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    Driving to Averøy from my home via Eide and the Atlantic Road, I have often passed this lineup of trucks at A. Visnes Transport.
    The company see to it that as many of their drivers can be home with family and loved ones each week-end, and so from every Friday afternoon to late Sunday night or Monday morning, there are a long line of green trucks at the main base. This time I just couldn't pass by, but had to make a short stop for a photo.
    Not a Volvo as far as one can see
    IMGP3095 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr


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      I have a feeling of that they favor Scania...

    Nice park!

    It reminds me of the green truck company in UK which has their own tv-series on a channel I can't remember. Think it was STOCK..... something.
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      That is probably the Eddie Stobart company. Their TV series are really enjoyable but I forget which channel they are on - haven't seen one for AGES.
      See my thread

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        IVECO brought out a new model of there trucks
        and a Iveco lover as Wesley is ,he signed in for a drive it yourself day,and asked me to do it too
        don't expect much, it was just a 15 minutes trip.

        we made some images there ,and of us in front of the trucks we drove.and Wesley placed that on there page on facebook
        2 days later they asked Wesley if they may use that image for the next drive it yourself day.
        a few weeks later they (Iveco) asked on facebook ; show us your Iveco
        ,and the winner gets a bbq package
        but we don't drive iveco, but for fun i send in the image i made of wesley in front of his demo truck.
        the same as what iveco used for there drive days, 2 days later Wesley got a message that he won 1 of those bbq packages
        stil we didn't
        see anything , also we don't know if it's a meat package or the tools for it

        this was the image i made , the lines above came from iveco

        best regards Thijs