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  • janihudi
    the boxtrailer that comes behind a old truck i drove.
    the rear bumper was broken,so made a repair with plastic, but broke very fast, bought some copper and make one of that
    i lost the landinglegs, take them from another trailer i got (the same model) but then again when i need that trailer i got the same problem.
    so take another one and make it so it fits, and also some repair work.
    removed the last paint on some parts and placed a dieseltank under it, it wil be a reefer trailer

    the trailer cover which i removed the paint of but still some left picked that also out to remove the left paint, but the cover was completly rusted.
    so sand that al the way that al the paint and rust is away

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  • janihudi
    didn't do much the last days,mainly dooing everything besides modelbuilding

    went out to get a spraycan on a other place, a cheaper place.
    after 30,000 times trying to gleu a ladder on the tank, i bought other stuf, a 2 compunents glue,
    but not working well at this point, so trying it now for 30.006 time
    more or less done with the duel truck.
    did make the rearbracket for the mudflaps,
    but still not the parts yet

    starting to go on with other models, 4 of a former company were i worked for.
    the 4 models as in #658.1 i talked about, making 1 trailer ready for spraying into the primer
    also with a trailer trailer cover,of another model were i have to make 4 of

    so busy with many things, but it stops everytime because i ran out of parts or paint or decals

    but sprayed some things in the primer

    the rearbracket on the truck to place the mudflaps at
    also i filled the back side with that 2 components glue, in 2 times, here was the first time

    for 30.000 times i tryed to place the ladder,but every time it goes loose again

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  • janihudi
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks J-O.
    At this moment it stands still.
    No paint, and no american style fuel tank or american style mirrors.
    The paint i want to use is ral8001,okerbraun.
    Not available in a spraycan, they have to make that for me.
    Make the paint, it's just a little and pump that in a can costs me about 50 euro.
    And just for one model.
    So i'm not jumping of joy right now
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  • pakarang
    Absolutely wonderful job so far, janihudi.

    Having just recently seen the movie, this is awesome to follow. Well done!

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  • janihudi
    the Duel truck has a search light at the cab,the Daf don't have that roofsupport there,so placed one behind the bonnet

    but then those metal headlights are just silvergrey painted, not a good looking front then
    , drilled them out and placed those little diamonds aswel

    notice, that aren't real diamonds,that's swarofsky diamonds.
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  • janihudi
    everything gone,but stil some material to be cut away as you see above the 5th wheel



    trailer is more flat now behind the truck

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  • janihudi
    the chassis of the trailer with al the extra parts that had to be cut away

    in the red circle, the trailer chassis parts
    in the bleu circle the material around the kingpin, so the trailer will lowerd down
    in the yellow circle the backside of the truck chassis, just 2 mm,so its not that close to the trailer

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  • janihudi
    commented on 's reply
    yes ,and i did that the next day, just not placed it here.
    i had digged the corner out were i stack everything up.
    making inventory of what i have, i don't even know what i have everywhere placed.
    there are a lot of half finished models, that i want to finish firts.
    mainly because i said a collageu that i can build amodel of his truck.
    and that was a20,21,22 years ago.
    and he is done wirh working over 6 months, so maby time to foish them.
    the complete model is finished,except the cab that have to be spray painted.(3 colors)

    that i havn't finished them (4 models ,3 for myself,2 of my own trucks and 2 of his truck,but 1 model for me), because of the roofspoiler.
    an odd model, not for sale, and tryed to make it by myself but didn't work.

    so clean the whole corner out, looking for the parts (yes again) that i need for the models, and bit by bit i found everything,but stil lloking for the landinglegs of the reefer trailer.

    but the table is clean again and all is sorted out.
    but man o man what i lot of stuff i have.

    kits, donor models, parts,even models i forgot i had them and bought those donor models.

    but after counting for what i have to build, i'm now at 30 models were i have te goods for.

    not mention the loose parts in store

  • wherrygirl
    maybe that i will saw some metal away under the tanktrailer, it's very close to the truckchassis,and shorten the truckchassis at the back for 2 or 3 mm
    Come on, then - you said that four days ago.

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  • wherrygirl
    commented on 's reply
    Oh wow! Thijs, you have gone to a lot of trouble to find pics. and give detailed explanations to answer my questions. I really appreciate it.
    Had a quick shufti (kijkje) but will come back to it later today and study properly. Then people will see me standing by a stationary truck looking thoughtfully at its wheels and muttering "Ah yes, I see what he meant!

  • janihudi
    commented on 's reply
    if you compare the standard rim above with this one below, you see that the heart of the rim is inside the rim, while the standard axle have the heart outside the rim

    also this rim could be placed everywhere at the truck, al the types of rims have the innersize size ,difference is 8 or 10 bolt holes.
    you can't place them everywhere because of the tyre size, suppersingles are wider.,so they won't fit under the normal tracion axle.
    and here comes the rest of that 99,9% back,0,01%, they are testing now with supersingles at the traction axles aswel.
    but the ''Highway Cruiser'' has supersingles at the steeringaxle. supersingles tyres don't fit under the standard rims, or VV

  • janihudi
    commented on 's reply
    no i wassn't, but google for good images of those wheels.

    these are the rims i had placed on the trailer, dubble air rims, meaning 2 single wheels mounted together
    every truck (well 99,9%) have those wheels on there traction axle.
    those wheels fitt at every axle,front axle, rea axle and trailers, older trailers then

    the wheel you see here is the standard wheel.

    like here it will be fit at the front axle .
    the first wheel placed at the traction axle will be placed the same way as that on the front axle.
    it will be the inner wheel of the dubble air wheel at the traction wheel
    then take a second same wheel , you turn it around ( you see the backside than ) and place that one against the inner wheel , and then you get those deep wheels
    and looks like the first image here, and also whats looked like what is under the tanktrailer
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  • wherrygirl
    commented on 's reply
    Oi, you missed this one.

  • wherrygirl
    commented on 's reply
    That's why I said you'd be spraying the ladder before fixing it.
    Ah yes, I'd forgotten about the little closet and extraction set-up!

  • janihudi
    commented on 's reply
    BTW, notice the exhaust, how close it's to the cab. it's here more at the side of the cab than behind the cab as on my DAF