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    Cats are everywhere, not only in Spain.
    Here is a few from Singapore:

    There is even a special cat breed called Singapura:


      Originally posted by ombugge View Post
      I took this picture looking down Shanton Way in July 2009:

      This picture was taken today , 5 year later almost to the day and from a little closer:

      See any difference??
      I struggled to orientate myself here. Certainly the central skyscraper block is new but I can't quite reconcile the buildings on the left further down, probably due to the slight difference in the angle at which the photos were taken
      So much on this thread I have merely skimmed through, but I'll be back. One thing that does strike me in the images of new buildings that you have shown, is the innovative designs. Like them or not they are adventurous in their conception.

      "To thine own self be true.......
      Thou canst not then be false to any man."


        More innovative designs from Singapore. (Both has been shown before)

        First the "Lego house" at Alexandra Road:

        That must be the most wasteful use of expensive land area you can think of.


          And this is Parkview Square, which is an office tower just outside of the Central Business District.
          It does contain some Embassies:

          Otherwise it is hard to see what type of companies find the need to have their offices in this highly ornamented building.
          ​But if anybody is interested, here is a list:


            The Ground floor is occupied by a Wine Bar with a very high ceiling and elaborate decorations in Copper Relief:

            The Wine cooler goes from floor to ceiling and are accessed by a "Wine Angle" flying on a wire whenever somebody order a bottle of wine:
            FYI the cheapest wine available cost only SGD 125.- Nett.

            At the other end of the bar is a raised platform for the live music play during the night:

            There are this type of decorations just about everywhere:

            The practical use of this table is hard to see:

            Even the toilet cubicles and doors are decorated:

            As is the mirror frames:

            For some obscure reason it is popularly known as "Gotham City".
            For those who are interested, here is a link to more of Parkview Square:

            A better video of "the Angle flying for you":
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              Singapore will celebrate it's 49th National Day on Saturday, 09. August, 2014 with the customary National day Parade at the Floating stage in Marina Bay and terminating wit a spectacular Fire Works show in the evening.
              Here is the rafts put out in Marina Bay to use as a base from where to launch the Fire works:

              The area around the floats is marked as a "no go zone" by the white marker buoys.


                The old Laundry in Spottishwood Park Road has a character all it's own:

                Even among other shop houses in the same area.


                  The facade of the old Majestic Cinema in China town has been spruced up:


                    We had a little walkabout last night to show our two visiting sons the things that is new in Singapore, especially around Marina Bay.
                    We started with a quick visit to the Gardens by the Bay, where the skeletons of the "Super trees" start to get some vegetation cover:

                    After dark they stand out by the coloured lights:


                      The jogging, cycling and walking tracks along Marina Bay continue on passed Garden by the Bay to Marina Barrage:

                      A view back to Shears Bridge at the mouth of the Kallang and G*ylang Rivers:

                      Marina Bay Sands dominate the skyline from here:

                      Next to the Pump House Roof at Marina Barrage, where the kite flyers were still at it as the sun set:


                        From the roof I tried my hand at a panorama of Eastern Anchorage in the fading light:

                        And at a panorama of the skyline of Singapore:

                        Side view of the Singapore Flyer:

                        A night view from about the same venue:

                        And a later Pakarang View:


                          The sun has set but the roof lawn is still full of kiters and picknickers:

                          Not to mention all the photographer with heavy bags full of expensive equipment that crowded the perimeter walk

                          These next pictures could have gone in the Sunsets thread, but I elected to keep them more or less in sequence here:


                            On the walk back to Marina Bay Sands I took this rather striking picture of the roof garden overhang and the hotel towers:

                            (The third tower is hidden)

                            From the other side:

                            With the Helix Bridge in the foreground.

                            While there I tried a Panorama view of Marina Bay and the buildings in the downtown area:


                              Helix Bridge from the Marina South end:

                              Marina Bay as seen from the Helix Bridge:

                              Clearing up on the Floating Stage in progress, after the National Day Parade a few days ago:

                              Marina Bay as seen from in front of The Esplanade:


                                Marina Bay Sands as seen from in front of The Esplanade:

                                Marina Central as seen from the roof garden at The Esplanade:

                                Down town area as seen from the roof garden at The Esplanade:

                                The court yard at The Esplanade as seen from the roof garden:

                                That's it for this time.