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Yalta, Ukraine

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    Yalta, Ukraine

    First, how bad is it that I feel I have to say where Yalta is? I feel bad now that I see , Ukraine in the thread title but if I were talking to someone in my town here in NC I would have to say "Yalta, Ukraine, Europe, no further east, yes that's to the right, no, not Russia, it's on the Black Sea, it's just to the right of the Mediterranean, it's the sea between Europe and Africa, oh, I give up." Sorry for that. It's been a bad day in small town USA.

    Looking out from my balcony I could not believe how beautiful Yalta was. All day long puffy white clouds formed in the lee of the mountain and children could be hear hear laughing in the park.

    Walking through town there was the required bronze statue. check

    Re: Yalta, Ukraine

    There were few signs of hard times. Most of the water front has been taken over by trendy shops and vendors in tents selling beach chairs to the toursists.

    And there are plenty of tourists. Crazy people. I recall putting on my long sleeve shirt before taking this photo because the breeze off the Black Sea was cool so my southern skin. Apparently these people do not know that 74f (23c) is not swimming weather.

    Oh, did I mention the trireme on poles? Apparently a night club that did not make it.

    Then, in the middle of all the very modern, superficial tourism is something much older and more beautiful.