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    it IS a fantastic movie!! And I do admire the man...just busting on him a little...he can take it!!

    WHAT? OT?? YOU?? ME?? never....never in a million years!!


      OT...? Who said that...??? What do you mean, OT...?


        So, are blue BMW's in the same category as red Corvettes?


          naaahh- they're GERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          (any piece of German Automotive Engineering excels in my book....)

          I was actually thinking of a nice BMW Z4 would look good on the Captain, but then--well, the Porsche just hit me like a thunderbolt. Sort of like when Michael sees Apollonia for the first time......


            I dont agree with you all. If you have a look at his working place at HSC Skogoy, he should feel comfortable in KITT....
            Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


              Oh, Ralf, Ralf, Ralf, Ralf, Ralf.
              1- thanks for that trip down memory lane. Reminds me how OLD I am....
              2- Interior- yep. Good Call.
              3-But as far as exterior.....OH Lordy. NOTHING screams "I am an American teenager who has something to prove by driving a Trans Am" than...well, a Trans Am. ESPECIALLY in the 70's. (80's were slightly better...) It's all any red-blooded teenaged boy in the late 70's wanted. I know, having dated a bunch of them. If you only knew how difficult maneuvering around the interior of one of those, maybe I should just

              (maybe the hole is deep enough, I should put the shovel down??)

              Ah, the follies of one's carefree youth.

              (and, of course, Ralf, the "German Automotive Engineering' comment was in YOUR honor!!!!!)

              I will now slip gracefully back ON topic "Random Pictures of Cars, Buses and Trucks" and leave "Youthful Remembrances of Backseats of Cars, Buses and Trucks" waaaaayyyyyy behind.....before this gets moved to the "jokes" page.....


                Who me? Someone talking about me?
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                  Jepp..., you and a red 'vette...., if anyone remember....


                    did someone mention a red corvette?? I don't remember......
                    Wasn't that a song by the Artist-Formerly-Known-And-Is-Again-Known-As Prince"?????


                      Originally posted by ehp View Post
                      I know, having dated a bunch of them. If you only knew how difficult maneuvering around the interior of one of those, maybe I should just

                      (maybe the hole is deep enough, I should put the shovel down??)
                      Aaaaaah. Interesting. In this age i drove a VW Bulli, because there was a lot of space do do inside maneuvers. But go on, tell us more....
                      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                        Something to stay a bit OT for a while:

                        steering section of KITT (pictures out of Wikipedia Commons):

                        Compare it to the HSC Skogoy and you should see what i mean.

                        The rest of the car is ugly, i agree...
                        Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                          The first picture is funny--it looks someone's makeup case in the side seat!!!
                          Second photo would seem to make the Captain very at home!

                          And, by the way, my high school years, I attended an all-girls Catholic by nuns......that should be all the information anyone should need....

                          it also explains why I am the way I am...on SOOOO many levels...


                            You mean, you girls took everyone who was not up on the tree until someone counted to three.... even when he was driving a TransAm ??? I understand... reminds me a bit at some scenes out of the movie "National Lampoons Animal House"...
                            Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                              Ummm... about that movie. It was based on some stuff at Dartmouth College...but seems it was quite like my BROTHER's fraternity at Louisiana State University (LSU)... Oh, they did AWFUL things.

                              I love the subtle things in the, when they are being evicted from the house, they bring a cow down from upstairs...

                              When my husband received his Master's degree, we threw a toga party, complete with grain alcohol punch...we sent out formal invitations to a Roman Orgy.... so much fun. My son's godfather came from England, and had quite a time explaining to the customs agent why he was only coming to the US for 72 hours. They didn't believe him at first when he said he was coming for a party- he'd left the invitation at home- so he had to show them his toga and laurel wreath crown he had made before they would let him in the country.

                              How's THAT for straying off topic??? And, of ALL people, Ralf is my "enabler" this time...

                              Anyway, gawd, I LOVE that movie. Could watch it a gazillion more times. And, yes, I also went to an all woman's college...and at times, they are EXACTLY as protrayed in the movie.....................


                                Yeeeeaahh, i remember i had a terrible black-out during a toga-party after a lot of Tequila while sitting in a summer-heated attic. My friends had a lot of (not only) fun (but also work) with me during this night and i remember almost nothing...

                                We had a lot of fun during these times and were watching all John Landis movies we heard of, first of all "Blues Brothers", naturally while wearing the right clothes.

                                (let's see how far i can get you OFF TOPIC)
                                Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11