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    The southern part of Marine South is also largely undeveloped, aside from Marine South Pier and Marina South Cruise Centre.
    The new MRT Station at Marina South Pier must be the least crowed in all of Singapore:

    Marina South Promenade is not yet a reality:

    There is only a dirt track along the coastline and the park area is only used by people fishing there.

    Here is a view of the park from the Promenade:

    At least mushrooms thrive in the undisturbed area:


      Originally posted by ombugge View Post
      The spaces has already been assigned and marked:

      Or is that also left overs from last year??
      leftovers from the 2014 season.
      the champion with the team have the first pitboxes at the pitstreet,(so they Always may drive through while the others have to wait after there stop at the traffic)
      here it is the team of red bull,vettel was the champion of 2013,meaning in 2014 they had the first boxes.2014 was Hamilton champion,so in 2015 they have the first boxes
      best regards Thijs


        The roof Marine South Pier building offers a good view of Eastern Working Anchorage and container ships coming and going to Tg. Pagar and Brani Terminals.
        Even to ships passing through Singapore Strait, although too far away for good photos without serious photo equipment.
        Here is a panorama from there:

        The pier is busy with launches (water taxis) coming and going day and night, as well as habour cruise boats and boats bringing people to the Southern Islands.
        Here some of the launches within the sheltered area:

        As seen from "Marina South Promenade.

        The choice of colour for this launch can be debated:

        The is also a fake Mississippi River Boat permanently moored here and used as a restaurant:

        FYI; This one belong to the present owner of the Doulos.


          Kusu Island is revered by both Toists and Muslims alike.
          I must admit I have never been there, but at least I have passed by many times. Here is some pictures from yesterday:

          If you would like to know more about it, here is a link:


            This week the show flat cum sales office at the construction site across the road was torn down.
            When they put up a cover around it I expected that a dismantling crew would come in to remove it piece for piece. After all it has only been there a few months and consists of a steel skeleton, with some sort of metal roof and board walls, very little bricks and mortar. The materials should all be suitable for re-use, if dismantled "gently". But no, in came a demolision crew with heavy machinery who tore it all to pieces, saving little but the furniture and the air-conditioning units.

            Situation 18. Aug. 2015:

            Status 22. Aug. 2015:

            All down by 23. Aug. 2015:

            Now it is just to break it into small enough pieces to cater it off to the recycling center for what can be melted down and to some reclamation site for the rest.


              Here is what the construction site look like as of yesterday:


                I am so behind with this thread and looking swiftly through there is a lot of very interesting news to catch up on. I'll be back!

                "To thine own self be true.......
                Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                  It is confirmed. Singapore will hold General Election on 11. Sept. 2015:
                  Thanks heaven the election campaign will only last 9 days, 01 - 09. Sept. w/10. Sept. as a cool down day. (USA, are you watching???)


                    This may come as a surprise to some, especially Malaysians.
                    It is well known that Singapore totally dependent on water supply from Malaysia. Until recently that is.
                    Malaysia has always used this as a means of threatening their little neighbour.

                    Actually, Singapore has always supplied Johor Baru with potable water under the water agreement of 1961, but that has not been as well known in Malaysia.
                    Now, when Johor Baru is short of water, Singapore is able to step up the supply to help out:

                    It is a funny world, where the facts may not always be made known to the public.Nothing in the Malaysian press about this.


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                      Editing a comment
                      As a thank you to Singapore for stepping up water supply to Johor Baru, the Kota Tingi authorities decided to charge PUB a land tax for the land occupied by the water treatment plant which supplies it. The raw water is drawn from Johor River, which is in their municipality:

                    The part of Singapore that most tourist don't see. In fact many Singaporeans don't even know about it:


                    We are now nearing the end of the 7th month in the Chinese calendar, which is known as the Hungry Ghost month. It started with the new moon on 14. Aug. culminated with the full moon 29th Aug. and last until the next new moon on the 13. Sept.

                    This is when the gates to Hell is thrown open and the spirits of the dead roam the world, which calls for offerings. Hell money and other papers are burns and food and drinks offered to appease them:

                    Like last year the bosses on the construction site across the road held an elaborate ceremony on the site and as last year, I took some pictures:

                    Some of the staff was just waiting for the food to be served:

                    Then they march down to the underground car parkm, where an elaborate lunch was put on:

                    There were also food, drinks and gifts for the workers:


                      Not much is free in life, especially in world's most expensive place, Singapore, but here is a few tips to where you can find free things in Singapore:

                      Of cause it depends on your interest and willingness to walk a bit in the sun. As mentioned many times in this thread earlier, there are ample places which offer free spaces to walk, jog or bicycle in safe and scenic surroundings, even in the downtown area and close to Orchard Road.

                      Gardens by the Bay is free, unless you want to visit any of the two enclosed "habitats":

                      Or dine on top of one of the "super trees":

                      Just walking around in the landscaped parks, with lakes, lush greenery and benches to sit on, cost you nothing.


                        The Hungry Ghost month is not even over, yet Moon Cakes for the Autumn Festival has been on sale island wide for quite some time already.
                        Here is some of the stalls selling Moon Cakes from hotels and famous brands, local and from Hong Kong. This is an annual event at Ngee Ann City basement:

                        Here is our regular stall to visit:

                        They are not going to run out anytime soon by the look of this stack of boxes:


                          National Lion Dance Championship is on at Ngee Ann City Concourse:

                          I just past by before the the competition started, but a lot of troops were already on the concourse:

                          Noticed that there are girls involved as well as boys, something that was not seen a few years ago:

                          Another thing to notice is that some of the Lion Dancers are not Chinese, but Malays and Indians.
                          I wouldn't be surprised to see the odd Caucasian participating as well, but I did not see any among these troops.


                            Singapore has been suffering from quite heavy haze from the burning of jungle on Sumatra the last few days.
                            At 0300 hrs. last night the PSI peaked at 248, which is well into the unhealthy range. It to below 100 in the early morning, but has been creeping up since noon. It stands at 111 at 1400 hrs.
                            How do I know all these PSI figures? Because it is published on radio and TV and I get updates by SMS as well (without asking for it and free of charge)

                            Many people are protecting themselves by wearing face masks, which is sold island wide by many types of shops.
                            There are even dispensers positioned around the city area. (I don't know if this is also island wide, or only down town):

                            Somebody must have spotted a business opportunity here. (This is Singapore after all)

                            PS> The PSI level dropped to 108 at 1500 hrs.