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Mercedes benz '' HIGHWAY CRUISER''

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    Another HC with a very different load:


    • janihudi
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      something you see often in the USA

    • pilotdane
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      Boy, Google translate did not work very well on that article. It only got half the words into English

    spot the differents (not the place of the HC though)

    best regards Thijs


      Well, I've been over every inch of those images, and suddenly - is it the wheels? I don't know the correct terms for each axle so I'll just number the wheels starting with the cab one. In the top pic. no.4 is up and 5 down but in the second pic, it is vice versa, 4 down and no. 5 is up. Other wheels the same both sides.
      But can wheels on the same axle be raised/lowered independantly?

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        no no no the same axles are in both images lifted,you cab see it on the dust.
        the wheels wich are lifted have a black black profile,those wich rolls are grey of the dust.

        but where i was revering at, is the container
        it is so much easier,on 2 days i got ''evergreen'' containers ,but the top image it got a HC container stands for High Cube container the are 9'6ft high while a standard box is 8'6ft high the second image is a standard box.see the differents in hight above the roofspoiler of the HC

        you can see it also at the iso code,the 4 caracters under the containernumber,and also at al 4 sides of the container.
        a hc is coded as 45g1 ,a standard is coded as 42g1,if this where reefer containers it would been 45r1 and 42r1.
        every type have it's own iso code.
        also the yellow sticker below that says 8'6 or 9'6
        another mark to see if you have a highcube container are the stickers on the top corners with the yellow/black lines
        best regards Thijs


          Ye gods and little fishes! How am I expected to decipher all that - stencilled on to a corrugated surface and needing a high-powered telescope to read it? And as for the yellow and black lines, well, I have had to enlarge the pic. a great deal and then squint hard at it to see the two colours. Without you saying so, I would never have seen the stripes in such a minute spot.
          One thing, I did consider the different container heights but wondered whether it was the angle which made one seem higher than the other. If you look at Pic.1 there seems to be a bit of blue sky between the white spoiler and a sort of green bar just above and it looked odd, so I gave up on that. But I see from the other pic. that the sky colour bit is part of the spoiler and the green "bar" is just the container top.
          Heigh-ho. Now I must look at the containers I see and check their ISO and see if they have the yellow and black stickers. I assume all these codes and wotsits are universal and not just thought up by these dastardly Dutchmen to confuse me?!

          "To thine own self be true.......
          Thou canst not then be false to any man."


            Here is a possible candidate to replace the HC some time in the future:


            • Ralf__
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              I bet Thijs would appreciate! A bit less functional for transporting freight, though... His boss has to earn money.

            • ombugge
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              Less functional??? Can it be any less functional than this??
              Why he would want to carry his yacht around by truck I wouldn't know.
              Just in case you wondered what his boat look like, here it is:

            • janihudi
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              yep i want that one. no doub't

              yes less functional Ombugge.
              total lenght in europe is 16,5 meters for truck trailer
              so with that nose and the big sleepercab only left to haul are 20ft maybe 30ft containers.
              some independent/owner drivers do it sometimes,but driving with tanktrailers,wich load heavy but not voluminus liquid

            some bad times passed

            picked up a empty reefer container in Antwerp Belgium for loading meat the next day in Rheine Germany.

            spent almost the whole day there with a collegeu for 28 tons of meat for each container.
            i drove about 3 hours later than the collegeu.

            i was just 5 minutes on the highway back to Antwerp when the BAG (as drivers name it Bundes Autobahn Gestapo,they controle the transportation in Germany). came in front of me,with the sign lighted ''controlle folgen bitte'' = ''controle please follow''.
            had to follow him to a weightbridge 20 km from my loadingplace and i was 9 tons overloaded,49,1 ton,Germany allows 40 tons,or 44 when we deliver at a inland port or railstation within reach of 50 kilometers.
            Antwerp is much further away
            so they had to bring a truck for overloading or i could drive to a coldstore around the corner to unload 10 tons.
            after about 1.5 hour he was finally ready and beside my boss and the shipping firm would got a fine of 760,00€ and i had to pay right away 218.50€ for the fine and earlier 8€ for the weightbridge.
            a 30 minutes later i drove away there,though he told me not to do it,i would get a new fine of 500.00 when they get me again.
            my boss got a mail that i had to drive back to the loadingadres and that the client would pay everything if the get me again.
            back at the loadingadres the unload it complete and would reload it again but with 10 tons less and better divides
            .but when almost empty they told me that it wont reloaded again and i would go empty again,because the wanted load 28 tons,and that didn't go anymore.
            but a ''normal'' 5 axle truck weight also 19 tons,there is no way they could load 28 tons in a reefer in Germany,Holland no problem,we have a 50 tons limit.
            so i went back to Antwerp empty.

            Friday 1 week back i had to load 2 containers (just as the day before) with bone meal,22 tons each
            wich went wel on Thursday,was gooing bad Friday.
            the first container broke the wall 2 times.
            the second container it happens again.

            lets explane it

            the bone meal get loaded by a convayer belt ??? a wheelloader tips it in a cistern??? and goes than on a rubber belt into the container,and tops it totally full.
            at the end (doorside) they made a wall of about 1,70meters high with 3 planks and 4 plates of particle board of just 1 centimeter thick

            all that weigth against 1 cm plate.

            and then happens this.

            smarthphone pics from the second time

            the topplank is stil in the container here.

            and this happend for the third time with the front container again

            so it became late before a drove away there,had to go to rotterdam too that night, because of the closing time for deliffering containers,

            but while helping them i smell hard of that bone meal even my pockets where full with it.

            but looking on the vesselfinder app,there was no vessel with that name in port,so go to h..l with there closing.
            i dissidet to go to the Mercedes garage,parked there and take a shower to get rid of that awefull smell,
            made some hot water and make me 2 cups of nudel later.and didnt want to go further anymore.
            so stayed there the night,and awake at 8.30am saterday morning,went to the 2 terminals for dropping of and picking up new ones.

            that morning i saw that the 20'' axle wont goes down,and didn't do nothing,and with al that weight with the new containers i wanted that axle .
            but with the airhose loose it works ,so i could uncoupple the chassis for unloading Monday.
            i came at home 00.40pm

            Monday the problems with the presure of the 20ft axle was bigger now,i couldend get any pressure in the air suspension,so there is no way to uncoupple .
            had unload the back container and drove to the chassis factory what was just 20 minutes away from there.
            spent there 2 hours for waiting and repairs,3 air valves where replaced and 1 was repaired (no new ones anymore in store)
            but all in all the whole day was ruined and didn't came home that night.

            today spent the whole day at ''school'' for my 35 hours of school to keep my drivinglicence.
            togehter with a collegeu we had the course ''the new driving''
            we both drove a traject in the morning our way,and in the afternoon we do it in the way they wanted
            those 35 points we have to take in 5 years,with at least 1 day of practise
            the last 2 saterdays of november i have schooldays again and then i have my points for 5 years.

            still 6 weeks to work for my vacation,men i need it

            best regards Thijs


              this was the truck for today,for our course

              best regards Thijs


                Sounds like a tough few days Thijs. Hope things get a little easier for a while now for you.




                  me too Mark.i had enough bad luck for now
                  best regards Thijs


                    sometimes at a loadingadres they say;you have to load it by yourself,normaly i wont,but he said that i could use a forklift,oke,no problem

                    and beer is save by me,don't drink any alcohol
                    best regards Thijs


                      What a rotten time you've had.
                      But whose responsibility is it when a job is taken on to see that the load plus the truck weight doesn't exceed the German limit? Both were known when you were given the job. All that messing about, fines handed out and your days disrupted.
                      As to the bone meal episode, well! Incredible. They might as well have used a bit of cardboard to make the "wall". Utterly useless. Then the air hoses. I should think that you were almost glad to have to go to classes just to get away from disasters - except that it was in your own time. Do you get a day off in lieu? Don't suppose so.
                      Is that vessels finder app. reliable and up to the minute? Was it correct that the ship you wanted was not in port that night? You went to the terminals OK next morning.
                      Let's hope you have a nice easy week of successful runs now, poor old chap!

                      PS. I didn't refresh before replying - so we have a new string to add to our bow now! Fork lift driver par excellence!!!!!

                      "To thine own self be true.......
                      Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                        the client,he have to pay for the trip,he wants it like that,
                        it was a 6 container order for tonnage,but in volume les than 4 even now there was place left in the containers.
                        when it was stuffed in 4 containers he kept the prise of 2 in his pockets.

                        my boss pays mine fine and he wil try to get it back from the client

                        yes it cost me my saterday,but if i do it in the week i have to pay it by myself.
                        boss pays,boss disides when.

                        it's vesselfinder they have a free app,marine traffic shows what is there you want to know,but i cant surch there for myself.
                        best regards Thijs


                          long time ago i placed something here.
                          btw i buyed the marrine traffic app now,so i can surch for vessels now,may be i need it up coming Friday when the ''ovation of the seas'' arrived for her maiden call in Rotterdam.

                          spotting mobil on it's regular place near the waterside

                          ready and clean for the next week

                          open top containers for loading machinery for a (close your eyes Ivy,so you can't read this) chicken slaughterhouse

                          best regards Thijs


                            Originally posted by janihudi View Post
                            open top containers for loading machinery for a (close your eyes Ivy,so you can't read this) chicken slaughterhouse
                            aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh screech....................yell................... ......Oh these carniverous Dutchies!

                            "To thine own self be true.......
                            Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                            • wherrygirl
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                              Yes, it's too long since the last Highway Cruiser pic. Lovely to see it back.