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    it is a nice place.i want to visit the city somday.


      Originally posted by seaman View Post
      it is a nice place.i want to visit the city somday.
      What's holding you back?? There are flights from/to just about ANYWHERE in the world landing at Changi Airport every day. Just jump on one!!

      Welcome to this friendly forum seaman. I think you will find a lot of things that may interest you in here.

      PS> If your nick indicate your profession you are likely to come here, sooner rather than later.


        Change Alley, Singapore

        Any oldtimers here who remember the famous Change Alley in Singapore??

        There you could find cameras, watches and souvenirs at "bargain basement" prices (if you knew how to bargain, that is) and, as the name implies, Money Changers who would give you "best rate, no commission" on any currency, buy or sell.

        This was the entrance from Collier Quay:

        And the other end, at Raffles Place:

        Change Alley was between the brown building and the one to the right.


          I have found some old pictures on the net from inside Change Alley in the old days:

          Popular with tourists, seafarers and local living expats, mostly military at that time:


            Later (in the 1970s) came the shops in the overhead bridge from Clifford Pier to The Arcade at Collier Quay:

            Some of the stall holders in Change Alley moved here. Some specialized in Scandinavian seafarers and spoke a smattering of "Scandinavian" and had signs in Norwegian. Others catered specially to Russian seamen and spoke Russian. They also purchased second hand Russian cameras, binoculars and watches etc. in a barter trade system.


              There is something called Change Alley at about the same location, but not much activity and no bargaining:

              One of the carts that is selling trinkets and other junk there:

              Is this improvement?? Yes and No. It is all very clean and organized, but not much fun, hence no customers.


                Here is a picture of Collier Quay, said to be from 1963, taken from the old overhead bridge towards the Esplanade and General Post Office (Now Fullerton Hotel):

                Entrance to Change Alley is just outside the frame on lower left.
                PS> This was before reclamation started in this area. Marina and Marina South didn't exist yet.


                  This is really fascinating to both read about and see.... !

                  When I eventually some day return for a visit, I will know so much more about this place.
                  With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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                    When waiting for a Taxi in Niel Road the other day I became aware of this plaque:

                    Here is the house in question: (The blue house on the right)

                    I was fully aware that this area, incl. Blair Road and part of Spottiswoode Park Road at one time was a Baba area, but had never noticed this plaque before.
                    I even posted some pictures taken in Blair Road in the Architecture thread earlier.

                    What is Baba??? Here is a link for those who wants to know more:


                      China Town - Year of the Rabbit

                      Year of the Rabbit is upon us and China Town is dressed up for the occasion:


                        In Singapore we have several light-ups every year.

                        Seagull took some pictures of the decorations for the Mid-Autumn Festival in China Town in September last year.

                        Orchard Road is dressed up for X-mas, from early Nov. to after New Year.

                        Then there is this one, also in Chinatown, for the CYN, or Spring Festival as it is called in China. Celebrated in Jan/Febr., depending on the new moon.

                        Little India is dressed up for Deepavali and ***lang Serai for Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, but dates for both those festivals are based on the moon-based calender and therefore "walks" around the Gregorian calender.


                          Sloan Court Hotel, Singapore

                          There is a little known pearl, tucked away between between high rise Condos in Balmoral Road, the Sloan Court Hotel. Built pre-WWII, it has been unchanged as long as I can remember, which is a very long time, and is getting a bit run down.

                          I have never stayed in the hotel so will not make any statement about the quality of the rooms or the service in that respect, but the restaurant is something special.
                          I think the menu has been unchanged for the last 50 years, with the Western Meals being very traditional English, as is the decor.

                          We have been irregular guest there for many years. I go there specifically to eat their Oxtail Stew and my wife always have the Mixed Grill, which is also very traditional English and include a "Banger", Lamb chop, Steak and Salted Ham. The Sunday Roast is also very traditional, but not to my liking, since the meat is thoroughly cooked and a mit dry.

                          But enough talking, here is a few pictures taken in the restaurant last night.

                          The walls are decorated with pictures of traditional Fox Hunts and old guns:

                          With some CNY decorations, which is a MUST in Singapore these final days of the new year celebration.

                          The Exit door (not in use):

                          The Sloan Court Coats of Arms and crossed cords:

                          And a number of these "Straps" placed on columns around:

                          I don't know what is the significance of these "Straps", but it appears to have someting to do with hunting. I'm sure one of our English/British memebers will enlighten us.

                          In the Lobby there is even a Fireplace:

                          Although I don't think it in use much.

                          And the facade at night:

                          Decorated for CNY.

                          Everything around has been sold, knocked down and re-developed. It is quite amazing that this British icon has survived all these years, but the Chinese family that owns it is obviously not interested in money. The value of the land must be in the $ 10's of Millions.


                            Originally posted by ombugge View Post
                            ....I don't know what is the significance of these "Straps", but it appears to have someting to do with hunting. I'm sure one of our English/British memebers will enlighten us....
                            Horse brasses! - I’ll just give you a wikipedia link to be going on with, but I might get around to taking photographs of some (without the leather strap) that David has – at the same time as I get round to photographing his solar-powered waving cat (as mentioned by you in another thread) – preferably when I’m “computer-sitting” when he’s out one day next week and I’ll have no interruptions….


                              Where in Singapore?

                              Here is a picture of a nice little park with a large Koi pond in Singapore:

                              Not only stocked with the normal multi-coloured "Kois", but also with some impressive size Dragon fish:

                              The cost of such fishes can get into the thousands of dollars.

                              Don't know???
                              It is situated near the office buildings at Keppel Benoi Shipyard (Previously Hitachi Shipyard) Open for the enjoyment of the workers and staff.


                                Where in Singapore?

                                Double posting. Removed by author.