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The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

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    The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

    I had been about to post some photographs I took last Friday in the Scotland 2011 thread. Then realising how many there were, I wondered about a “unique event” thread similar to ones pakarang has created in the photographic section, but eventually returned here, though with a general title so that it can accommodate further photos from the museum in the future.

    Friday 29 July 2011 – re-opening day

    An animatronic dinosaur was just one of the attractions of the street party celebrating the grand re-opening of the National Museum of Scotland after several years refurbishment. These robots are amazing and of course I just HAD to head out with my camera, as well as being one of what turned out to be a staggering 22000 people who entered the museum on opening day.

    It’s always a good idea to arrive early if you want to catch those impromptu “setting up” shots…and I couldn’t have timed it more perfectly as a van drew up and a dinosaur is lifted out…

    …and quickly hidden under a green tarpaulin!



      The street is still open for traffic at this point, so the police no parking signs come in handy as other vehicles arrive with sound equipment and suchlike.

      There is the drummers’ kit to set up at the top of the museum steps…

      …and a quick sound check for the trio who will perform a specially composed opening fanfare featuring a dragon-headed tribal horn!
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        The dragon’s tongue needed adjusting…

        …in order to accommodate his very own microphone!



          Some photographers need to set up too, though with so much going on it is tricky to decide on a “best” position.



            At least it is clear where the dinosaur is going to emerge from…

            … as the tail is unpacked ready to be attached!



              Now the road is closed, crowds gather, office workers across the street get distracted….

              ….and then with a loud roar Tyrannosaurus rex emerges! The roar of the crowd was even louder!







                    The thrashing tail is best avoided!

                    But now looks what’s happening – that dinosaur seems to be interested in a Nikon camera…


                      Re: The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

                      This is great - I love that tribal horn.

                      "To thine own self be true.......
                      Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                        …but as the creature unexpectedly turns around, it is MY camera that becomes the focus of its attention!!!!!!!!!!!

                        Tyrannosaurus rex nearly ate my camera!!!!! Definitely not an everyday occurrence.
                        Phew, that was a close one!!!!!


                          After that excitement, attention turned around towards the steps at the front of the museum for an exhilarating performance by the Mugenkyo Taiko drummers.




                              The Scottish TV presenter Grant Stott, dressed in Victorian costume in reference to the museum’s history, made a speech and assisted the girl who had won a competition to officially declare the museum re-opened.

                              The musicians emerged and the haunting fanfare was performed.