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    Re: This is Japan

    Another Koi pond:


      Re: This is Japan

      To end the tour of Clover Garden Park, here is an old building from the Mitsubish Shipyard, which has been transplanted and is now housing exhibits and a souvenir shop etc.:

      In this year of the Dragon:


        Re: This is Japan

        Walking back to my hotel after a meeting at the Agent's office I noticed this mast sticking up in the middle of town and got curios:

        (Yes I know, "curiosity killed the cat", but I have always been curious. So far, so good)

        This is the remnants of the old Dutch settlement, called Dejima, and is presently under restoration:

        The land area was created by reclamation. Originally a fan-shaped island, which will also be recreated in some way:


          Re: This is Japan

          I was wondering about the address I had been given by the Agent, stating that the office was in Dejima-machi. Dejima is the name of a type of tree in Indonesian. Her is the explanation:

          A dejima tree transplanted from Indonesia by the Dutch and still thriving:


            Re: This is Japan

            Not too many of the Dutch buildings have survived both the Atomic bomb and modernization, but here is one:

            The Dutch reformist church is still in use:

            A view back at the old Dutch buildings from the bustling main road:

            Wants to know more about Dejima and the Dutch in Nagasaki??
            Here is a link:
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              Re: This is Japan

              Next I'm off to Nagasaki Chinatown, which is next to Dejima:

              You can see the typical portal and some lanterns, marking the entrance to Chinatown in this picture. Unfortunately I did not take any other pictures there.

              To compensate for the lack of own pictures, here is a link:
              and a video on YouTube:
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                Re: This is Japan

                A church and a statue of the Virgin Mary is situated at the entrance to Nagasaki harbour:


                  Re: This is Japan

                  Before we leave Nagasaki I would like to show you a small Tea shop in a very British style I came across in a backstreet in Dejima-machi:

                  This piece of "furniture" did not appear to have any relevance to the business being conducted.
                  I tried to find out it's origin, but to no avail.


                    Re: This is Japan

                    May I invite you for a trip from Nagasaki to Fukuoka with the Kyushu Limited Express, known as Kamome:

                    I did not get any picture of the train at departure as I arrived at the station only 5 min. before departure, but here is an advertisment picture from their website:

                    Internal shot:

                    It was a wet and gray day, but I did take some picture of the countryside as we proceeded North at a fairly leisurely speed. (The trip took approx. 2 hrs.)

                    Did I say gray and wet?:


                      Re: This is Japan

                      Typical Japanese countryside housing:

                      With quite a few large ones as well:

                      Small fishing and agricultural village:

                      Graffiti artist are everywhere:


                        Re: This is Japan

                        The fields are still green in this southern location:

                        But the clouds are still low on the hills.

                        Shrines are everywhere:

                        But there are also Churches:


                          Re: This is Japan

                          An industrial town:

                          I believe this is Saga, a fairly large town, famous for it's beef:

                          We reached our destination, Hakata Station, Fukuoka on schedule. (No surprise in Japan)
                          Still raining. Luckily my hotel was only a couple of minutes walk from the station.


                            Re: This is Japan

                            Fukuoka is a large town and the end of the Shinkasen Railway from Tokyo.
                            Here is a link to Wikipedia:

                            I did not venture very far in this place, only a short walk from the station.
                            Here is the canal that runs through Hakata:

                            Spring is in the air at the canal side:
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                              Re: This is Japan

                              Mostly large buildings to be seen, but also some shacks like this:

                              I don't understand the meaning of the name of this building:

                              What is it trying to say???

                              The building looked like a pretty unremarkable apartment block:

                              PS> The next morning it was farewell to Japan for this time. I may be back soon.
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                                Originally posted by ombugge View Post
                                ....I may be back soon.
                                Good to hear! …for your contributions have rapidly made this a favourite thread. I very much appreciate your explorations and the non-tourist context of these trips of yours.