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A few images from Burma

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    Random pictures from Yangon

    To round this off, here is a few random pictures from Yangon, mostly taken from a moving car.

    I'm not sure if this tower is part of the Main Fire Station in Sule Pagoda Road:

    If not it is very close by.

    I did not visit Sule Pagoda, but here is one of the entrances:


      I tried several times to get a good picture of this highly decorated building:

      It is near one of the main entrances to Shwedagon Pagoda and I believe it is some sort of an Amusement Park.

      This is the best I could do:


        A few pictures from around the Ministry of Forestry International Business Center, where I spent most of my time when in Yangon:

        The sun is setting as we leave in the evening. (Every evening):

        The office party held in the garden at the start of the New Year Holiday has been featured elsewhere:
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          This bus load of commuters heading home after a long day's work did not, but it say something about the standard of public transport:

          This fellow has also featured elsewhere earlier, but he deserves another "moment of glory" for his innovative Hardhat:

          You can't keep a good man down just by passing HSE rules.


            My attempt to get some pictures around The Strand earlier was aborted due to failing light.
            Here is a couple that came out respectably:


              Yangon is a 2500 year old town in the middle of a very fertile plain and river delta. You can see that from the bushes that grow out of abandoned and even occupied buildings everywhere:

              That is a point. When I visited Rangoon in the 1970s this was one of the thing that stuck in my memory, the monumental buildings with bushes growing out of the facades. When I was here in the late 1990s many of the buildings had been spruced up and new buildings were spouting everywhere.

              Here is a couple of pictures I took on my last visit in 2005, just a week after the Government had moved out and gone to the new capital at Naypyidaw:

              You may recognize these buildings from our little walk along The Strand?


                To round off this visit to Yangon, a few pictures taken from my hotel.
                First one of a Church next door. This one taken from the Railway Station:

                Park Royal Hotel in the background.

                Same Church from the Restaurant veranda of the hotel:

                Street scenes from around the hotel.
                A quited residential street with some small shops:

                And finally a bustling Shopping Centre and Food Court in the Singapore style:

                Then it is farewell to Yangon for this time. I hope to be back soon.

                PS> Pictures of the Railways Station and the Airport will be placed in the relevant threads later.


                  Re: A few images from Burma

                  With a lot of focus on Myamnar/ Burma lately, what do you all think will happen IF Ang Suu Kyi gets a seat in the Government after the election?

                  I think this would favor the country incredibly, and perhaps make it more accessible to tourism. The country is so rich, and has so much to offer visitors.

                  I often think of the country as on the edge of being fully discovered.


                  An old thread about Myanmar:
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                    Re: A few images from Burma

                    Interesting video from Burma, well worth spending some time watching...:

                    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                    Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
                    Main page:

                    Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


                      There is more to Burma/Myanmar than just Yangon, Mandalay and the Bagan temples.
                      Rahkine State has much to offer for the adventurous traveler:


                        Having posted some images from Yangon in the railway stations thread, I have now followed ombugge here!

                        Although, like ombugge, I was not staying at the Strand, it was also for me a 'must see' iconic grand hotel which I just had to visit. There is no better time to do so at such an establishment, at least for a British person, than Afternoon Tea time!

                        From the entrance to the hotel, I enter the lobby lounge, enquire about taking afternoon tea, and am directed through a doorway to the left.


                          Of course I have instantly grasped the room layout and know exactly where I want to sit! Before the waiter in charge has thought through his available tables I know I will have momentarily distracted him by my now fascinatingly white eccentric hair, and so have already beamed at him and the desired table and suggested now perfect it would be!

                          Here is the view from my table looking back to the entrance from the lobby…

                          ...and the view of my table, through at the window on the right and an ideal vantage point.



                            And so from my perfect seat I was ready, emerging from behind the pages of The Myanmar Times newspaper, to discreetly take my absolutely favourite image capturing the essence of Afternoon Tea at the Strand.


                              The 'bonus pictures' expected here on CVF naturally include the offerings on my cake-stand!
                              Already served, along with the copy of the Myanmar Times to read, was a pot of my selected tea.

                              And then the traditional cake stand arrived.



                                Here is the bottom tier. It wasn't just the usual 'club sandwich' affair, but hadmany of the traditional contents such as cucumber and salmon featured in other guises. The sandwich element was a satisfying filled finger of bread which had a toasted touch about it whilst retaining a sandwichy softness. The cucumber is atop an 'open sandwich' variation.

                                Oh that middle tier! I surprised myself by devouring the whole varied selection, and they were all delicious. Though had I been sharing this with you I readily admit I might have made an un-ladylike grab for that candle-like chocolatey sponge!

                                To literally top that off, there was a bun-like 'scone' thingy with cream, jam etc. and ,,,that Cambridge college favourite, a Crème brûlée!