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    Is the Jacobs or engine brake allowed anywhere? I assume it is loud when you engage the engine brake.


      we may use it anyywhere we want,but the sound issn't that loud.
      best regards Thijs


        You would probably smile at the loud barking sound of the engine brake on the old log trucks that roll through my town.


        • Tommi
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          Reminds me of old Swedish buses that used to stop outside my childhood home.

        a busy week this week.
        normal day,load in Kleve Germany,drop of at a Rotterdam city port,pick up 1 else where,drop taht one of on a coast port terminal,and pick up 1 at the terminal where my first spottingplace is.
        and went home,just a normal day.

        had to unload 1 20ft container with handbags in east Holland,and load back the other one 30 km north of the first place.
        normal so far,but after loading couldend get air in the suspencion to pomp it higher for connecting with the rearpart.
        but after a few atempts i maneged and went to Rotterdam,but first to the firm,to see what was broken and to repair a airleak.
        after repairing the leak ,couldend find the other ,it works again i went away.
        just drove away and
        drove to Rotterdam
        changed the containers and went to the Mercedes garage.time 6,12pm
        connecting the diagnoses computer to the truck to see what's wrong,and looking from point to point what's wrong.
        after 1,5 hour and i was in a hurry we came to the solution that i would take the rental truck.
        but loosing the 1,5 hour of rest,i disited to change the truck and connect the trailer,but that i would stay for the night in my own HC,so i had television ,microwave and a clean cab to sleep in.
        so they stop surching what was wrong
        al the time i had driven with the garage driver cart,so i wouldend ruin the sleeping time.driving the HC outside,and for a better look i turn the wondow down (force of habit) ,and drive close to the rental and stay there.
        euh,thats weird,the window is open?and the window wanted to open,just as a lot of other things that woulden work.
        drove back inside and said that every was working again,they reset the truckcomputer and i placed the truck outside in front of the trailer,drove the rental away and back on the yard.
        but didn't connect the HC with the chassis,because every time i change the cart,i had to call the mechanic for entering a code before driving,and i didn't place mine just in case that the tacho would write and i lost the nightrest time.end of day 9,15pm
        eat a meal,watch a dvd ,look at the clock on a time, 22.55pm,darn so late already,alarm clock will run 3,10am,because i was in the garage day before at 6,12pm,and i have to make a 9 hours rest.

        start at 3,12am connect the trailer and went to the port at the maasvlakte,to drop the container,pick up at the terminal accros spottingplace and went again to east holland,now to unload a 40ft container with handbags.
        when empty,return to Rotterdam and drop the container of.
        new task
        pick up a 40 ft reefer in the city terminal with guaves.
        go there to customs and make a container scan.
        and then the part i didn't like
        unload in Brussels the next day at 4,00am.
        arrived in brussels at 6,20 8 minutes to long for a day,but i can make the 9 hours of rest before unloading at 4
        make a meal watch a dvd,drink a coke,watch the time,darn 10,30pm darn

        in the night at 2,15am i awake,because i heard some noise and feel the truck moving.
        what the hell???
        looking through the curtains into the mirror and
        then i saw a forklift and take a pallet out.
        so i dress me and go out.
        what you think you're dooing here?
        we need them for the markets and shops.
        yes but i have a term for 4am,and i have costums documents,you can't discharge.
        you can give the papers in the office ,it's alright,we do this Always like this.
        they had the luck that the truck was parked nearby,because i couldend drive (9 hours of rest)
        empty at 3am,went back to bed,cold as i was again,set the alarm at 5,55am and go flat again.
        the second night with just a few hours of sleep

        start at 6am,drove to Antwerp,drop of the container,about 10 minutes from there pick up another 40ft container and went to Zeewolde holland.
        came there at 12am load plastic granular drove away at 2pm to Rotterdam maasvlakte .
        i would have pick up 2 containers at the same terminal,and go home.
        but unfortanaly the containers wern't discharged.
        so they changed the planning and i would take one across my spottingplace and 1 in the city,and i could go home.
        dropping of,no problem,picking the first up, big problem.
        i had looking for 1hour and 45 minutes to the sign,were i can see when i'm allowd to go in.
        as qiuck as possable went away from there and fly to the city terminal for the second one.
        that went fast,and i fly to a parkingplace,arrival at 9,05pm,5 minutes to long again.
        take a meal,watch a dvd,drink a coke,watch the clock 11pm.darn,when will i learn.

        start a 6am where i had to discharge 1 container in Apeldoorn at7,30am,where i came to late,8,10am
        the last times it was on pallets,this time loose cartons,and takes them 2 hours.
        which was a problem because i had to discharge the other container at 10am in Kevelaer Germany.
        i arrived there at 12am,they were not happy,while there was a truck waiting for my load.
        al the times i have ben there it was on pallets,this time......loose cartons.
        drove away ar 1.30pm and back to Rotterdam
        drop 1 in the city,pick up 1 in the city,
        drop one across the spottingplace,pick up at the maasvlakte.
        by that time it was 7,45pm,had to make a rest for 30 minutes,need 1,5 hours to get home,so a total of 2 hours and i could just drive till 9pm.
        so also the Friday i slept in the truck.
        watch a dvd ,drink some limonade,watch the clock 10,15pm
        learned nothing.
        but driving home on a saterday,i never set the alarm clock,i'll see when i will awake.

        wake up at 6,50am start the engine and drove home.
        arrival Giessen 8.30am
        and didn't have any problems again in the electrical system

        but 1 week to go,and then 3 weeks holliday,start driving again january the fifth
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        best regards Thijs


        • Tommi
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          Uufff, that sounds like exactly the kind of a work week that one really don't dream of. Keep tight, only one week to the holidays!

        Thijs, what a horrendous week you've had. I wondered what was wrong because you didn't appear on the forum. Did you ever find out what the problem was with the HC??
        I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you have a good week to make up for it all.

        "To thine own self be true.......
        Thou canst not then be false to any man."


          i/we don't know what it was,maybe a sensor.
          the truck is full with sensors,and many of them are in 1 circuit.,they did found a damaged door cabel,(you had seen how many swithes there are on the door,there are also cables for the door light and the electric door lock )
          but this circuit switch off the high beam lights,the outside temprature meter,doorwindows command,turning lights,horn,it's said also that the cab was lifted,and maybe more that i didn't found.
          they repaired the cable,but we didn't know if it was the sourse of disturbance.
          best regards Thijs


            the main switch panel

            every thing on the truck goes by a can-bus system,don't ask.
            but every switch block can i place where i want,excapt B, D and G
            and every swith block wil work with the switches are used for.

            block A

            1= for lifting the second axle,like in the snow,which give me extra pressure on the traction axle ,only for a short time.
            (this is when loaded heavy and the axle can't be lifted on the normal way)

            2= lifting the second axle,when loaded light or empty,there is no need for driving on 3 axles,i lift the second one,axle stays up until heavy load or when i set the switch over
            axle goes down automaticly when traction axle got more than 10 tons on it.

            3= command for air suspension,stop when i pump it up or lower the pressur down.(the command box is beside the chair,will come)

            4= set airsuspencion in normal drive mode, after lowering or pumping up.

            5= anti slip regelung when slippery press it and the computer try to get you out

            block B

            the lights block

            his block don't work by can-bus system,but with ''normal'' electric cables,it'sthere to command the extra lights

            1= city lights switch for rooflight and the bumper lights,al on or al off

            2= spotlight switch for the roof lights bar on/off, thatswhy the lower icon is made black

            3= spotlight switch for the bumper lights on/off, thatswhy the higher icon is made black

            4= for the beacon,when i sign to someone al the lights go on,incl the beacon,when i can drive with every light on,the also the beacon goes on,they are connected with the high beam headlights
            i have to switch the beacon out,thatswhy the switch.

            block C

            1= switch for the fridge

            2= switch for the air condition

            block D

            heating block

            1= the fan speed

            2= where do you want the heat,and when i pressed it in then it wont take air from the outside,but only from inside.
            the indicater at 7 o clock here a white dot turns into red

            3= how hot or cold you want it

            block E

            1= power switch,when press it i got some more power,means the engine pulls higher in it's rpm's before shifting gear

            2= when the gearbox is in manual a light indicator switch on and a eco rollsign lights up (never use this switch)

            3= manouvering speed when pressed. (i never press it)

            4= Rocking-free mode

            5= Setting the speed tolerance in overrun mode. more tolerance Set the speed tolerance in overrun mode between 2 km/h and 15 km/h. On mountainous roads, this allows you to make better use of the momentum gained on a downhill gradient and thus increase fuel economy.

            6= Setting the speed tolerance in overrun mode less tolerance Set the speed tolerance in overrun mode between 2 km/h and 15 km/h. On mountainous roads, this allows you to make better use of the momentum gained on a downhill gradient and thus increase fuel economy.

            never use 5 and 6

            7= beacon,when i only want to use it like standing on the street.

            block F

            1= horn, pressed the big airhorns on the roof not pressed a car claxon HAHAHAHA ALWAYS pressed

            2= alarm lights like in every car

            3= hill holder,never use it

            block G

            differentional lock

            some things i copy from the manual,why making it hard for myself

            best regards Thijs



              1= the mobile phone

              2= the computer
              were i got my tasks to do, it shows now that i'm discharging now at eurosox and i had to be there at 8,30am if i pressed that line of eurosox more info over the whole screen will appear.
              when empry i scan the freightletter end the task ans open the task of ''inleveren'' where to drop the empty container,in this case Euromax accross the spottingplace.
              also i can see howmany hours i made over several days or day
              a navigation screen and for sending and receiving messeges

              3= the remote controle for the inverter for 24 volt to 220volts for microwave and tv,but i use it for every thing thats 220 volts,even for a drilling machine
              best regards Thijs


                1= air grille

                2= when i set the alarm on ,i can't sleep in the truck,by pressing this the inerieur alarm is switch off

                3= when sleeping in the truck and i hear or feel the truck moving when they want to get in,i press this one and the alarm goes.

                4= is the scanner ,papers go through it and the office have them in the no need to bring the papers as quick as possable .

                5= the computer

                6= the inverter
                best regards Thijs


                  on the right door there is this panel

                  a= if this was a right hand drivin truck than would be here the mirror command.

                  b= door lock close

                  c= indicator light

                  d= door lock open

                  e= reading light passinger side

                  f= interieur lights

                  g= close window right side

                  h= open wondow right side
                  best regards Thijs


                    every thing on the truck goes by a can-bus system,don't ask.
                    Well, Thijs, let me explain, then you will know in future. CAN is, of course, the acronym for Controller Area Network and in brief it is the system whereby the microcontrollers communicate direct with each other instead of having to route via a master computer. It is nowadays used not only for road vehicles but also for maritime vessels, railways, even in industry and medical equipment. And Block B doesn't work by the CAN-bus system.

                    In Block E please check what the manual says about switches 5 and 6. You have given the same action for both switches. That just won't do!

                    In the same block, I see that you never use switch 3 - manouevring speed. Tch! tch! typical - you just charge ahead anyway.

                    "To thine own self be true.......
                    Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                      oh yeah,there is somewhere on the computer,when i click on hoogle of something, the world opens ,but then again,no time for that,and i don't care what that can-bus system does.

                      no,block b is for the extra lights,and they don't operate by the can-bus system,they get there command from it,but thats al.

                      block e, no its differend but just 1 word,5 = more ,6 = less tolerance.

                      when you drive almost 30 years (over 6 months),you don't do anything on manouvre speed,even worst,the HC have 3 gears reverse speed,and the thirt reverse is fast,
                      i have also tryed it with a trailer when i have to drive a long way backward,if the road is wide enough,it goes,narrow roads forget it,you can't correct that fast.
                      we're talking over a high speed,first reverse full trottle is to slow,but whats the use to take second reverse because most of the time it's just about the lenght of 1,5 or 2 trucks to drive back
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                      best regards Thijs


                        the mid section of the dashboard.

                        with the step up closed aswell the drawer

                        i can stand on it to climb into the top bed.

                        best regards Thijs


                          the drawer open,in use for the empty freightletters and the papers of the trip i make that moment.
                          for those who follow this,kno where the papers go when the trip is finished.

                          if we go some lower we see the storage places.

                          1= handbrake
                          2= 220v socket
                          3= 24v sigaret lighter and socket
                          4= drawer closed
                          5= storage place, with the same bleu carpet as on the floor.
                          best regards Thijs


                            1= coffeemachine
                            2= 2x24v sockets
                            3= 220v socket
                            4= 12v socket
                            5= 24v socket
                            6= table lowerd down,but have to be removed when nthere is a co driver
                            7= garage computer socket

                            also her 2 storage places,are on the left side the mor workrelated stuff in it,here at the right side coffee stuff ,spoons,creamer, Sugar,and some other table stuff

                            4 and 5 ,why those sockets?those are stronger when there comes more watts through it.those 12 and 24 v plugs would melt away when there is a heavy machine on it

                            the table up

                            best regards Thijs