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    The old shop houses and residences in the area has been preserved and restored.
    This house used to be known as the "Majong House", since a never ending game of majong was played there:

    A street barber used to have his "shop" in the sheltered "five-foot way" on this side of the building.

    This unit is for sale, if anybody is interested:

    This one housed the local Laundry and was standing empty for many years, since the owner(s) could not be found.
    It has now been restored and is occupied:

    This is the Baba Heritage House, which I have shown earlier as well, I believe:

    Here is a plaque at the entrance, explaining the background of the building:

    Baba is the terms used to describe the Chinese who settled in Malaya in the very early days. They adapted Malay dress and some Malay customs, but not religion.
    They are also known as Straits Chinese and their distinct cuisine is known as Nonja, or Paranakan Food. (Who said it was supposed to be simple??)


      The front gate of this hose has been preserved:

      As has the front door:

      Some of the houses are in need of a second round of restoration:

      Our local Coffee shop was closed, this being 1st day of CNY, but the decorations will remain until next full moon:

      Some of the new blocks looks like needles:

      This is to utilize the "plot ratio" to the maximum.

      We stayed in Dragon Mansion, Block B, which have now been demolished and replaced by this one:

      My In-laws stayed in Block A, which has just been demolished and not yet replaced. (Work in progress)
      The old Dragon Mansion blocks were built in 1967 and had 18 floors and 72 flats each. The new once will go to 36 floors and the flats will be a lot smaller.


        Leaving Spottiswood Park and heading for Chinatown, we past this Church, which has been shut for a long time:

        Pending re-development of a large area, I believe.

        This old school building stood empty and deteriorating for a long time, but has now been re-occupied:

        It had been gazetted as a preservation building, so the new Police Headquarters at Cantonment Road was built around it:

        If you have good eye sight, you may be able to read all about this heritage building:

        Typical Chinese Shop Houses along Neil Road:


          The Park Connectors I have posted about earlier, including this part of the system, which starts at Tg. Pagar and cut through Chinatown to connect with Pearl Hill Park:

          The back of Shop Houses along the Park Connector:

          Some new and some old. (But the front towards Bukit Pasoh Road is original in both cases)

          What is that black cat in the tree so concentrated on???:

          Well, here is the answer, although the dog didn't appear too interested:

          More pre-occupied in smelling the ground.


            This lone grave along the path always has flowers and offerings:

            I have noticed this grave for many years and wondered what it was, and why it was at this location.
            Today I took the time to find out and found many mentioning of it on the net.

            Here is a link to one of them:

            And even more details:


              Not a lot of people used this tranquil path that day:

              Nearing the end at this side of New Bridge Road/Eu Tong Sen Street, with CNY decorations:

              Chinatown Complex was very quiet:

              With most shops shuttered and closed:

              Nice name for a small stall.

              The temporary stalls in the street is still there, awaiting removal until next CNY:

              South Bridge Road is decorated, but very quiet:


                Later we had a walk around in the so called Civic District, which holds a lot of old buildings from the Colonial days:

                Hard to read?? Well, here is a a bit more on the subject:
                And plans for the future:

                We did not follow any recommended trail, just wandered around, starting with a visit to Kuan Im Temple in Waterloo Street:

                Have I mentioned that Singapore is multi-religious??
                Next to Kuan Im is the Hindu Temple dedicated to Sri Krishnan:

                Also decorated for CNY, since most of those who burn jos sticks, offer prayers and donations outside are Chinese.

                The other end of the Pedestrian Mall is dominated by a large, but temporary, "statue" of Fu, the God of Happiness:

                Appropriatly placed outside Fu Lu Shou Shopping Center


                  But we wandered on to visit what is said to be the oldest building standing in Singapore:

                  Originally this was the first Baba Church in Singapore. Now part of a center for local artists to work, called Sculpture Square:

                  The old Chapel is now painted to look like it was made out of aluminum:

                  It will get back it's original orange coloure soon, I was told.


                    We then headed towards Victoria Street and spotted this contrasting view:

                    St. Joseph's Church seen between two modern office buildings, with the new National Library Building in the background.

                    The Church entrance was decorated for CNY as well:

                    As was the Annex, next to the church:

                    This Church was the first Portuguese Catholic Church in Singapore:
                    ​It catered to the many Eurasians of Malacca Portuguese heritage that moved to Singapore:
                    Today it caters to Catholics of all races and creed

                    Here is some details of this church:


                      Speaking of the National Library, here it is in a bit closer view:

                      It has won a lot of acclaim for it's architecture and functionality. We did not enter this time, since I had got into the Churches thing.

                      Next church is Cathedral of the Good Shepard at Bras Basah Road/Victoria Street junction, but with main entrance from Queens Street.
                      It was closed and boarded up due to extensive damages caused by underground tunneling and construction work in the area recently:

                      This is also one of the oldest Catholic Churches in Singapore:


                        Across Victoria Street is the former Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, now known as CHIJMES and a well known entertainment center:
                        The Chapel is still used for weddings etc.:


                          To finish off the Church section for this time, here is the oldest Church in Singapore still in active service,
                          ​The Armenian Church in Hill Street:

                          Not the best of pictures, but here it is:

                          The well kept grounds around the church:

                          Religious sculptures are everywhere:

                          There are many more churches of all denominations, some old and some very new.


                            But we are not done with old Colonial buildings just yet. Back in Victoria Street, this building houses Raffles Girl's Secondary School:

                            The whole block along Stamford Road, from Hill Street to North Bridge Road is undergoing extensive upgrading, incl. Stamford House and The Capitol Cinema:

                            The same buildings have been restored before, but was in need of a new round.

                            Further along Hill Street is a distinct building housing Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

                            Along Coleman Street, and bordering Fort Canning Park, is a number of well restored Colonial houses:

                            One of them housing the Registrar of Marriages. (I have visited once)


                              The old Fire Station has been featured here before:

                              It is a protected building:

                              ​Still functioning as the Central Fire Station, although not built for the largest of modern fire engines.


                                Here is one more old colonial building that is still functioning, but with all new interior and new sections added at the back.
                                Former Hill Street Police Station:

                                It now house Ministry of Communications and Information and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth