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This is Nepal

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    This is Nepal

    We have just returned from a long weekend (5 days) in Kathmandu, Nepal over the Chinese New Year.
    It is an interesting place and not very crowed with tourists at this time of the year due to the cold weather.

    I took a lot of pictures, mostly of temples and mountains, but also some street scenes and others.

    To kick it off, here is the first view of the Himalayas from the aircraft window on approach to Kathmandu Airport:

    More pictures of mountains to follow.

    Our first excursion outside the hotel was to the former Royal Palace:

    Here is a picture of the Palace taken from the net:

    Unfortunately there were tight security within the Palace Grounds. No camera or phone allowed. The buildings directly involved in the Royal Murders had been demolished, but some bullet marks could still be seen on the remaining buildings.

    More pictures to follow when time allows.
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    Re: This is Nepal

    OK, time to post some pictures from Nepal.
    Approaching Kathmandu over the foothills:

    The Himalayas are not far away:

    There is a lot of the old Brick Works in the valleys around Kathmandu:

    You will see the reason when we get into town.


      Re: This is Nepal

      On the ground at Kathmandu Airport:

      The mountains are still close by and visible from the town.

      An overview of Kathmandu from the first hilltop temple we visited:

      This was all from Swayambhu Temple, (also known as the Monkey Temple), but more on that later.


        Re: This is Nepal

        But before we get to the many Temples, let's look at some Street and Road scenes in Kathmandu.

        Road work was ongoing "everywhere" but it didn't look like much had been completed.

        The road from our Hotel to the tourist area of Thamel was one continuous work site:

        As was many of the other roads:


          Re: This is Nepal

          In the "down town" area the streets were narrow and crowded:


            Re: This is Nepal

            Outside of the main shopping area the streets were quieter:

            Some of the backstreets were really narrow:

            But motorbikes and scooters would come through at "utmost dispatch".


              Re: This is Nepal

              The main means of transport was the Nepalese variety of TukTuk:

              But here running some sort of routes, picking up/dropping off passengers any place and any time. (10-12 pax, depending on their size and baggage)

              The other main Public Transport was the Minibuses, of which there are many and of all types and sizes, as seen behind the TukTuk.
              Some are in apparent good condition, but some really beaten up.
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                Re: This is Nepal

                This should prove exciting. Looking forward to more.

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                  Re: This is Nepal

                  A bit of Architecture.
                  A real old building in Kathmandu downtown area:

                  A well kept house on the outskirts:

                  Why bother to remove the tree stumps? Just make them part of the structure and paint them red:

                  A garden have been retained at this well kept house:

                  The overloaded "multi-purpose pole" is a must:

                  One of the reasons why completing road widening take such a long time is the need to move hundreds of poles like this. (Not an easy task. Different departments involved)
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                    Re: This is Nepal

                    Temples and shrines are everywhere in Nepal.
                    Various architecture and for various denominations:

                    There will be plenty more Temples and architecture later.

                    We also paid a visit to a village at the very edge of town to meet a Godson who lives there. This was all "generation houses", where entire families lived in one house, from toddlers to Grandparents.

                    A new such house under construction:

                    Most of the houses are built with moneys earned by working overseas.

                    I was wondering what these structures were for:

                    These are for cultivation of mushrooms.


                      Re: This is Nepal

                      OK, it is unavoidable, we had to get to the Temples sooner or later, Ralf.

                      First the Swayambhunath Stupa, which is one of the oldest and most popular Temples in Kathmandu:
                      It is also a "must" for tourists to visit.

                      We started from the entrance gate at the bottom of the hill:

                      Where the monkeys were already waiting to greet us:


                        Re: This is Nepal

                        Looking up at the 365 steps to the top of the hill:

                        Intimidating for an old man, I must say.

                        Some sculptures lined the steps and a few resting places was available, at least in the lower part:

                        Birds of Pray at rest in a tree along the steps:

                        Others soaring around looking for pray:

                        Baby monkeys would be a possible "snack".


                          Re: This is Nepal

                          Reaching the top it was all I could do to take a few pictures of the Stupa:


                            Re: This is Nepal

                            Some monkeys "monkeying" around on the decorations:

                            Or just looking at the goings on:

                            Here is some of the "goings on":


                              Re: This is Nepal

                              Besides the Stupa there were other temples:

                              and buildings on the hill top:

                              Including shops selling all kinds of souvenirs and art:

                              This one didn't waste much space: