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    (Moved from the Abandoned Buildings thread)

    The houses occupied by junior officers were built from wood and single story.
    They were built pre-war, which means also pre air-conditioning, therefore there were wide veranda all around:

    And servant quarters for up to 7 pers, at the back.

    Notice the chimney for the wood stow in the Kitchen, which was originally in the Servants Quarters.


      In early 1975 we rented one of the small wooden houses at the VERY low cost of S$ 220/month.
      But all wiring and plumbing had been ripped out or damage, so we had to reinstate that ourselves.
      With the help of family and friends we managed to get it in livable condition at a cost of abt. S$ 4,500.-, which was a lot of money back then.

      "Our" house was at 5A Royal Road and is no more:

      It was left vacant after we moved out and got attacked by White ants and demolished, but not replaced.

      What is left is the drive way on one side only:

      The other side has been "stolen" by the neighbour, who has installed a fence well into what previously had been part of "our garden".


        The grounds are partly overgrown:

        But some of it is still being maintained as grass land by the Park Service:

        The Fish Pond we had on one side of the house has been filled in, but not entirely:

        And the big trees marking the perimeter of our garden on that side is still there:


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          Always nice when you come back on a place ,with lot of nostalgic memories

        The Senior officer's mess is now used as offices and totally fenced in. While Junior officer's mess is now a School and called Eaton House. (No Pictures)

        One of the small houses has become a Kindergarten:

        Another is presently vacant:

        I have no idea what this one will fetch in rent now, but since it is close to a major road it is likely to be less than those in the Park proper.
        The large Black and Whites are popular with Expats in high positions and liberal expense account.
        In Orchard Road area (Nassim Hill, Goodwood Park etc.) they can fetch over S$ 20,000/month.


          I posted a link to some of the walking trails found around in Singapore a little while ago:
          A few days ago we decided to try one.

          We started from the Housing Estate at the foot of Mt. Faber:

          And took the steps up the steep side, simulating the climb up to Aksla in Aalesund, which is abt. the same height.

          Looking up:

          Looking down:

          Nearing the top and looking back to the place we came from:


            The final steps up to the Restaurant at the Cable Car Station was painted in bright colours to cheer you up:

            I did not count the steps, but it probably matched the 418 steps to Fjellstua.
            NEVER AGAIN!!! Next time we'll take a taxi.

            The view from the Cable Car Station is not all that impressive, since the trees has grown too tall all around:

            All the way to the new Pasir Panjang Container Terminal:

            The Port is never far away in Singapore.

            There is a better lookout point a little further along the road back down to town, but we did not go there this time.


              Time to start the trek towards Alexandra Park, which was our aim for the day. (Already posted on Alexandra Park above)
              This is an old trail, but it has now been "modernized with some spectacular new features, like the Henderson Wave, Alexandra Arch and the Forest Walk:

              On the way we did get some glimpses of the Down Town area between the trees:

              Singapore skyline from the back:

              The fist bit is actually a road, but with no traffic:


                We reached the first of the road crossings, the Henderson Wave:

                Which gets you across the busy Henderson Road at a quite spectacular height:

                Looking back you would not believe that you are actually in one of the densest populated places in the world:

                The original crossing at street level:


                  Originally posted by ombugge View Post
                  The final steps up to the Restaurant at the Cable Car Station was painted in bright colours to cheer you up:

                  NEVER AGAIN!!! Next time we'll take a taxi.
                  so i didn't cheer you up????!!!!!!
                  best regards Thijs


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                    No but a couple of ice cold Carlsberg helped a lot!!

                  We are 66.52 m. above sea level and raising:

                  The "Crooked Teethes" at Keppel Marina is an obvious sign that we are not far from "civilization as we know it":

                  Reaching the top:

                  A look back at the Wave:


                    The road doubles back under the Wave:

                    Up on this hill is the Alkaff Mansion, once the home of one of the prominent Arab families in Singapore:
                    Now it is a popular for wedding dinners and other functions, hence this receiving stand and covered walkway to the main function halls:

                    These steps lead up to a ruined Villa, but I had had enough of walking stairs for one day so we did not explore that one:

                    It is apparently a popular place for monkeys to hang out and wait for someone to feed them. hence the warning sign at the entrance. What to do and don't do when meeting wild monkeys.


                      We have reached the "Forest Walk", which is a raised walkway through some of the oldest forest area in Singapore, with some giant trees.
                      Looking down towards the walkways:

                      The old steps are still there and used by some as a shortcut:

                      The old trail is apparently known as the Earth Trail:

                      ​With the normal warning sign about what is allowed and what is not. (This is Singapore after all)


                        The jungle is allowed to tend to itself with few signs of human intervention:

                        Fallen trees are allowed to stay where they fell:

                        Yet we are not far from the nearest HDB Housing Estate at Telok Blangah:


                          ​What is most impressive with this relatively new Forest Walk is the fact that there is no sign of any heavy construction machinery use or any roads for transportation during construction.
                          Here is how it snakes along the hillside:

                          Although some parts have signs of other activities, like this protection against landslide where the forest has been removed for some development at the hill top:

                          Or this foot path leading to s small stream and a construction site near Alexandra Road:


                            For those who isn't professional Bird watchers there are pictures and explanation of what kind of birds you are likely to see in the forest: