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    More from Marina Bay. The Floating stage in flood light:

    Singapore Flyer and the Helix Bridge:


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      who have to swim for it when the ball is ''out''

    From here we took a River Taxi across to Clifford Pier and on up Singapore River to Jiak Kim, near Kim Seng Road.
    This cost the grand sum of SGD 7/pers. in stead of joining one of the many River Cruise Boat at SGD 24/pers.
    We had a boat to ourselves, while the Cruise boats are normally quite packed with tourists. You are invited to join us though.

    Maintenance still in progress at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center:

    The Promenade along Marina Bay and the new down town:

    Marina Bay Sands from Marina Bay:

    Singapore down town with reflection on the roof of the Taxi boat:

    The rest of it, without reflection:
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      The Esplanade Bridge and Concert Hall on the other side, as we cross Marina Bay reservoir:

      A floating bar at One Fullerton:

      One Fullerton:

      The Merlion is compulsory. Here seen from the water:

      "The Durian" in all it's glory:

      Fullerton Hotel as seen from Singapore River:


        Anderson Bridge:

        Cavenagh Bridge:

        Boat Quay:

        Rooftop Bar at Boat Quay:

        More Boat Quay:

        Old Parliament House A Victoria Memorial Tower:


          Singapore downtown from the river:

          Elgin Bridge:

          Coleman Bridge:

          The Big Swing and Bungee at Clark Quay:

          The '"Mushrooms" and Restaurant Tongkangs at Clark Quay:

          Our "normal haunt" along the river at Merchant Court Hotel, riverside bar:


            Read Bridge:

            Something is afoot here, but I have no idea what it may be.

            Riverside Point:

            We have left the most touristy part of the river. Heading up among condos, restaurants and bars at Robertson Quay, popular with expats living in the area.
            Ord bidge in the background:

            Alkaff pedestrian bridge has taken on a green hue for the night:

            No other boats on the river and not much activity here. Miramar, River View and Holiday Inn Hotels on the left bank:


              These old Godowns are finally being restored and taken into good use again:

              This will become another Boutique Hotel. (34 rooms only):

              Saiboo Bridge in the background.

              Robertson pedestrian bridge:

              We are reaching the end of our short Singapore River Taxi ride, the whole 30 min. of it:

              It will soon be possible to continue further along the river, since the flood barrier that used to be at Kim Seng Road has been removed, but the low bridges will require boats with lower profile then the present River Taxis and Cruisers.

              Only one thing left; a visit to Zion Road Hawker Center for the famous Fried Kway Teow:

              ​It is situated by the riverside and popular with locals and expats alike.


                Thijs asked: "who have to swim for it when the ball is ''out''.
                Good question. There appear to be a high net on three sides, but not towards the land side. At least the water is warm.
                It could be worse, you could be playing at this field in the Faeroys:

                Or in Switzerland:


                  Some professional pictures from the same part of Singapore as I have shown lately:

                  I disagree that this could or would be mistaken for London or New York. Aside from tall buildings in the downtown area there is nothing comparable to those two cities here. Singapore is warm, clean, green and safe.


                    A bit of a Thread hijack attempt

                    I was looking outside my window and saw a regular Drink Driving Check in progress, as early as 9.30 PM. The road is a junction as you come out of Golden Mile Complex - a Mini Thailand Town.

                    Per Singapore law, drunken drivers get arrested (handcuffed) on the spot, and the car gets towed away

                    like this .. (I had to blank out some parts of the white van .. )

                    The cluster of guys in the bottom of the picture are the Police


                      And a window view to the SEA Games Fireworks Rehearsal in progress .. (Singapore is the host for 2015 SEA Games, held between ASEAN Member states)

                      At the tail end I was trying to zoom into the Super Puma that was orbiting around the Stadium, but no joy ..still you can hear the Rotor noise at the end


                        Someone with more stamina than me have walked across Singapore Island from North to South:

                        He did not use the most scenic route, which would have been the Park Connectors, or the Railway corridor, which is now no longer in use by trains.


                          If there is something we have enough of in Singapore it is sunshine. The second thing there is enough of is buildings with flat roof.
                          Why not combine those to create solar power?:

                          Another idea of how to utilize the roof spaces is also being tested:

                          Any idea for use of Autonomous Vehicles for personnel transport?:

                          We already have driver less trains on the MRT and LRT system.


                            Obama praises the Singapore success, both economical and for racial and religious harmony:


                              This may not come as much of a surprise for those CVF members who have watched this thread, but it goes against the grains of popular belief in the West;
                              Singapore isn't just a concrete jungle, it is "greener" then most large cities in the world: