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    The landing steps are still there:

    Some has got fancy floating landing platforms beside the steps:

    Clifford Pier is now occupied by a high class Chinese restaurant with some very elaborately carved furniture:


      Marina Bay connects to Singapore River, Kallang River and Geylang River, all of which is navigable, at least for part of their length by Water Taxis like this:

      And by River Cruise Boats as seen in the background. All are now electric driven, as they are operating in a fresh water reservoir.

      There is also the "ducks":

      These are amphibious and I believe still diesel driven.

      Some of the buildings around Colliar Quay and Raffles Place, seen from Clifford Pier:

      I also caught this reflection of the Singapore Flyer in the facade of one of the building on the direct opposite side of Marina Bay:

      At max zoom I also caught people hanging at the edge of the swimming pool on top of The Sands Hotels:

      Apparently a favourit pastime for people using the pool for their "exercise".

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      The next building of interest along is the Fullerton Building, which used to have General Post Office on the Ground Floor, All distances on Singapore Island was measured from here.
      The upper floors held the Tax Office (Inland Revenue) the Marine Department and several other official offices. Needless to say I was a frequent visitor to this building in the 1970s.

      Here it is as it looked back then:

      And today:

      As the sun got lower this golden spot appeared on the water of Marina Bay:

      Crossing Andersson Bridge I took pictures I took a picture of the air roots hanging down almost into the water from an old tree:

      Nothing new, it has been looking like this for decades.


        More wild life. This Heron was standing VERY still on one of the supports under Esplanade Bridge:

        For a while I was wondering if it was some kind of prank, put there by some joker.

        No, it was not:

        It decided to look for fish somewhere on the other side.

        More reflections as as the sun set:


          The Merlion has a large following at this time of the day:

          The sun has set and it is going to be dark soon:

          It doesn't take long in the tropics.

          The glass towers across the bay is loosing their shine:

          The support for the canopy above the open air stage at The Esplanade in profile:

          The floating stage doubles as a football pitch when nothing else is in the offering:

          Helix Bridge across to The Sands is quite an interesting concept:


            More of the Helix Bridge from one of the look-out point along the bridge:

            A look back to Fullerton Building and the buildings around Raffles Place:

            And at the Floating stage cum football pitch:

            We entered grounds of The Sands Resort. What do you find at the foot (or stalk?) of the Lotus Pavilion?
            A Lotus pond of cause:

            Not much light for close ups. This was the best I could do:


              Fullerton Building may be vertically challenged, but it stands out in the crowd, don't you think?:

              The Night Club associated with The Sands appears to be floating on the water:

              The Promenade along the waters edge is open to the public:

              No restrictions and no security check.

              Raffles City and The Esplanade as seen from across the bay at night:

              The Sand Resort puts on quite a light, water, fire and bubble show in the evenings, but that will have to wait for another day.

              Here is a teaser though:
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                Back to the free outdoor show at The Sands Resort (There are many other shows available inside. Right now they are playing Phantom of the Opera in one of the halls)
                The show "props" consists of a mixture of light, water, fire and bubbles, with laser beams swiping across the sky, all set to music and all computer controlled.
                It can be enjoyed from all around Marina Bay and beyond.

                We were obviously not in the ideal place for viewing, as we were having dinner at the restaurant along the Promenade.
                There is special viewing amfi at the public area outside The Sands, which is freely accessible to the general public and packed at show time.

                Let's start the show:


                  There is also images of people projected on a mist cloud:

                  Not very clear her, but quite so in "real life".


                    Here comes the fire:

                    And the bubbles:

                    Sorry, not clear. Shot from the restaurant table with my wife's phone camera.

                    This can best be shown in a video and with tripod. I therefor looked in YouTube to find more professional footage.

                    First what it looks like from across the bay, in a timelaps video:

                    Then a closer look from the viewing amfi at The Sands:

                    Wort spending a few minutes on for those who like this type of high tech shows. Impressive me think.


                      Singapore is such a fascinating city - modern, stylish and so clean... a world class metropolis indeed.
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                        We eventually took the time to visit the new Botanic Garden in Singapore, Gardens by the Bay. Although I'm not fund of artificial nature and too much coloured lights, it is hard not to get impressed with what has been done here. Link :

                        Contrary to popular beliefs that Asian countries are run by incompetent and corrupt leaders, only catering for the interests of big business, with no consideration for the environment and culture, here is an example of the opposite. In land scares Singapore 101 Ha. of prime land in the new down town area has been dedicated to these garden. If this piece of reclaimed land had been sold on the open market, it would have fetched Billions, not just Millions, of $$$.

                        Here is some pictures to give an impression of at least some of the things on display in the gardens, including these "Giant trees":

                        Looks bare still, but the creepers planted around the base and the vertical garden up along the trunks will eventually cover the "branches" that has been prepared for them, to for a canopy:


                          The main attractions are the two climate controlled domes, the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest.
                          Here a view of the special display put on for the Deepavali festival coming up and the Mid-Autumn Festival, just completed:

                          The Flower Dome is kept at a dry and cool climate, simulating the temperate and semi desert areas of the world.
                          Here some Baobab trees:

                          Can you see the plants among these pebbles??:

                          Here is some that is easier to spot:

                          There is also a section with plants from Australia, incl. this hairy fellow here:


                            The Cloud Forest is simulating high altitude tropical rain forest climate:

                            Artificial waterfalls with coloured lights is not my cup of tea:

                            But the vertical garden climbing the artificial "mountain" is quite impressive:

                            The multitude and variety of plants and flowers is staggering:


                              At the top is the Lost World garden:

                              With the source for the waterfalls:

                              Coming down again, there is the "Crystal Mountain":

                              With some stalagmite:

                              And crystals: