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    Oh Yves, this is fascinating, the magnificent carved figures, and of course I am particulary attracted to the buildings amongst the rocks! That last photo is spectacular. All this and a tall lighthouse too!


      What a beautiful church you have shared with all of us, as well as a truly wonderful place to enjoy an espresso!

      This is a wonderful place with lots of historical charm, I can see it from your images.

      Thank you for sharing these.
      With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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        Mid November I went to Orleans, to be at the festival de Cannes 1939. Yes I know, it could appear amazing, but in fact, the Creator of this festival was Jean Zay, minister of culture at the time, and he was born in Orleans. The goal was to compete with the Mostra of Venise which was run by fascist authorities and to present movies that have a democratic feeling. Due to the begening of the war, the festival was canceled.
        But the list of the films selected exists and we had the Opportunity to see them at the cinema and the theater,during six days.
        If some of these films are still well known some of them are very rare seen only by researchers when they are Lucky.
        As for me,I appreciate to watch ""la grande solution" of Hugo Haas the Tchecoslovaquian representant, even though this country has already desapeared at the time. Another experience was to watch the Dutch film "petit gamin" (boffie, in dutch ) By Detlef Sierck ((Douglas Sirk when he reached Hollywood). The film was projected in Dutch version without subtitles with a live translation by a Dutch-French speaker. Surprising.

        Introduction to Pacific Express filmed by Cecil B de Mille.

        Introdution to L'Enfer des Anges, Christian -Jacque by Carole Aurouet (Marne University) She works about the links between cinema and poetry.

        A conference about American and European films in 1939.

        The posters of Festival

        One view of Orleans….I didn't see a lot of it!


          An article from The Guardian about The ceremony of Césars (French Oscars) and the "Polanski affair".


            Not Normandy.
            But Saint Pierre et Miquelon, French islands near Newfoundland, are linked to Normandy since they are a part of Academy of Caen (education sector). After hight school lot of students come to study at Caen University. They are the best ice-hockey players in the town club and their capacity to live up is not a legend...


              One of my favourite lunch stop when I cycle in le Pays d' Auge.


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                Still closed due to Covid or are they going to re-open?

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                Still closed. They hope they could re-open at the begenning of June. My bike is waiting for.