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People of the World - Directions and guidance on this place.

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    People of the World - Directions and guidance on this place.

    People of the World - Directions and guidance on this place.

    This is a place where any member can post their own interviews with people from their own country or other people they meet, whether they are important people or the average (wo)man in the street.

    Learn about one normal day in their life, write down and share your interview here, and also feel free to add some pictures to add to their story.

    Many people lead interesting lives and many has a story to tell. It's now up to you to find them in your area and bring them into this section.

    Looking forward to meeting and reading about others.

    (Please note that this thread has a very journalistic tone to it, and that normal journalistic norms should be strongly encouraged. The threads are primarily created to make the kind of Online Magazine we have been dreaming of, filled with stories and such which normally fills a magazine in the shop shelves. In order to do this and because this is a free magazine with no sponsor income, we solely rely on the work of volunteers and generous individuals which is willing to go a short mile to share with others. We humbly thank you for your contributions and for taking some time to helping us continue building this Online Magazine.)
    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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    I didn't find suitable place to put this video, but this as yet unused thread should do:!/video/106796/d...u-hva-han-sier

    At least he has a story to tell about the hard life in Northern Ireland.


      It is Ramadan, which means that Muslims have to fast from dawn to dusk, but how is this handled where the sun never set at this time of the year?
      Here is the Swedish solution:

      I believe Norwegian Muslims has a different approach:
      That raise the question, what do they do when the sun never rise in Tromso?? That will happen in 5 - 6 years time.


        How to negotiate with people around the world:

        Do you agree? Or find something familiar?


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          Not bad perception of how things are done in various countries, but dangerous to generalize.

        Some crazy Duchies has taken their craziness to Aalesund:


          Sunnmoringa spread their wings around the world:

          Nothing new in that of cause, but on stamps is not common.


            Originally posted by ombugge View Post
            Some crazy Duchies has taken their craziness to Aalesund:
            That's nothing - they're all dressed up. Take a look at this lot in this country.

            "To thine own self be true.......
            Thou canst not then be false to any man."