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    The next one gets a bit more attention since I know something about it. It is Mercedes 280 SE, 1972 model with 3.5 ltr. diesel engine.

    I owned a similar one from 1982 -92.but mine was a SEL with petrol engine.



        Another special one (No I never owned one of these):


          This one has been featured here before:

          But now with a bit more info from an article in yesterday:
          - A car that disappears in the crowd is not interesting
          Three extra lights on each side. About two kilograms of Wunderbaum under the mirror. Leather suitecase and rusty iron jerry cans on the roof. Little risk of Volvo and Tobias not sicking out in a crowd.

          n car circles, the "rat look" is a term. Donations that are brushed mechanically, but that look like ... yes, judge for yourself. Rat nest? It's that? Scrap Pile? Something straight out of the nearest forest or mooring?

          - The police mutter something that it was not quite good with gasoline on the roof.

          The 20-year-old from Valle really had completely different plans for his Volvo.

          - I bought it a year ago. Then the car was found on a barn after standing there for twenty years, says Tobias Fugelsnes.

          - My opinion was to brush the Volvo into a pretty original condition. But then I became without a car. Thus, I had no choice but to start using it.

          Once wine red. Now most of all, faded, stained, primed and trowel in a beautiful association. Lightly patinated, to be diplomatic.

          - It's approved. Technically, it should be 100 percent removed. There I will keep it as authentic as possible. Then I'm going to take off when it comes to the rest, says Tobias and grinning.


            And to round it off, the rest of the street and veteran cars on display:

            Hope you enjoy.


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              Veeery interesting compilation. And yes there are names and stories. Will tell them, when i am back from my business trip at the end of the week.

            Originally posted by ombugge View Post
            This Saturday was the Storfjorden Automobilklubb's Veteran meet in the pedestrian street in Aalesund. I got most of them FYE. The car enthusiasts can do the naming and other details. Starting from the north end of Kongensgt.:

            Nice one, that is my summertime dream car if I had the tools, time and knowledge to run and maintain something like that.
            With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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              Love the variety of the cars, even an older Mazda too.... perhaps the blue Mazda was a 626.

              My step-father had one of those, and as far as I remember it was orange-brown-yellowish in color.... so many trips with me as a car-sick passenger. Back then, smoking in the car was not an issue. YUCK!
              With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

              Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
              Main page:

              Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


                Okay, what do we see.

                #163/1,2 1989 Chevrolet Camaro IROC (the sporty version)
                #163/3 Bentley S2 from the early 60ies (1959-1962)
                #163/4 Ford Mustang 1964-1967
                #163/5 1979 Lincoln Continental
                #163/6 Morris Minor Convertible , sometimes i have the pleasure to drive one, Ivy knows it...

                #164/2 Mercedes SLC type C-107, 1971-1981
                #164/3 Commer Cob ca 1961
                #164/4 Saab 96 V4 1974-1977
                #164/5 Saab 96 first serie 1960-1963
                #164/6 Mazda 626 1979-1982

                to be continued...
                Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                • wherrygirl
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                  And this is the one that Ralf sometimes drives Ralf took me for a ride in it - glorious engine sounds!
                  I glanced at this thread just wondering if by chance the CAR of all cars might be there, but not having much hope. But there was one, I could scarcely believe my eyes.

                #165/1 Fiat Nuova 500, i guess "F" (1969-1972) 18hp
                #165/2 BMW 1600 (1602), 1800 (1802), 2000 (2002), 2000tii (2002tii), 1971 - 1974, produced less than 26.000 pieces. Had severe problems with corrosion. A friend of mine in the army had one and often we had to weld all weekend to drive to the casern on sunday eve again... but nice to drive.
                #165/3 Fiat 125 (1967-1972) in Italy, later also in Poland, Soviet Union (as Lada), Yugoslavia (Zastava) and Argentina and many more countries...
                #165/4 Fiat Panda (1980-2003), i think this is a late one so maybe no real veteran yet.
                #165/5 Citroen DS20 or DSpecial (1967-1972), if the hubcaps are original, it is a DS20. Totally amazing car, no not a car, a philosphy. A dream of mine.
                #165/6 Auto Union 1000. (1958-1959). Different from the earlier DKW F95 is the front grill, you can see it on #167/1. Amazing good shape!!

                #166/1-3 perfect explained

                #167/1 Corvette C1 Convertible (this look 1958-1961)
                #167/2 Corvette C3 Stingray Coupé (1970-1972)
                #167/3 Volvo PV544 (1958-1961) new front window, old hubcaps.

                to be continued...

                Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                  #167/4 Rover 3500 P6 (1968-1971) wonderful motor, spacious inside, but not the boot, when the spare tyre is inside. Therefore it was possible to mount it on the back hood. My friend owns one, but i had up to now not the possiblity to have a ride. The comfort and road holding shall be outstanding. This one is looking a bit tired.
                  #167/5 Volvo Amazon (120) (1965-1969). I don't think, this is the original colour. But attractive.
                  #167/6 Ford Fiesta Mark I (1976-1983) Good construction, nice to drive, friend and aunt had those. But i remember also that it was very noisy inside. A friends sister had one with wide base tyres, this was following extremely each groove in the road.

                  #168/1-4 Excalibur Phaeton Series III (1975-1980), 7.4l big block Chevrolet motor, blinker and rear lamps from VW 1302 beetle. Free design intepretation of Mercedes 1930 SSK.

                  to be continued...
                  Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                    #166: I have to start this one with a remark to the Mercedes 280SE 3.5. He has also a petrol engine. A V8 with 200hp.
                    The first Diesel in the S-class was a 3.0 in the next generation, exclusively for the States.

                    #168: In the background we can see a Alfa Romeo GTV 6, Series 2, (1980-1986), 6 cylinder engine and 158hp. Complicated was the transaxle gear transmission (motor in front, gearbox in the back). I was fascinated in these days and had a brochure under my pillow. The Alfa GTV had a role in James Bond's "Octopussy":

                    #169: The Volvo is well explained.

                    #170/1: Fiat 124 Coupé (1972-1976). It is the 2nd facelift, which made the car not better looking, but now new motors with up to 118hp.
                    #170/1: Fiat Nuova 500, i guess this is older than the other one, maybe the D-series with 17,5 hp (1960-1965).
                    #170/2: Opel Rekord P1 (1957-1962). Very nice and rare are the additional yellow headlamps.
                    #170/3: Citroen 11 CV: here i guess version 11BL (Légère) (1945-1952), fascinating, very spacious inside, had last year the opportunity to have a short ride, just great!
                    #170/4: Toyota Carina Estate A4 (1980-1982) version after facelift. Father of Avensis.
                    #170/5: Mercedes W110 "Flosse" (fin) as 200D (1965-1968), very stylish as Taxi-version, 55hp.
                    #170/6: Volvo Amazon (120), same version as before.
                    #170/7: Ford Capri II (inofficial III) 2,8 injection 160hp, (1981-1986), the mother of a school friend had a 2,3 with 108hp, in which we had our first snow drifts on the supermarkt parking.

                    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                      This veteran car spotted in Aalesund a few days ago:

                      Against the setting sun:

                      Interior look:


                      • ombugge
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                        Present owner is a restorer of veteran cars. (Not sure if hobby or professional)
                        He told me he restored and sold on, but he may be keeping this one for own use.

                      • pakarang
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                        A very beautiful MB that one, and I like the red colour on it too. Looks like it has been restored with great passion, love and skills.

                      • Sterkoder
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                        I notice the owner list himself as 'single' on Facebook.
                        As a owner and restorer of veteran cars, I can understand that there's no Mrs. (haha)