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    This is Denmark / Copenhagen

    This thread is dedicated to Elizabeth who will arrive in Copenhagen before I do . . .
    Lets start with you know who . . . actually she’s very close to the cruise terminal, so don’t rush off there E – save her for your day of embarkation!

    I’ll show you a modern interpretation nearby:

    Oh dear, here’s another one!
    (And there will be another official substitute when the original goes to next year's World Exhibition in Shanghai !)

    I’ll post more photos (including some of your hotel, and a favourite restaurant of mine) tomorrow. Watch this space . . .


    The toy-soldier-like royal guard at the Amalienborg Palace.

    Nearby is Frederikskirke, also known as the Marble Church, here seen from across the water at the new opera house. . .

    . . . and here is the view in the opposite direction.



      The opera house was designed by Henning Larsen, with the involvement of the son of A. P. Moller, founder of Maersk.

      The foyer, showing the maple wood wall of the auditorium on the left, which has acquired the nickname of “the pumpkin”.

      Looking down at the marvellous lighting by Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson.

      The auditorium.



        The Rosenborg Palace dating from the 17th century is situated in a pleasant park.

        Rosenborg was built by King Christian IV, and if you take a tour of the interior you will need to get to grips with many more Danish monarchs and their chronology! For many visitors, the biggest attraction is the Crown Jewels, but I had other favourite things – details like this charming tile, and, on the right, just one of several depictions of the wars with Sweden. Oh yes, you have to get to know Sweden’s monarchy too!

        Back walking the streets you need to be cyclist-aware – there are a lot of them! This photo also illustrates the use of brick in the buildings. This one is the Stock Exchange, but in concentrating on the cyclists I have managed to exclude its most characteristic feature, a spire of twisted dragons’ tails.

        To compensate for my omission, here are two other Copenghagen spires. You can actually ascend the one on the left – Vor Frelsers Kirke – on the outside, rather scary on a windy day.

        As well as so many “sights” and notable architecture, typical for me is the enjoyment of simply wandering around looking at ordinary streets and buildings.

        Talking of streets, I couldn’t quickly find suitable photos of Strøget , the long pedestrian shopping street, actually consisting of a number of individually named streets interspersed with squares. It is busiest at the Town Hall square end, becoming a little quieter and somewhat more up-market further along.
        There are lots of interesting streets to explore either side of Strøget, those to the north (on your left walking from the Town Hall Square) include the Latin quarter with old university buildings, book and other specialist shops, and numerous cafes. Here also you will find the Round Tower:

        The Rundetårn – round tower – was built in the 17th century as an observatory and is ascended by a wide spiral ramp (wide enough for a horse and carriage!). It is associated with a church and a library.
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          Seagull- you are psychic!! My mom just asked me "what plans I had come up with for Copenhagen!! (I have been dubbed the family 'cruise director' for some unknown reason......) so now I have IDEAS!

          I'm quite interested in the opera house... The exterior is so modern, and the interior so VERY traditional....unusual! As opera is quite "big" in our extended family, I am sure some of us will be most interested to have a look!


            Hello Elizabeth! You’ve popped up just as I was having a lunch break . . . . more ideas and photos during the course of the afternoon, Seagull-time!!
            But as I mentioned lunch . . . lunch Copenhagen style might be open sandwiches, smørrebrød. All sorts of things on top of rye bread. You order a selection, sort of tapas-style. Another must is a real Danish Pastry which is the lightest most amazing thing imaginable and bears no resemblance to what goes under the name here in Scotland.
            That’s your morning coffee accompaniment and lunch sorted. Now for afternoon tea :-

            At Skoubogade 3, just off Strøget, is a not-to-be-missed cake shop and cafe La Glace.
            Yummy!!! Well no need to feel guilty after all the walking around you’ve been doing!
            So continuing the tour:-

            The east end of Strøget leads into Kongens Nytorv Square. This photo shows the department store Magasin du Nord on the left and the Hotel d’Angleterre with the flags, behind the typical kiosk.
            Across the square is the Royal Theatre, the old opera house now used for ballet, drama and concerts.

            Just across from Kongens Nytorv you will easily find Nyhavn – meaning New Harbour though actually the oldest part of the harbour these days – its restaurants and bars along the sunny side are hugely popular with tourists.

            This is one of the starting points of the canal tours, and though they sound rather touristy they are actually an enjoyable way of getting the feel and scale of parts of the city while resting your legs for a while.

            There are also water buses and water taxis, useful, for example, to get across to the Opera, and this photo shows the view from a water bus looking back at the entrance to Nyhavn.

            A photo taken on a canal boat tour.



              Statue of a fish wife on the street called Gammal Strand, bordering the canal across from the island Slotsholmen.

              Nearby you will find a favourite restaurant of mine, Thorvaldsens Hus, (at Gammel Strand 34) which can be seen also on the last photo of the previous post. (Better food and value and less frenetic than the popular places on Nyhavn.)

              There is an outside courtyard . . .

              . . . and classically furnished interior.
              You can also choose a tasting selection of smaller portions of many of the dishes on the main menu.



                In a city of buildings featuring copper roofs and spires, the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel was Copenhagen’s first skyscraper – dating from 1960 and designed by Arne Jacobsen (famous for his furniture classics). It is situated on Hammerichsgade, close to the town hall square (Rådhuspladsen) and Tivoli.



                  Used as a business class breakfast room in the mornings, this top floor restaurant transforms into the Alberto K restaurant in the evenings. Some of the furnishings are Jacobsen originals.

                  Rådhuspladsen seen from the top floor of the hotel.

                  View looking in the direction of the cruise terminal.

                  The hotel can been seen in this photo taken in Tivoli . . .

                  . . and a view of Tivoli from the hotel.

                  Most of my best photos of Tivoli are taken in winter time, so I will save these for a more seasonal future offering. I also have many featuring the Cow Parade “sculptures”, a topic I have so far spared you all from here on CV! Actually the above photo taken from Tivoli includes a rather different take on the cow theme with a headless bronze statue in the pond entitled Den Lille Havko – The Little Half-Cow – alluding to the Little Mermaid (Den lille havfrue), as well as being a pun on the Danish for mermaid, literally half-woman. Get it??? – I don’t really know why I’m telling you all this, as the sculpture has probably been sold or relocated.

                  Tivoli looks small seen from above, and also when you walk in the street along the perimeter wall, but somehow seems much larger when you go inside. With something for everybody, I like its appeal to people of all generations, and how it still attracts and has evolved without loosing any of its charm.



                    This pair of photos sums up two liquids I associate with Copenhagen, beer and the sea!

                    Tuborg is merged with Carlsberg, whose founder was a philanthropist and art collector, and the museum in Copenhagen called the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, was based on his art and especially sculpture collections. It is situated along HC Andersens Boulevard, just beyond the wall of Tivoli. As well as visiting the collections, the Winter Garden is a great place to enjoy tea, coffee and light snacks.

                    At this point you may be realising that you really need much more time in Copenhagen than you have, and I hardly dare mention a visit to the old Carlsberg brewery (bus 26 from outside your hotel in the opposite direction from the city centre), but I will mention another art collection, the National Gallery – Statens Museum for Kunst – (located near the Botanical Gardens / Rosenborg ). If you visit this gallery, might I urge you to head directly for the paintings of the Danish artist Hammershøi, an enthusiasm of mine (if he’s new to you, read the wikipedia article, and there is another informative website here).

                    All this won’t have left you time for out of town excursions. But for completenes I might as well say that the most popular are to Roskilde, a train ride away – cathedral and Viking ship museum (sorry, I have no recent digital photos), or northwards passing the Lousiana Museum of Modern Art and the Karen Blixen museum. Beyond is Kronborg Castle in Elsinore (as in Shakespeare's Hamlet), but you will see that from the ship shortly after your departure. I won’t even mention excursion possibilities across in Sweden, even although my “second university” in Lund in so close!

                    But, finally in this little introduction to Copenhagen, I might as well post the remaining few photos on the themes of the sea and art.

                    Here are the offices of Maersk.

                    In the Öresund (I seem to find myself choosing the Swedish Ö rather than the Danish Ø !) there are some old forts and defences. The fort Trekroner is closest to the city, and some of the canal/harbour trips go there. Further away, Flakfortet is one of the forts built on an artificial island.

                    Wind farms.

                    Mikkelgaard, a manor house, now a restaurant, north of Copenhagen.

                    And finally, sculpture at Louisiana:


                      Fantastic! Your reports are the essence of CV! I so dearly love to read your stories and look at your images, you bring life ad depth into places I have been to so many times before, like nobody else can do.

                      You have such a great talent and I enjoy your contributions so much - you should only have known! Keep it up, you are raising the bar!

                      So many more places in Copenhagen I had no idea about, haven't seen and haven't experienced a fraction of what you have seen there!

                      Thank you fro bringing such quality to us!
                      With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                      Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
                      Main page:

                      Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


                        As someone who has immediate doubts about anything written the moment I’ve pressed “send”, it is so very good to hear that you enjoy it so much dear pakarang.
                        Not only have you cheered me up this morning but now I am laughing too –essence of CV indeed –sounds like some kind of perfume! I can just imagine a little glass ship-shaped bottle, abstract yet clearly suggesting the curves of a ship, and of course the little wooden seagull on the label!

                        Actually it was unusual to write about Copenhagen because it is a place I have so often passed through briefly on the way elsewhere, and so I was surprised to find I had so many photos to choose from, many that I had completely forgotten I’d taken. This includes lots of ships, which will now be available to add to appropriate threads in the future. As for the city itself, this was still largely an account of my recommendations in tourist Copenhagen, and if I may reuse some of your own words, you haven't experienced a fraction of what I have seen there, for I have photos of so many more places I haven’t shown you!
                        So although it’s all for now, I promise to return to this thread in the future.


                          "Essence of CV" that's what I thought of first as well, Cecilia!! Must be a girl thing!!!

                          You are a DARLING to gather these together, and I am sending out a link in an email to get the family excited!

                          Funny you mentioned your favorite restaurant Thorvaldsens Hus- Alan, Alix and I ate there with a colleague of Alan's when we were in Copenhagen in 2006. Funny story about meeting up with the rest of the family there. Will tell you when you are surrounded by all 20+ of us. I simply cannot WAIT to see you...

                          Oh, and I have the ok from Crystal for our lunch aboard Symphony--I think we can board after 1:30.... will check the paperwork and let you know! So we will have at least 4 hours to prowl around Jan-Olav's beloved girl TOGETHER....


                            Originally posted by Seagull View Post
                            –essence of CV indeed –sounds like some kind of perfume! I can just imagine a little glass ship-shaped bottle, abstract yet clearly suggesting the curves of a ship, and of course the little wooden seagull on the label!
                            I like your abstract ship curves...How about frosted and clear crystal tinted ever so slightly blue? Maybe curving up to the crest of a wave? And I think a frosted crystal seagull STOPPER would be appropriate.

                            SaintsFCFan/ Paul--any ideas????? You're the resident artist...

                            Now, for the actual scent.... I'm too girly-girl with the white flowers to decide this...needs to be uni***..anyone have any ideas????

                            (can I pull a thread off-topic, or WHAT????)


                              Wow E, getting to go on Crystal Symphony, that is utterly amazingly brilliant.
                              I’ll send you a pm on Wednesday with any last minute thoughts before I leave (as I will be computer-less and out of communication on my travels after that).

                              Perfume design will just have to wait , but for now:-

                              “A brave seagull prepares to meet 20+ ehp’s all at once!!!”