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A few images from Burma

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    Looking at these view you wouldn't think you are in the middle of a large bustling city:

    My lunch place for the day, with a view of the lake:


      Another of my favorite lunch places:

      No view of the lake, but some marvelous River Prawns:

      Washed down with a very good and cold Myanmar Lager:

      Noticed the ingenious Bottle Opener???


        The hotel I stayed in was the Park Royal. Here is a view from my room:

        The entrance:

        The flags flying on the outside indicate the origin of the Owner of the hotel:

        Thangyat decorations were everywhere, including at the hotel entrance:


          A trip around Yangon

          My last day in Yangon was the first day of the Thangyat holiday and the office was closed. Since my flight home wasn't until the late afternoon I had some time on my hands. I called the driver to pick me up at the hotel at 0900 hrs. and take me to places I wanted to re-visit.

          We first went to look for an old Boat Building yard I remembered to be somewhere close to the old Thaketa Bridge.

          It is still there. As viewed from the Bridge:


            Still building traditional boats with the aid of a few modern tools, but still no drawings:


              Real teak planks goes into the hull of these boats:

              As I left a boat that may even have been built at this yard came down the side river and passed under the Old Thaketa Bridge:


                View from Old Thaketa Bridge

                This is a small side river to the main Rangoon River.

                Up river :

                Some river crafts on the river above the bridge:

                Worker's quarters arranged under the bridge:


                  Down river:

                  Fishing boats on the river below the bridge:

                  People transport on the river is still traditional:


                    Rangoon River

                    Next we proceeded back to town across Thaketa New Bridge. No picture of and from that bridge since it was impossible to stop due to traffic and police guards on duty.

                    Here is the main Rangoon River, a bit below the main port:

                    River boats that may go as far upriver as Mandalay and beyond:


                      A Push tug for river transport:

                      Ships at buoy moorings in mid stream:


                        And the ever present "longtail" boats transporting people along or across the river:

                        A bit of maintenance is necessary:


                          Market day in Yangon

                          More on the river traffic later on, but first we are off to visit some bustling market streets.

                          Pagodas are everywhere, including here, near the river:

                          Notice how well maintained this looks.


                            We are entering a relatively new and modern part of Yangon:

                            With truck loads of Buddhist monks passing by:

                            And a very friendly and curious None who spoke English like a native (UK native that is):


                              Street stalls along the main road:


                                And in the back streets:

                                Selling just about anything your heart may desire:

                                Incl. Betel Nuts for those who crave those: