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    Colourful bridge across Singapore River:


      A new idea. A Floating Bar trading on Singapore River:

      Not too many guests though, but it is early days for this idea.


        I have been enjoying a recap of the August pictures which I was watching a long time ago although did not comment, and also these more recent ones of the Chinatown and Little India festivals.
        When I was looking at the photos of the ex-demolition site I was a little surprised comparing the picture you repeated of the site after it had been cleared and tidied with that of progress to date. I would have expected more to have been done. But maybe work only started recently. Keep us posted, anyway.
        The Keppel Harbour old and new photos were interesting to see, and particularly the photos of Marina Bay with the map showing reclaimed land.
        As to the festivals, well! My mental image of Singapore nowadays is in two parts - a city of reclamation with excavations, rebuilding and cranes everywhere you look, and then streets full of brilliantly coloured decorations on shop fronts and strung high across the roads as various festivals are celebrated! Overall, bustle!

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          Thanks for your comments.
          Yes Singapore is as bustling as ever and various religious festivals warranting "dressing up" is happening all the time. The X-mas decorations are already being installed at Orchard Road, but will not be officially "opened" for a few days yet.

          As for the slow speed of construction I don't know. Due to this being in a residential area they are not allowed to work 24/7 as in commercial areas. Noisy work stops at 1900 hrs. and all work must stop by 2300 hrs. No work on Sundays and Public Holidays.
          Here is a Chronology of the work, so far:
          End Dec. 2012: Last tenant moved out.
          02. Jan. 2013: Preparations for demolition commenced.
          Here is a picture from 10. Jan. 2013:

          Area fenced in and internal fittings being removed.

          02. February, 2013. Roofs being removed:

          16. February, 2013. All buildings down:

          16. March, 2013. All flattened out. Demolition work completed:


            Construction work commenced in late June, 2013 by erecting a new fence around the construction site. Drilling holes for piles commenced shortly after.
            I later decided to try to take weekly pictures to possibly create a Time Laps Video in the end.
            Here is the first picture I took of the construction work, date 15. July, 2013. Piling in progress.:

            Here is a notice placed on the fence:

            Here is Panorama from 10. Jan. 2014. Piling is just about completed and excavation has commenced:

            Basement construction in progress 08. June, 2014:


              Two Tower Cranes were installed in early July, 2014:

              19. Aug. 2014; Construction is getting above ground:

              Situation today, 30. Oct. 2014:

              The last two trees along our road disappeared today:

              Here is what is left:

              ​Taxi comes extra.


                That's just what I find interesting - a city evolving! Great that you have showed the progress in the way you have done here.... history is being replaced by something new, and will never be what it used to be again. It's almost like a historical record of the changes.
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                  What is left of old buildings in the Civic District of Singapore is now protected.

                  The old Parliament house:

                  Now serve as The Arts House.

                  The new Parliament House is near by:

                  Empress Place Building held the Immigration Department and other Government offices:

                  It is now housing Asian Civilization Museum. (Part of Victoria Memorial Hall seen on the right)

                  Here a closer look at Victoria Memorial Hall:

                  Now refurbished as Victoria Concert Hall.

                  One of the most photographed old buildings in Singapore is the former Fullerton Building:

                  Used to house the General Post Office, The Tax Office and Singapore Marine Department, among other.

                  A panoramic look at the downtown area and Boat Quay from across the river, near the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles:


                    More dusk photography from the lower part of Singapore River.

                    Anderson Bridge is well known to those who watch F1 Races from Singapore. Here without the flood light, but with new decorative lighting:

                    As seen from Cavenagh Bridge:

                    Singapore River and Boat Quay seen from Cavanagh Bridge:

                    From further along the river:


                      Last rays of the sun illuminating the Civic District and the buildings around:

                      The former Hill Street Police Station is also receiving some rays:

                      Some of the River Cruisers are taking a break to recharge their batteries for the evening trade:

                      The Bungee jumpers are also taking a break by the look of it.


                        The colourful buildings along Clark Quay:

                        With two Tongkangs used as floating restaurants:

                        There used to be four of them, but now only the moorings are left:

                        Pakarang view of the two that is still there:


                          The useless "mushrooms" hasn't started to display their multi-coloured lights yet:

                          Reed Bridge, which is now only for pedestrians. Riverside Point in the background:

                          It is popular among both locals, tourists and foreign workers to sit on the "fence" here enjoying a cold drink and some snacks purchased from a very small but busy Seven Eleven near by. Some spend the whole evening and way into the night here, especially on weekends. Cheaper than the Bars, Cafes and Restaurants on either side of the river.

                          They get entertained by Buskers, like this fellow:

                          Unfortunately he gets over powered by the load "music" from the night spots at Clark Quay later in the night.

                          It got dark by the time we left from the Clark Quay area. Here looking back down river and the downtown area:


                            "Do they know it's Christmas"??? Yes, in Singapore you cannot avoid noticing. Most Shopping malls have been decorated for several weeks already.
                            Orchard Road light-up was officially inaugurated last Saturday, but I haven't taken any pictures yet. (No rush, the lights will be on until after New Year)
                            Thereafter it is time for Chinatown to be decorated for Chinese New Year.

                            Even the River Cruisers have been decorated, or should I say over-decorated??
                            Here is an example:

                            This one hasn't got any extra light, but something akin to "Sugar-sticks" hung on the sides:

                            My attempt at panning night shots, but I'm no competition to Bengt.


                              I think this Lotus Pond in Kampong Java Park has been featured here before, but it doesn't harm to show the development:

                              It is now nearly "wall to wall" carpet of lotus leaves, with a little open water for the tortoises to come up and breath:

                              Plants of a different kind.This is hanging plants on the School of the Arts (SOTA) building in Singapore:

                              This building has won prices for it's design:


                                Speaking of buildings, here is a building complex under development in the suburbs of Singapore:

                                The Shopping podium has started business, while the residential blocks above is still under construction:

                                This is an area (Hillview Avenue) with a lot of condominiums but, until now, no shops or other facilities around.