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Former President Corazon Aquino dies August 1 2009

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    Former President Corazon Aquino dies August 1 2009

    The symbol of the democratic Philippine, President Corazon Aquino (widow of the popular politician Beningo "Ninoy" Aquino) lost her battle against cancer on August 1 2009.

    Personally, my first encounter with the Philippines was through this amazing woman, as she became hot news in 1986, when she was elected president after Marcos' fall. I remember we took the time in my school (I was 10 at that time) to learn and talk about her. Little would I know, that approx 15 years later the Philippines would play such a big role in my life and that half of my family is now filipino

    Here's a link from TIME magazine which shows Madame President's life in pictures:,00.html

    Thank you for creating this thread and for kicking to life the Philippines section again... even though, the news are sad.

    I have often wished that this section would contain much more on the Philippines.

    Sad news though, she was an impressive woman. I just watched her biography at BBC last night...

    I don't remember much about this president, but the BBC documentary last night was quite informative.
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