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Jews in S.E.Asia

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    Jews in S.E.Asia

    It may not be well known, but there are small Jewish communities left in all S.E Asia countries.
    Their numbers are dwindling in most countries due to anti-semitism and the draw of Israel.

    I came across this article in CNA today:
    Which got me to check on the Jewish "situation" in other S.E.Asian countries.

    From before I knew that the Jews in Malaysia had been hitting hard times with the strengthening of Muslim sentiments, intolerance and antisemitism:

    In more religiously tolerant Thailand the Jews are thriving:

    Vietnam also have a growing Jewish community, although mostly of immigrants from Israel, not of old stock:

    The Philippines had a large Jewish community at one time, especially after WWII, but that has now dwindled to less than 100, mostly American Jews and Israelis businessmen:

    Singapore had a large Jewish community during Colonial times. Even the first Chief Minister of self-governing Singapore, Mr. David Marshall, was a Jew. Due to the religious freedom enjoyed in Singapore and lack of any anti-semitism, the Jewish community is thriving:

    I don't know if this has any interest to anybody here on CVF, but just thought I'll post it because I learnt something new; that there are "old" Jewish communities left in now less and less tolerant Indonesia, a country I thought I knew.