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    Flowers of all kinds is part of an age old CNY tradition. The "flower lady" (forgot her name) has a very large variety:

    Her supply even spills outside the stall:


      In the middle of all this activity is a tranquil garden:

      Thiong Baru Market and Food Court was re-furbished a few years ago, hence is now among the cleanest in Singapore.

      Next, we are off to Orchard road to see what kind of decorations is displayed by the Shopping Centers there.
      ​But now for some more family visits. (And more eating and drinking)


        Your flower lady's display could have been a photo of a shop in England. Plenty of chrysanthymums, and yes, we have those gorgeous orchids as a special exotic purchase in our flower shops. Don't the pineapples make an attractive show?

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          A little anecdote; Back in the 1970's something we had a visitor from Norway who wanted to buy some flowers for my wife. I took her to Thiong Baru Market and the same Flower Lady. When she saw the selection of Orchids she decided to go for a nice bouquet of those. When asked how much she wanted, she asked me if I thought $10 would be enough? "No, $2 should do", I replied. She was totally shocked when she received a large bunch of different orchids, arranged into a nice bouquet, for that price. (Not anymore I must add)

        Now, here is some decorations from Orchard Road this Year of the Horse.
        First at Goodwood Park Hotel:

        Simple but effective, and without a sign of any horses.


          Next down the road was C.K.Tang's. They had a big Peac*ock wing above the main entrance:

          It was quite impressive, but hard to get a good impression of in this picture. (Too many people pushing and shoving)

          I don't know if this was put up as a CNY decoration, or if it is going to be a permanent feature:

          Time will tell, I suppose.

          Flowers are very much a CNY thing, The lanterns may be more permanent:

          Not a Horse, but a Butterfly, hence the above remark:

          Paragon front entrance:


            Aha, horses!!:

            Shot from across the road.

            More horses outside Mandarin Hotel:

            Not sure what this is supposed to represent:

            Also at Mandarin Hotel


              Robinison's new flagship store at The Heeren:

              No CNY decorations here. (We are British you know)

              Orchard 313 has a Spring Festival style:

              While Orchard Central appeared to have gone for a Valentine's Day decoration:

              At least it is dominated by red, the colour of CNY.


                Not only outside decoration:

                In fact there were more decorations inside the various Shopping Centers.

                Including this lantern in a Food Court:

                That's it for Orchard Road CNY decorations. But we have the River Hong Boa show that goes on until the end of traditional CNY.
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                  That last one is "simply beautiful", with equal weight given to both words.
                  Your orchid story, Ombugge, prompts me to say that in our local flower shop here (she goes over to Holland regularly to order and the Dutch truck brings them Wednesdays and Sundays) they have orchids just like your flower lady's, and from memory, which I don't think is all that out, the price is about $24 each.
                  I'm disappointed in that decoration at #938.2, I thought it was one of those never-ending lines like our Celtic strap patterns. But it's not. Wonder what it represents? I hope the butterfly remains, it is "loud" but great fun. And I had to laugh at #940.1. I mean - what country are we in? Robinsons in the Heeren.

                  "To thine own self be true.......
                  Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                    Robinsons is the oldest Department Store in Singapore, established in Raffles Place in 1858. At the time it catered to the colonial Brits and other Europeans.
                    The Heeren is now their main store. The style is still British, but the present owner is in Dubai.

                    The original store in their own building at Raffles Place burnt down in 1972:

                    It was just about the only place with X-mas decorations in the 1960s:

                    Except the original Cold Storage in Orchard Road:

                    The original Heeren Building was demolished in early 1990s:

                    Replaced by the present large shopping and office complex and newly refurbished to house only Robinsons.

                    The Heeren originally housed (among others) the only Fur Shop in Singapore, with chilled store room where the rich people could store their fur coats between trips to wintry climes.

                    PS> While looking for pictures of Robinsons and The Heeren I came across this blog by a Brit who have lived here since 1986 that may be of interest:
                    He obviously missed the big transformation, from independence in 1965 to about 1975, but there has certainly been changes since 1986 as well.


                      Love that glass row of windows at the second floor... cute detail.
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                        Originally posted by ombugge View Post
                        But we have the River Hong Boa show that goes on until the end of traditional CNY.
                        We haven't been to the Floating Stage to see this years show up close yet, but here is a few pictures from across Marina Bay:

                        And a final CNY decoration shot:

                        This is the main entrance to Clark Quay's entertainment area.
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                          Some more night pictures from abound Marina Bay:

                          The river cruise boats are playing their trade as usual:


                            The Marlion never sleeps:

                            And Marina Bay Sands keep up their light show every night:


                              A bit of a nostalgic walk in parts where tourists never walk. This is an old road leading from the old Railway Station to Spottiswood Park, where we stayed when first married, and my In-laws stayed until last year. It is now no longer used by cars, but it can still be walked:

                              This old Rain Tree even got a plaque to tell it's history:

                              Sorry, too bright to read the text.

                              Some bird life on the hill:

                              We are coming to the end of the road, with some Indian workers playing Cricket on their day off:

                              On top of the hill there used to be a large "black n' white" bungalow, housing the Managing Director of Singapore Harbour Board (now PSA) in the British time and into the early 1970s.
                              ​Long gone, and without any pruning the jungle has reclaimed the hill, including the road to the villa.