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A few images from Burma

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    Some more pedestrian traffic was immediately evident:

    And even some new construction in progress:

    But the old buildings were still in decay:


      Bustling activity in the side street on the left:

      Not so much activity in side street on the right side:


        A newer version of Government building from the Socialist days:

        Street stall selling many different items:


          Another look at Sule Pagoda:

          The next building on the Right looks abandoned:

          Yes it is. The former American Embassy:

          They have moved to new premises out of town. Another Fortress America. (Sorry no photos of that one. I didn't want to upset CIA)


            Independence Monument w/ Yangon City Hall in the background:

            Usually people starts painting from the top:


              A look along Barr Street. High Court Building with the tower and flag:

              Can you imagine what this building could look like, if it was painted up and maintained?:


                Mixed parentage:

                Too much trouble to remove the sandbag posts. May as well just leave it until the next riot:


                  A look down the main Pansodan Street:

                  Port Authorities Building prominent at the corner of The Strand.

                  Book seller's street:

                  Supposed to be a mecca for book collectors.

                  A look down the side street. Are we at Strand Hotel yet?:


                    38th Street to the Left:

                    Never mind, I'll walk a little more.

                    Nice details on this building:

                    I'm not the only "tourist" walking the street at mid-day by the way.

                    An everyday street scene:


                      Time to head back to Strand Hotel. It is after 1 o'clock:

                      Street vendors are doing a thriving business on New Year's Eve:


                        There are modern shop fronts along Merchant Street:

                        But also basic stalls selling just about anything:

                        Incl. a variety of Bananas:


                          A Mosque in a large garden:

                          Trees are everywhere in Yangon:

                          The pavement at 40th Street is in need of some repairs:
                          Last edited by ombugge; April 26th, 2011, 12:00. Reason: Change of denomination. I believe this is a Mosque.


                            A monumental building in good repairs, wonder what that one may contain?:

                            There is the sign, but my Burmese is sorely lacking:

                            Ahh!! the Main Post Office:


                              Another well maintained building. The British Consulate:

                              Yet one more in good repair:

                              The Australian Consulate:


                                And we are back at Strand Hotel:

                                Just in time for COOOOLD beer at The Bar:

                                I hope you enjoyed this little walk in Yangon. It is a town well worth visiting.

                                I still have a few more pictures from other parts of Yangon. To follow.