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    Singapore is rated as the most AI ready major city in the world:

    And Singapore Port is the most prepared port in the world:


      This years Deepavali decorations in Little India:


        Originally posted by ombugge View Post
        This years Deepavali decorations in Little India:
        So beautiful decorations... Happy Diwali everyone!
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          Way back here I posted something on the wildlife bridge across Bukit Timah Expressway, which have been there for a decade or more now.
          A second such bridge will soon be ready across Mandai Lake Rd. as part of a larger scheme called Eco-Link:


            A Ghanaian man that offered bribe to an officer at the airport to be allowed into Singapore got what he wanted, but only for 2 weeks:
            He was unlucky. He could have been allowed to stay for 2-5 years, with free bed and board in Changi.


              It is good to be home. We have been in Singapore for 3 weeks and have been busy catching up with friends and family as well as visiting favourit place and eating favourit foods.
              Even if it has been slightly less than 3 years since our last visit the are notable changes to be seen and explored, although most of it is more big buildings, more shopping centres and numerous new eating places with more and more fancy food from all over the world.

              But thanks heaven a lot is also the same, where we can get traditional food in familiar surroundings, like here in People's Park Hawker Centre:

              Where I still get my favourit Singapore beer; Anchor (still at SGD 5.20 per big bottle):

              And fried dumplings from a stall we have frequented for years:


                This dish sounds yummi. What is it ? Vegetables?


                Somehow, Ombugge, it is good to see you back in Singapore. Let's have some more photos while you are there.

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                  It is good to be home. Will post some pictures when time permits.

                The newest MRT line, the Thompson East Coast (TEC) has just started service, but only between the three northern stations so far.
                Here is the latest variety of the MRT network map FYI:


                  Singapore is getting greener with some innovative new buildings:


                    Singapore took grip early, closing the border to travelers from Hubei and other affected provinces of China, HK, and S.Korea at first sign of the Covid-19 epidemic and reactivating the precautions implemented during the SARS epidemic in 2003-4, thus limiting the number of cases early.

                    Now there problem is that this has turned into a pandemic, affecting the whole world- Singapore, being a major travel and shipping hub and an open society, with people from all over the world living and working there, is experiencing a second wave of infections, both imported and locally transmitted.

                    An efficient health service and extensive testing is still able to keep track of most sources and contacts, but no 100% any more: