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Mercedes benz '' HIGHWAY CRUISER''

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    you see.i Always look good,even with a mug in front of me.

    above the mirror there is a handle and a storage place,just use it for little stuff like little pots with screws etcetc,an dalso the wires for the tv are in there.
    the verticle strip is the holder for the tv scren

    the carpet,or of what Dane thought,a painting of the tigers is placed on the underside of the second bed,the topbed.
    unlock it and the bed will hang on the straps

    best regards Thijs


      the bed lowerd down,it's a storage place for cloths ,tv ,Original curtans,toiletry bag,and some more.
      looking to the right,

      looking to the left side.

      best regards Thijs


        behind the passenger chair.
        2 storage places,full with 1001 things.

        and the tv screen in place.

        best regards Thijs


          behind my chair.
          3 storage places
          highest a brush and tv remote and some very small stuff
          the middle,maps for feul stations and some other manuals
          the lowest big one with the lid,a manual and repair map chassis,a first aid kit (but i can only place a patch) an extra warning vest and something more.
          beside that storage place a cupholder,now for a deoderant and some carts.
          btw lid is open

          also there,a controle panel.

          1= is a bed light a=on, b=off
          2= the Heather switch on/off
          3= radio volume harder and searching and on/off (only use it for swithing the radio off,so don't know what is what,but it depends long or short swicth pressure for surching and volume.)
          4= radio volume lower and searching and on/off (only use it for swithing the radio off,so don't know what is what,but it depends long or short swicth pressure for surching and volume.)
          5= roofhadge/rooflight open
          6= roofhadge/rooflight close
          7= interieur lights on (only)
          8= interieur lights off (all the lights that are on,the star sky lights,interieur lights
          9= alarm clock (neveruse it,using the mobile Phone)
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          best regards Thijs


            Nice to see. Very nice. More?
            Regards; Sigve.


            • janihudi
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              yes more to come,but have to prepere the images for explaning of the switches

            Number 9 - the alarm clock.... does it have a built in buzzer?

            I mean, when you snooze it more than three times, the whole truck starts shaking?
            With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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              the alarmclocks don't get the chance to ring for a second time.
              never let snooze them
              best regards Thijs


                Interesting to see your "office".


                  with to many switches and sensors though.

                  lets handle a few switches.
                  on my left door,a panel for everything on/in the door

                  1 = a little light that indicates thar the mirror heating is on.
                  2 = the switch for the mirror heating on/off
                  3 = a 4 way switch for up,down,left right turning of the mirror,just push on 1 of the 4 dots
                  4 = left mirror
                  5 = right mirror,if pressed on 1 of those then you can command the mirror with number 3, heating goes for both mirrors.
                  6 = locks a= lock doors,b is unlock door(s) below 6 (just as at 1) is a light indicater flashes 24/7 locked or unlocked
                  7 = left window a = up,b = down
                  8 = right window a = up,b = down

                  left of the steering wheel

                  1 = the rotary light switch
                  a = off
                  b = city lights
                  c = driving lights (dipped-beam headlamp?????)
                  d = front fog light (pull the light switch 1 step up)
                  e = rear fog light (not visable) (pull the light switch 1 step further up)(for d and e ,only works when switch is on b or c)

                  2 = working lights at catwalk

                  3 = stick at steeringwheel
                  a = horn
                  b = Rotary switch for windshieldwiper
                  b1= push to the right wishwasher
                  b2 = in off position
                  b3 = interval working position
                  b4 = normal working position
                  b5 = fast working position

                  bleu arrows like any direction switch up goes right turn,down goes left turn

                  4 = door speaker

                  5 = headlights command
                  a = sign flash
                  b = contineu big lights (means al i got,means 10 lights)
                  c = driving lights (dipped-beam headlamp?????)
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                  best regards Thijs


                    I hope you will not send test sheets before Christmas to check if we learned al correctly! Time is too short. Give us time until February. I am just familiar with the switch for the main lights, because this design did not change for at least 30 years now.
                    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                      could be,dont know.dont drive a merc,privatly.
                      don't feel bad about the switches,even i don't know were they for,before i explane them here,i have read the manual too.
                      never use many switches.
                      stil haven't found the oil dipstik
                      best regards Thijs


                      • wherrygirl
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                        My little "city car", (according to you know who, despite the fact that it has quite happily gone down to Devon, about 6 1/2 hours driving with just one 45 minute stop) seems never to use oil. In fact it is not since my Morris Minor that I have ever had to top up.

                      • janihudi
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                        the first type of actros had a oil dipstick,now we have to relay on the sensors,even while i'm driving i can check the oil level .

                        thats goed Ivy, and bad.a engine have to use some oil.
                        my huge opel drives 1 to 1 on oil,never let him service,because it's cosuming so much he got new oil every few weeks,depend how much i drove.
                        btw Ralf do you know al the tasks of engine oil?

                      • wherrygirl
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                        Good yes. Of course it used oil on that long journey, but it was still well within the limits and no need to top up. My VW Polo's all did the same journey without problem.

                      the dashboard,for who is intressed the complete lay out


                      at the image,al the ''stars'' are indicator lamps,but many not in use for my truck.

                      1 = the speed meter in km.
                      a = the day kmcounter
                      b = the total km counter

                      2 = the tank meter(s)
                      a = the bleu tank and blocks symbolls are for the ad bleu tank,the needle here is not for the ad bleu,by less and less ad level every time 1 bleu block lamp go out,just an indicator tank in 100 liters
                      i can see how much in the tank is by scrolling through the computer where the amount of liters at that moment is
                      b = white is for diesel including the needle and tank in this case both tnaks are almost full,diesel i have 570 liters with me.

                      3 = the computer screen,there are 10 pages to scroll through with switches on the steering wheel
                      4 = in this case only the gearbox info
                      n= neutral ,but changes to the gear what is shifted e = economic run goes out when i switch the power mode (never useed it) a= automatic or when i switch over to manual,it showes a m
                      but in this part light also some indicator lamp up like 5

                      5 = i had lifted the second axle up,indicator lights up,but there can be light up differnd signs

                      6 = some setting swittches 000,0 to reset the day counter + and - are for volume settings and others the cornerd arroew is a enter button.

                      7 = rpm counter
                      green is the best engine torque and most feul saving aeria
                      yellow more rpm's but less torque,but the best aeria for braking on the engine
                      red to much rpm very bad for feul saving
                      a = time
                      b= degrees

                      8 = air storage in bar
                      working pressure is 10 bar in 2 brake circuit supply pressure,here is circuit lightted up,meaning this is the lowest circuit pressure

                      what i forget to mention ,the 2 red drawn arrows with the block behind them for turning right or left.
                      the Arrow is for the truck,the blocks are for the trailer.
                      if i want to make a turn and the Arrow or the block won't light up,it means a light bulb is broken.
                      also in the computer screen a sign says which bulb is broken down,but only on the truck.
                      but any light bulb thats gets broken, the computer will tell me,as long it's from the truck

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                      best regards Thijs


                      • pilotdane
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                        Your truck is far more complex than my airplane ever was.

                      • janihudi
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                        probally because there are more rules for trucks than airplanes Dane

                      I was joking about the oil, Thijs. My Citroens never need additional oil, it is changed every 30.000km and that's it. I am glad that your Merc is speaking German. My colleagues in Czech Republik are often driving cars, which are speaking Dutch or German. They had been there in their first life.
                      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                      • janihudi
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                        the hc can't go from service to service.the sensor says at this moment that 4 liters can go in.
                        but the orange indicator stays out,that goes on when 6 liters is needed,and turn into red after 7 or 8 liters
                        and even than i can drive from Munich to rotterdam
                        the computer is savin gthe engine by given less and less horsepower.
                        he give just as much so that the engine won't break down.
                        the computer also messures when service is needed.
                        when i'm having heavy containers every day and drive just on landroads,the oil have to be changed earlier when i just drive light containers and over mainlt highway's.but sofar oil change somewhere between 100.000 and 120.000 km and i believe an oil change you need about 25 to 30 liters of oil

                      • wherrygirl
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                        my huge opel drives 1 to 1 on oil,never let him service,because it's cosuming so much he got new oil every few weeks,depend how much i drove.
                        I don't know what is meant by 1 to 1 here, but it is a warning never to buy an Opel! Citroens, Tommi's car, my "city cars" (I'll not let him forget that misnomer ) VW Polo's and current Seat - no topping up needed, just an oil change every 20,000 miles (32,000km.). So what's up with the Opel?

                      • PoloUK
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                        Me too. Haven't had to put oil into the car since the mid 1990s, they've just had the oil replaced every annual service. Like Ivy, the cars I've had since then have all had VW engines.

                        Mind you, the Morris Marina I had in the late 1980s did '1 to 1' - about 1 litre of oil to 1 mile!!

                      the computer screen which can be seen in # 582 marked as 3 is operated by switches on the steeringwheel

                      with switch A i can
                      1,scroll up through the main menu,like vehicle info,radio stations,the Phone,the alarm clock,the night Heather,10 main pages in total
                      2,scroll down through the main menu
                      3,when open a main page,i can scroll through that menu up
                      4,the same as 3 but then down

                      with switch B i can,
                      1,lower the volume of the radio or Phone,when in ''normal'' use .
                      2,higher the volume
                      3,ending a Phone call
                      4 starting a phonecall

                      with switch B 1 or 2 i can also make the settings in the computer screen, for like the heather

                      and if i place 1 or 2 hands on the big black circle and go round with it,the truck go right or left

                      best regards Thijs


                        at the image above you see a stick under B4,i can operate the cruise control ant the engine brake

                        the stick seen from the side

                        at A you see the sign for the engine brake just 1 big ''arrow'' in 2 pieces ,stand 1 and 2
                        by handling this, pull the stick 1 or 2 steps to me,diesel to the engine is shut down,cilinder valves won't open anymore,so the piston is just compressing al the time,and the gearbox is shifting down,al by just pulling this stick to me,and by al this the speed is reducing without i need the wheelbrakes.
                        pushing it to the dashboard, the engine brake is switch of,see the O on the stick
                        when empty or light loaded i can bring the truck to stop within a few hunderd meters,fully and heavy loaded ,then i need some kilometers
                        when we go back to #582 and look at meter 7 you see 3 colors in the rpm meter,the best rpm's for braking on the engine is the yellow part which go from 1600 to 2200 rpm

                        while driving and pull the stick to the wheel at that speed the cruisecontrole picks it up,by pulling more to the wheel (+) go faster,by pushing down (-) go slower
                        cruise controle switch of by braking with the pedal or engine brake,or push the stick to the dashboard see O on the stick
                        if i press b on the end of the stick at the speed i'm driving the truck wont go faster.
                        its not like a CC ,but see it when you drive in an town where 50 is allowed,you don't want to drive there on CC,so push the switch at 50 km,andyou can push the trottle you want,the truck wont go faster then 50km.

                        when i use the engine brake and slow down to 30km,set the engine brake in position O,the truck will acceleraid to the CC speed

                        best regards Thijs