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    Singapore nostalgia on Youtube for those who like old days.

    Singapore in the 1956:

    Singapore in 1962:

    For those who like to know what happened next, here is a full length documentary chronicling the history in news clips, from 1959 to 2009:

    Lots more on YouTube, if you have the time and interest.
    For instance this Aljezzera report of Singapore of today, as seen through the eyes of the rich and famouse (mostly the first):


    • ombugge
      ombugge commented
      Editing a comment
      In this last one there are a few inaccuracies, as well as comments that is tailored to a certain opinion.
      Public housing in Singapore is not rental flats, except those for needy families and singles on social support, with very low house rent, if any.
      85% of Singaporeans own their own HDB flats and it is payed for from their CPF savings, which is mandatory. Most of the rest own Condos or landed properties.

    Forgot to post pictures from CNY decorations and activity this year. To make amends, here it is, a bit belatedly.

    Let's tart with the throng in Chinatown for their CNY shopping of goodies and decorations:

    The traditional preserved meats, sausages and other foodstuff that is a must for CNY:

    Sweets and candied fruit of all kinds:

    And decorations, with and without monkey theme:


      The decorations in South Bridge Road is not as elaborate as normal this year:

      ​But a cheeky monkey or two can be found on every gantry:

      Now to the main decorations at New Bridge Road/Eu Thong Sen Street.
      The central divider has the main Monkey themed decorations:

      With some "trees" for monkeys to climb on forming the main feature at the corner of Cross Street this year:

      The lantern hanging above the streets is formed like coins with a uniform Monkey motif:

      All ready for the big celebration.


        Of course it is not only Chinatown that is decorated for CNY. Shopping malls have pspluged on decoration as well:

        Even office buildings have trees full of golden fruits and red ribbons at the entrance:

        And the flower stalls at the market has stocked up to sell cut flowers the whole night before CNY-eve:

        Including budding pussy willow branches from China:


          An then it is all over but the family visits and gambling.
          On the First day of CNY we went for a stroll in the downtown area , which is normally bustling on a Monday (but quiet on Sundays)
          It was like a ghost town in China Street:

          And in Maxwell Road:

          The 24 hr. Food Court at Golden Shoe Car Park, which is usually crowded on weekday (and night):
          ​Only the Drink stall was open and a Security Guard the only customer inside:


            It has been a while since I last posted a picture of the new condo across the street.
            Most of the work is ging on inside now, so there may not be that much difference to see from the last posted one though:


              FORGOT TO POST PICTURES OF CNY DECORATIONS AND ACTIVITY???????? What is the world coming to?
              However, you are forgiven after seeing the splendid show.
              And looking at the condo it is hard to remember the site as it was. Not a bad outlook for you.

              "To thine own self be true.......
              Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                Then CNY is over for this year after 15 days of activities.
                On the 8th day of CNY it is tradition to eat a dish of salad with raw fish called Yu Sheng:
                This year I was invited to CNY lunch with one of my clients on that day. As tradition call for we had an 8 dish lunch which, as is tradition, started with Yu Sheng.

                This is what it looked like when waiting to be mixed:

                Our table was specially enthusiastic in the mixing, with loud shouts of Lo Hei, Lo Hei for good luck and prosperity in the Year of the Monkey.
                Here is the result:

                Until next CNY.


                  One of my favourit places in Singapore is Albert Court. It is situated near Little India and Bugis and has a selection of F&B outlets, as well as a Hotel.
                  There are a Czech Micro brewery and several small restaurants serving a variety of food, from local specialties to Italian and Mexican food. They are all competing on having the lowest prices for wine and beer as well as their food.

                  Here is the prices for drinks at our favorite restaurant in Albert Court:

                  Not all that bad by Singapore standard.

                  At the entrance there is a Clock tower at the dead end of Albert Street and Short Street:

                  Entrance to Village Albert Court Hotel in center.

                  Somebody should clean the plaque though:

                  Entrance to the food street from Albert Street end:

                  There is also an entrance from Selegie Road

                  A view along Albert Court :

                  Shishmahal Nepalese & North Indian Restaurant:


                    Time for a little Singapore architecture again.
                    Here is one of the few wooden bungalows left in Singapore:

                    Unfortunately no more. It was demolished a few weeks ago, but the fancy fence still remain.

                    An elaborate Mosque which I don't think has been featured here before:

                    Some of the preserved and upgraded old Council Houses from the British time:

                    These are in Tiong Bahru, which is now a hip bohemian place, popular with expats and some locals.

                    In contrast, some new buildings in Tanjung Pagar area of a distinct modern architectural style:

                    The colourful building in the middle also has an elaborate crown:


                      This one also sports an elaborate crown:

                      Back to something old. This Church in Amoy Street goes back to 1839:

                      Don't know if that is the building or the organization.

                      The Cathedral of the Good Shepard in Victoria Street has suffered some damages from all the construction and digging of MRT tunnels around and below it:

                      Repairs are in progress:

                      Asian Civilisations Museum at Empress place used to be where the Immigration Department was situated back in them days (1960s/70s):

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                        On a bright sunny but cool day with strong Monsoon breeze from the NE we went for another stroll in the Marina Bay area and up a long Singapore River.
                        You have been coming along on this trip several time, but there may be something new (or old?) to discover anyhow.
                        First a view from Clifford Pier and east across Marina Bay towards the floating stage and Singapore Flyer:

                        And a panorama from Clifford Pier:

                        Zoomed in on the swimmers at the top of Marina Bay Sands:

                        A visiting Sunnmoring commented: "Horre heite, dei ser ut saa maasa paa ei sjobud" (My God, they look like seagulls on a dockhouse)

                        ​A selfie with the Merlion is a must for all tourists visiting Singapore:

                        Note that most of the tourists are Asians, mainly from the region, but also from China, Japan, Taiwan and India. Middle easterners prefer to go to Malaysia.

                        One of the amphibious 'Duck Tour" vehicles pass over Esplanade Bridge, with Fullerton Hotel in the background:


                          We continue our trip on the bank of Singapore river.
                          The Fullerton Hotel and the area around was still decorated for CNY:

                          Singapore River without the hustle and bustle of yesteryears:

                          Speed limit is set at 5 kts.:

                          The sun is about to set. Boat quay is already in the shadows:

                          Old and new Parliament House and the founder of Singapore in the same shot:


                            Singapore is known as the Garden City, or as the wants it to become known; the City in a Garden.
                            Trees are planted at any vacant land available:

                            Don't know what type of tree this is, but it is popular to plant anywhere:

                            This tree has been there a while:

                            The old Tg. Pagar Railway station land has been laying idle for some years now, so trees, scrubs and tall grass has taken over:

                            Taken against strong setting sun.

                            This old grave in Chinatown is still being tended:

                            Approved graffiti wall at Spottiswood Park:


                              I'm a bit amazed at how GREEN your city actually is. It appears as they have made a genuine effort at planting trees and creating park-areas.
                              With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                              Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
                              Main page:

                              Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.