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    Back to old Singapore Port and the area around Tg. Pagar and Keppel Harbour, which was the main Port facilities for a hundred years.

    Keppel Harbour was opened in 1852 and developed quickly with the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869.
    The earliest picture claiming to be from Keppel Harbour I have found is this one from around 1880s:

    Not sure if that is correct, based on the background landscape.

    This map shows the area under control of the Harbour Board at the early part of last century:

    The drydocks at Tg. Pagar can be seen, as well as the railway to Woodlands and to Pasir Panjang

    The railway to Bukit Timah actually crossed Orchard Road about where Centre Point is today:

    A map of Keppel Harbour and Keppel Shipyard from 1907:

    This was before St. Jamse's Power Station was built in 1926.

    This one is from 1950s and show Empire Dock, which was built in 1917:


      Here is Telok Ayer and Inner Road in 1947:

      Keppel Harbour 1949:


      Tg. Pagar wharfs in 1960s:


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        I notice that there is a Wilhelmsen ship of the type I was on (1960-62) alongside at Tg. Pagar in that last picture above. Could it be that I was there when this picture was taken??

      Jardine Steps was built in 1958 but closed in 2003 to tighten up Port Security to meet ISPS Code requirements:

      This is probably from the 1960s.

      This is Keppel Harbour as it was in the mid-1970s, after the first Container Cranes were installed at Tg. Pagar:

      Some more pictures from 1970s:


        Early 1980s:

        And present day Keppel Harbour with a causeway across to Sentosa (Formerly Pulau Blakang Mati):

        Even this is several years ago.

        Here is the latest I have of my own pictures:

        More from Keppel Harbour to follow later.


          Here is how the area around Marina Bay, which used to be the Inner Roads and part of Eastern Anchorage looks like on Google Earth now:

          I have placed some markers at some of the places shown in the earlier posts, as well as drawn red line at the approx. position of original coastline, the Mole and Telok Ayer Wharf.

          Keppel Harbour on Google Earth:

          The pictures used by GE must be fairly recent as there are traffic on the new Marina Coast Expressway, which only opened at the very end of last year:


            The Autumn Festival has just been and Chinatown is still decorated for the occasion. Unfortunately I only have on picture of this year's decorations:


              I have been trying to get a good picture of this exhibit in China Street for some time, but if was always obstructed by some ongoing road work or refurbishment.
              Here it is in all it's glory:

              Actually the hand pull Richsaw was replaced with the Trishaw a long time ago in Singapore, but it was still in use in Hong Kong up to the 1970s.
              Here is a picture of a Trishaw Uncle with a heavy load:

              A common means of transport in Chinatown and Little India etc. in the 1970s, but now only to transport tourists on organized tours:


                These Cannon Ball Trees in Singapore is heavy with fruit:


                  Remember the demolition that I reported on last year?
                  This is what it looked like on 16. March, 2013:

                  This what it looks like today, 21. Sept. 2014:


                    Great update, Ombugge! I was wondering about that building site, having been thinking a lot about Singapore in the last couple of days, for the obvious reason! Ah, they are just showing the singing the National Anthem right now on the TVs coverage. I'd better sign off and sign onto my race timings iPad app


                      This is what it is supposed to look like in a bit over 1 years time:

                      The small space available will be well used. There will be 5 separate buildings with common facilities such as Swimming Pool and Club House etc.
                      Here is the ground plan:

                      The flats will vary from small Studio Apartments of 38 Sq.m. to a 6-bedroom Penthouse with own Roof Terrace and pool of 273 Sq.m.
                      Price?? Don't ask. Any interest???


                      • Seagull
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                        Enjoyed this. It does indeed seem a clever use of space. I rather fancy #25 myself But of course there is the saying that if you have to ask how much something is going to cost, you most certainly can't afford it!

                      As mentioned in post #1104 Chinatown is decorated for the Mid-autumn, or Lantern Festival. It still is, since the new moon is not before tomorrow.
                      Last week we took a walk in Chinatown, and naturally took some pictures of the decorations, among other things.

                      First North Bridge Road from dragon bridge as usual:

                      The Eu Tong Sen Street the other way:

                      Then North Bridge Road from street level:

                      The Road divider was decorated as always:


                        The side streets were also decorated, although not as elaborate:

                        South Bridge Road had different kind of "flowers":

                        Lanterns are part of the decorations:

                        On a different note. Here is a suitably named hostel in Chinatown:


                          We have had a few days of haze from the forest fires in Sumatra this last month:

                          Singapore River is getting a makeover. This cofferdam is in place across the river at Kim Seng Road while the old flood barrage is being removed:

                          It is no longer needed as the river is now regulated by Marina Barrage.
                          Will the river be navigable for River taxis and Cruise boats for a much longer stretch??? We will see soon.

                          Sun setting over the now navigable Singapore River at Robertson Quay:


                            As Chinatown is "dressed down" Little India is decorated for the upcoming Festival of Lights, known locally as Deepavali.
                            Here the entrance portal across Serangoon Road at Tekka Market:

                            Part of Selige Road is also decorated:

                            Looking the other way towards Little India:

                            Too much traffic for a clear view.

                            A Hindu deity is taken for a trip up Bukit Timah Road:

                            In preparation for Deepavali, I wonder??