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    Batam was the feature of a Puzzle recently, which has now been solved so I can post some more from there.
    In that conjunction I said the following:
    Batam has gone from nearly no population back in 1970, when I first visited. There are abt. 1.2-1.5 mill. now, but with no real "town plan" and a lot of misfired projects. Building standard is not being strictly enforced and maintenance is not a priority.
    Here is proof of building standard and maintenance, or lack of it:

    Same street, opposite direction:

    Keeping the drains clean is not a priority either:

    Street vendors sells all kinds of local specialties:


      Another street view, this time with a bit better designed and maintained buildings and a minaret at the end of the street:

      The street is littered with all kinds of rubbish. The building on the left is only partly occupied by a restaurant.

      This impressive front entrance leads to the abandoned part of the same building:

      Somebody have tried to add a floor or two on top:

      But that attempt appears to have been abandoned to.

      The front door is pad locked and leads to an abandoned lobby:

      If I remember right, this was once a hotel with a Casino (until gambling was banner in 1997) and high class Night Club.

      A new Night Club has been built not too far away though:

      This is a popular hangout for expats living and working on Batam:

      Especially among Aussies, since they serve excellent tucker and ice cold Fosters with stubby holders.


        Legs are growing at Tg. Uncang, Batam:


          Well dressed gentlemen from the highlands of Papua, near the boarder with PNG on a visit to the administrative center of Oksibil:


            This WAS Indonesia 50 years ago:

            At the same time there was the "Konfrontasi" with Malaysia/Singapore, which officially came to a halt in Aug. 1966, although some remnants of restriction was only lifted in 1967:

            It took abt. 5 years before Suharto had full control of the situation within Indonesia. Even longer before the detention camps on Buru Island was discontinued.
            A tough time to live and work in Indonesia. I know, I was there.
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              They live long in the Solo Valley:
              That must as close to "eternal living" as anybody has got yet.


                If you are looking for a job, this may be a possibility:


                  The Rainbow Village in Indonesia put some colour into life:


                    Originally posted by ombugge View Post
                    The Rainbow Village in Indonesia put some colour into life:
                    That was a delight to see. Some colourful paints and demolition was halted. Sometimes, it doesn't take a to to go from eyesore to beauty.
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                      It is the end of Ramadan (Hari Raya Puasa in Malayu/ Eid al-Fitr in Arabic) and the annual exodus from the cities back to their ancestral villages are on all over the Muslim world.
                      In Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country, this is known as "kembali kampong" and causes major chaos on roads, rail and sea, incl. lots of accidents.
                      Here is a CNA report from last year's event, featuring Indonesia's eqv. to Hurtigruten, the PT Pelni Inter-island ships: