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    To explore the entire outdoor area of the Gardens would take a whole day:

    More if you are especially interested in the flora and fauna of the tropical and temperate zones.

    Next to the Gardens by the Bay is Marina Bay Sands Resort. Seen here from inside the Flower Dome

    Well worth a visit when you are next in Singapore.


      This looks fascinating. Have you been also up on this tree walk?
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        Originally posted by Ralf__ View Post
        This looks fascinating. Have you been also up on this tree walk?
        No, not yet, but it may be an interesting walk, if not too hot.


          Little India light-up for Deepavali this year looks quite impressive, but I haven't had a good look yet. Here is a a few pictures taken from a distance.

          First from Selige Road:

          Then the decorations at the entrance to Serangoon Road, which is the main street of Little India:

          A look into Little India from afar:


            Traditional entertainment is not dead in Singapore yet. Here is some pictures from a traditional Techow street opera performance, known as Wayang.
            This one performed on a traditional "portable" stage setting up wherever required by a troop from a temple on Pulau Ubin, which is the last "rural" part of Singapore:

            It is situated in the Johor Strait and separated from mainland Singapore.

            The occasion for this Wayang is a so called "Buddah dinner" and auction. Here is the setup before the full crowed of guests has arrived:

            Here is the stage backdrop prior to the performance:


              The show starts with only two actors:

              The drummer needs a fan to keep him cool:


                More actors get into the act:

                The "Kitchen" is active and ready to feed abt. 200 people a 10-course dinner in less than 2 hours:

                The call is to be there by 1930 hrs, but usually the first dish gets on the tables around 2050 hrs.
                If held in a residential area the Wayang and auction has to end by 2300 hrs.


                  The X-mas decorations at Orchard Road in Singapore this year:


                    Of all the beautiful lights, the petrol head in me notices that MERC first.

                    So, that's another negative thing about me. Being a petrol head.
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                      Another visit to the area around Marina Bay a couple of weeks ago.
                      White "Balls" are place in the bay again:

                      Water taxis and River Cruisers is jostling for space at the landings:

                      The New Downtown is all about tinted glass:


                        This has become as iconic Singaporean as the Merlion and the sky line:

                        The lotus shaped exhibition center look like it is in need of some cleaning:

                        Marina Central is now fully developed, with Marina Floating Stage and the "Durian" Concert Hall in place for several years now:

                        Singapore Flyer is just outside the right frame here,

                        In the "old" downtown tall buildings are stretching towards the sky:

                        All these pictures were taken from the old Clifford Pier. Now part of of the "Fullerton by the Bay" development.


                          Esplanade Bridge and Marina Bay Sands as seen from Elisabeth Walk:

                          In an entirely different part of Singapore.
                          At the grounds of the former Potsdam Barrack is the Infinite Studios:

                          Where Discovery Channel and other Communication Operators upload their programs to satellites:


                            Chinese New Year is around the corner and trade in special goodies is already in full swing.
                            The crowd is gathering in China Town:

                            All kinds of preserved meat is on display:

                            The is the Chinese answer to "Fenalaar":

                            The light up in China Town happened a few days ago. I'll endevour to get some picture later.
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                              Anybody looking for a job offering great views, lots of fresh air and low pay???

                              Here is a possibility:

                              The view and fresh air is best when you start from 62nd Floor.

                              Nearly there:

                              The REAL Spiderman up close:


                                The three hotel blocks at Marina Bay Sands with reflections:

                                Looks like they have a good occupancy rate, especially on the top floors.

                                The light show is on: