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    That pattern on the pedestrian bridge actually made me think of ... what do you call it..:?..... you know, something pressed between rocks for thousands of years?
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      Yes they do look a little bit like FOSSILS, Captain!

    Singapore River used to be a very busy place until at least the mid to late 1970, with godowns along both banks as far as it was navigable:

    Tongkangs being loaded or unloaded by hundreds of Coolies carrying bags of rice, copra and spices across planks from the Tongkang to the shore side steps:

    The river was also smelly and dead, until the "Keep Singapore Clean" campaign took hold.
    It was brackish and tidal up to Kim Seng Road, where a flood control barrier had been put in.


      What is it like today?
      ​Now it is part of the large Marina Bay Reservoir, formed by constructing a new flood barrier, known as the Marina Barrage across the new river mouth at the new reclaimed land at Marina South and Marina East:

      This has change the river into a fresh water reservoir, with the whole Central and Down Town area as it catchment. Both Kallang and Gaylang Rivers are now also part of the reservoir.
      What is this large body of water used for? Well, beside being a source of fresh water for the city, it is also used for recreational purposes and a thriving River Cruise business.
      A fleet of electric powered boats like this one ply their trade, mainly on Singapore River and Marina Bay:

      There are also a fleet of River Taxis that carry passengers up and down the river, with boarding places as far up river as Kim Seng Road.
      These are also electric powered and look like this:

      There is also the Amphibious "Ducks" plying the waters, but not up Singapore river:

      They have their starting and stopping point here, on Marina Promenade, near the F1 paddock:


        Your remark at #1037:
        The purpose of this structure is not easy to see
        I'm still trying to work it out! And I still have some of those links to follow. But I'm really enjoying this thread. Many thanks.

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          There are several of these diesel driven "ducks", but they may be forced to find new ways of making money, or switch to electric power as well.
          Here is some we saw on our walk along Marina Promenade a couple of days ago:

          Passing Marina Bay Sands Resort:

          Gardens by the Bay in the background:

          ​Marina Barrage and Eastern Working Anchor in the background:

          Condominiums at Tanjong Rhu in the background:


            What else is there to see when walking along Marina Promenade towards Kallang River?
            Starting with the Hellix Bridge up close and personal:

            The lotus shaped Exhibition Center at Marina Bay Sands from a different angle as well.

            Actually, this is taken fro the Hellix Bridge when the sun was hiding behind a cloud:

            Singapore skyline and the hotels at Marina Bay Sands also from a different angle:

            Gardens by the Bay from across the waters:

            The tree skeletons still have some time to go before they are looking like trees.

            Away from the water there is the F1 Paddock, staring and finishing line:

            Additional viewing stands are under construction at the first corner.

            Singapore Flyer against the sun:

            The F1 lighting system is left standing at this stretch, since this is not a public part of the circuit.
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              This is all reclaimed land, created in the mid 1970s but the trees has taken on an old and established look along the promenade:

              A look across to Tg. Rhu, which used to be a Shipyard area before:

              Looks like they are standing on their own little island in the sea.

              Looking back along the promenade, with Singapore skyline and the Flyer in the distance:

              Tg Rhu again:

              The mouth of Gaylang River:

              This river used to have small shipyards on either side for the first 2 km. or so.

              The new National Stadium and Sports Hub is situated on what was once Singapore's Civilian Airport:


                Sorry, the sensors does not allow me to tell you the name of G*ylang River, in case is could offend sensitive minds.

                The new National Stadium has just been opened. All "State of the Art", with retractable roof and the latest and best in audio and video systems etc.:

                This is the new Aquatic Centre I believe.​ Not sure if it is all ready yet :

                Like everything else in Singapore this Sports hub will come with its own Shopping and F&B area.

                This part of the reservoir is used for recreational activities, such as Dragon Boat, Rowing and Kayaking etc.
                Here is a couple of Dragon Boats out training:

                More Dragon boats are tied up along the bank:

                The water Sports center has Kayaks and other boats for rent:


                  The boats used to collect floatsom around within the reservoir area has their base at the mouth of Kallang River:

                  A collection of float to enable making up whatever needed for whatever activity is also stacked here:

                  Here is one kind of usage:

                  The National Stadium and Sports Hub seen from a different angle:

                  ​A look up Kallang River. Now with landscaped banks and clean water, full of fresh water fish, prawns and crabs:

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                    In case you wonder what Kallang river looked like in the old days, here it is:

                    The wide road is Nicoll Highway and the bridge is called Merdeka Bridge.
                    The highway had unique function; the two outside double lanes were always the same direction, the left one towards town and the right one away from town. The center three lanes would switch direction, depending on which way was the rush. (No longer like that)
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                      I took this picture looking down Shanton Way in July 2009:

                      This picture was taken today , 5 year later almost to the day and from a little closer:

                      See any difference??


                        One of the best and easiest accessible Parks in Singapore is the Fort Canning Park, situated on a hill within the Central Business District:

                        It can be accessed from all sides.

                        It is best know to Norwegians in Singapore as the site of the annual "17de Mai Tog", held there for many years now.

                        The "main entrance" from Fort Canning Road to Hotel Fort Canning is guarded by these two impressive lions:

                        The Hotel is an old Colonial building, left from its days as the Command Center for the British in Malaya:


                          A visit to Fort Canning Park is a lesson in Singapore's history, from the earliest recorded trading settlements in the 14th Century, situated at the hill and the river bank at it's foot,to it's role during WWII and the surrender of Singapore to the Japanese.

                          There are well maintained walking tracks and steps, two of which is known as the 14th & 19th Century Walks.
                          The trails have informative plaques, giving brief "history lessons":

                          You stroll around in a tranquil environment of large trees and lush vegetation:

                          With some spectacular old trees around, known as "Heritage Trees":

                          The water reservoir situated on top of the hill was built in 1926 and is still in use:
                          (No picture)


                            Glimpses of the building around can be had. Here is from Clemenceau Avenue:

                            On the side facing New Bridge Road and the Down Town area is Raffles Terrace, which was the site of the first Government House and the residence for Sir Stamford Raffles:

                            ​This was also the Signal station for ships on the roads.

                            Part of it is now known as Maritime Corner:

                            With the now defunct Fort Canning Light House:


                              It was closed in 1958 and replaced with one on top of Fullerton Building:

                              The Signal Station also moved with it. (The Signal Stations for ship passing through Singapore Strait was at Mt. Faber)

                              The Maritime History of this place is described on a plaque:

                              Other light houses still being maintained by Singapore:

                              Pulau Pisang is actually in Malaysian territory.

                              Here is one of many links to Fort Canning Park an its rich history: