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    Well, that was a really interesting portrait of some of the modern parts of Singapore. Thank you,Ombugge.
    Firstly, belated celebratory wishes for Singapore's National Day last Saturday. Firework pics.????
    I don't think much of those lego apartments, so "blocky" after seeing the more surreal buildings around. Rotterdam's Cube Houses are infinitely preferable! But I do like that wine bar ceiling with its copperwork and that final photo of the Esplanade courtyard. And the first photo of the roof garden overhang in #1066 is very interesting. I agree, it certainly is striking from the angle you have used.
    By the way, you mention your two visiting sons, but I remember you saying some time ago that they were unable to visit because of the threat of outstanding National Service hanging round their necks. So has this been lifted now, leaving them free to come and go?

    "To thine own self be true.......
    Thou canst not then be false to any man."


    • ombugge
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      In the process of being resolved.

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      That's good. It will make things so much easier for you all now.

    The NDP 2014 fireworks for your enjoyment. The first 6 min. or so is showing the Pyrotechnics used during end of parade and during the show part:

    PS> This is shot during one of the rehearsals, not the actual National Day.


    • pilotdane
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      Wow! Just practice. I wish they offered a vacation camp.

      I have a BIG "thing" for fireworks. I had my ATF license and my house now sits on the site of my storage magazine. I used to do the fireworks displays for our town and of course for our parties. Mainly though I just love the thump in the chest you feel when launching a mortar.

      I really wish the timing for our China trip was different. I am going to miss the ShangHai Music Fireworks Festival by a week.

    • ombugge
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      Just noticed your comment Dane. There is a great Fireworks competition in Macau in Sept.:

      Not too far from Shanghai.

    A hawker stall is displaying it's wares at opening of business:

    And this one shows off what they have sold during the day:


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      I am surprised at the price. I have no idea at the cost of living in Singapore.

    • ombugge
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      Singapore is an expensive place to live, especially compared to other cities in S.E.Asia, but the facilities and security is better. (Things work, it is clean and with low crime rate) Singapore is among the richest countries in the world in terms of GDP (PPP) and rank high on the Cost of living index for Expats (ECI) The cost of living for local residents is also high compared to neighbouring countries, but so is the average wages. The biggest problem is the large gap between the high earners and low earners.

      Here is a link to a forum where they compare the cost of living for locals and expats: It is an opposition run forum so it is a bit politically slanted and biased.

      Since 85% of the population own their own flats (and eat in Hawker Centers as the once seen above) the relevance of high rent for Condos and cost of eating in high class restaurants is not affecting the majority of the locals.

    Singapore Port has always been the main stay of Singapore and it's reason for being. Less so today, but it is still a major part of the economy.
    From the earliest recorded history of Singapore it has been a trading place, which for many centuries was concentrated around the mouth of Singapore River, where Stamford Raffles also established his settlement. Here is a brief description of early Singapore history:

    The Port in the early days of British rule was just an anchorage for large ships and the river and beaches for access to dry land. Here is the earliest map of the settlement:

    The first town plan was drawn up by Mr. Jackson and approved by Raffles, before he returned to his residence at Bencoolen. Here it is:

    This is before any reclamation was done and show the original coastline, which followed Telok Ayer Street in what is today the downtown area and Beach road to the east of Singapore River.

    There are understandably few pictures from this early times, but here is Boat Quay around 1900:

    Some years later the place was even more packed:

    And the style of tongkangs had changed as well.


      As Singapore grew in importance as a port after the Suez Canal opened in 1869 the port expanded and moved into Keppel Harbour.
      Here is the early history of what is today Tanjong Pagar Container Terminal:

      PSA International is now one of the world's largest Container Terminal Operators, with operations in many locations around the world:

      But it started at the Inner roads and Telok Ayer Basin, which was protected from the NE Monsoon by the Detached Mole as seen here on a map from early 1900s:

      It was a busy place all the way up to reclamation started in the early 1980s. Here from 1940:

      And from 1949:


        Inner Roads early 1950s:

        Probably late 1950s:


        The other direction:


          Telok Ayer Wharf and Basin:

          Full of Tonkangs used to bring cargo to/from ships at the Inner and Outer Roads.

          Early 1970s, when I was a regular at the Inner Roads as Master on a ship calling there:

          And finally early 1980, before reclamation started:

          By that time most ships had grown bigger and used the Outer Roads:

          A more recent picture of ships at anchor at Eastern Working Anchorage:


          • ombugge
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            More to follow when time permits.

          • Seagull
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            Old pictures and maps and recent comparisons, and somewhere where I’ve been and can relate to also …marvellous ombugge.

          • pilotdane
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            I love the old photos so keep them coming. Thank you.

          More pictures from the old Singapore Port around Collier Quay and the Inner roads.
          This is claimed to be the earliest rendering of Singapore, when it was called Temasek. Supposedly from the trading post at the mouth of Singapore River:

          Singapore roads ca. 1870:

          Before the first reclamation around Telok Ayer and Beach Road.

          This is at the beginning of the 20th century:

          Before the Detached mole was constructed, in 1911.

          Around the same time. A Tongkang under sail:

          Fullerton Building and HSBC Building in the background.

          Johnston Pier with sampans to carry people people to the ships at anchor at the Inner Roads and beyond:

          This was replaced by Clifford Pier in 1933


            Collyer Quay with Johnston Pier from before1900:

            Collyer Quay in 1931:

            This is a view of Collyer Quay as seen from the other side of the bay a few year ago:


            • pilotdane
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              You really need to warn before making a sudden change like that. The transition from 1900 to 1931 is not so bad but I was not ready for the shock of the third photo.

            Clifford Pier in the late 1950s or early 1960s:

            Union Jack is still flying above the entrance, I believe??

            A scene from off Clifford Pier at around 1970 or so:

            Clifford Pier seen from Inner Roads sometime later in the 1970s:

            Clifford Pier is today newly renovated for the second time and is now home to a high class restaurant belonging to Fullerton Hotel:


              And in it's previous role as a Chinese restaurant:

              Reclamation of Marina Central started in early 1970s:

              While the reclamation of Telok Ayer basin and Marina South started in the early 1980s:

              In 2008 Marina Barrage was completed. It connects Marina East to Marina South, blocking off the waterway from Marina Bay to the open sea at Eastern Anchorage, thus forming a large body of fresh water consisting of Marina Bay, Singapore River, Kallang River, G*ylang River and various drainage canals in the Central District of Singapore:

              It also stop flooding due to the combination of high tide and heavy rain, which used to be a regular thing in some low laying parts of Singapore.
              Here is a link to more info on Marina Barrage:

              There are numerous pictures from around Marina Bay on this thread from before, but here is a 360 degr. panorama made by one of our sons while standing about where I used to moor my ship at Telok Ayer Wharf back in the early 1970s:


                Another Panorama from Marina Bay a few days ago. This one by another son. (Not entirely 360 dgr.):

                My attempt at a panorama from about the same spot. (This one not as wide):


                  Sorry to have shocked you Dane. Here is a link to a page with a more gentle and complete introduction to the changes around Collyer Quay and today's Marina Bay:

                  It includes a panorama shot from Marina Bay Sands Roof Garden fairly recently:

                  Here is a picture with names of buildings around Marina Bay:

                  And what is now found along Collyer Quay:


                    But the heart of Singapore Port was always Singapore River, where trading houses set up their Godowns to store their wares between receiving and exporting, whether spices from Indonesia. tea, silk and porcelain from China, or rubber and tin from Malaya. Same for manufactured goods from Europe to be distributed to the region.

                    The earliest pictures from Singapore River that have found was posted in #1072/3 & 4. There are many pictures in earlier posts as well. This may be repeats.
                    Here is one more from Boat quay in early 1900s:

                    Several pictures from Boat Quay in the 1950s to 1970s:


                    Further upriver, at Clark Quay:

                    Ellensborough Market on the right.


                      There are any number of pictures from Singapore River on this thread so some recent one taken from Clark Quay should suffice here:

                      Compilation of Boat Quay pictures before and now:

                      Boat Quay as seen from Old Parliament house:
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