeg though. (it was originally used to store spices)
              There are only 30 some odd rooms, all with their distinctive style according to the Manager. (Yes, I did go in and ask, but not about the price)

              Outside another Heritage Hotel in Tiong Baru is this water feature for Fung Shui:

              Statues depicting old Singapore kids playing old games are everywhere:

              In the Tank Road Park is this "memorial to the old Singapore National Theatre, which was demolished years ago:

              Here is what it looked like in it's heydays:


                In Tank Road Park we also came upon a small tree bearing fruits I'm not familiar with:

                It also had flowers in various stages of development:

                We have some experts here who may be able to identify this tree, though.

                A more familiar flowering tree:


                  Thanks for the nice "stroll around reportage", please give us some more if you have!


                  • ombugge
                    ombugge commented
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                    Yes there will be more. Walking around and taking pictures are what we do these days.
                    It is nice to be back in familiar places and still finding new things.

                  Not walking but riding the North South Line MRT I took a picture that may bring back memories for one of our members:

                  These trains still have drivers, but not sure if it is the same train sets as when the MRT system in Singapore was new.

                  As always, the signs are in the 4 official languages:

                  (Except the blue one on the right)

                  Repeating the same warnings in 4 languages at every stop and in every station may be a bit of an overkill, but they are probably just being cautious.


                  • PoloUK
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                    Strictly operators rather than drivers - computers drive the trains, the operators open and close the doors. In the old days, one day a week the drivers would drive the trains outside the peak so that they still could, don't know if that still happens on those lines today. When I was working on those trains, those doors in the photo were normally open and there weren't any passengers on board!

                  • Tommi
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                    I guess that is the way to keep efficiency and time tables, while it is a good way to maintain a required level of safety?

                  • ombugge
                    ombugge commented
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                    I notice that on the old lines with "operators" there are frequent cases where the doors re-open and close up to several times, presumably because somebody or something is blocking a door from closing properly, thus the train will not start to move.
                    This does not happen as frequently on the driverless lines though.

                    I also have noticed that there are an "attendant" from SMRT riding on most trips on the downtown line these days. He/she will usually stand near the front of the train, but is usually more busy on their phone then watching anything going on around them.
                    Earlier I was told that this was because there may be a minor alarm, or some other problem being noted at the control centre and very rearly.
                    Could it be that the rules have been changed and they are there more as crowd control??

                    I haven't seen any on the North East Line though. Don't know about the Circle Line, as we haven't used that this time around.
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                  This sign should indicate a place for COLD BEER and rowdy crowds right??:

                  Wrong!!! No beer and no crowd. This is in the Arab Street area, which is still largely Middle Eastern and Muslim.


                    There are quite a few new building completed since we left, nearly a year ago.
                    Here is one of them:

                    No idea what it is yet.

                    This building doesn't stand out as an architectural wonder, but it does stand out as a "big blue brick":

                    Nice name though, Hotel BOSS.

                    Looks like the scaffolding is still standing, right??:

                    But it is supposed to be like that:

                    Like the Pompidou Center in Paris?

                    More blue glass. These two towers were nearly ready when we left:

                    The one in front is Shaw Tower at Beach Road, which is from the 1980's


                      These two towers are nearing completion. No idea what will come here, but it is a joint verture between Singapore and Malaysian Gov. as replacement for the Railway Station land that has been taken over by Singapore:

                      A familiar building framed by the two new towers:

                      And side by side:

                      As seen from Malay Heritage Center, with the main Mosque in Singapore to the right:


                        On the left in that last picture you see The Gateway, which was designed be P.E.Pei back in late 1980s. They have an uncanny ability to appear to change shape, depending on the angle you view them from. First a "closeup":

                        Seen from opposite side:

                        Yet another view:

                        Back to the West side:

                        The "corner office" may not be the place to be in these buildings.