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How to NOT behave when visiting a foreign country

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    How to NOT behave when visiting a foreign country

    Everybody would have heard about the earth quack that killed 16 people, including Singaporean school children recently.
    Some may also have heard about the tourists that stripped naked on top of Mt. Kinabalu a few day/weeks earlier, which caused an outrage in Malaysia when published there.

    The "leader of the pack", one Emil Kaminski, a Canadian travel writer who is posting his videos on YouTube under the moniker; "monkeetime" has managed to get in the world news by his arrogance and stupid comments:

    Aside from arrogance, ignorance of and disrespect for foreign cultures and believes, he appears to thrive on using expletives in all his writing and comments.
    It is shocking that this type of people, pertaining to be civilized and from a superior culture and race, is still not just around but in abundance.

    There must be something wrong with their upbringing and education if the think that where they were born and who their forefathers were has anything to do with their standing in the world.
    Nothing give them the right to look down on other peoples believes, or to think themselves above the customs and law in the countries they visit.

    To the Kadazans of Sabah Mt. Kinabalu is a sacred mountain and the final resting place of their ancestors. To desecrate it is a sin and an insult to their culture.
    That them stripping on the mountain had anything to do with the earth crack is obviously not based on any scientific truths, but then neither is a lot of believes in other cultures and religions.
    (I'll stick with the Cargo Cult, at least that is based on documentable facts)

    China is planning to make it compulsory for Chinese tourists to take a course in how to behave and what not to do when abroad. Maybe it is time for other countries to follow their lead??

    It looks like Emil Kaminski has managed to get his greatest wish; to become "famous" for his insults to other cultures and religions:
    He is now in remand in Tawau and seams to enjoy it. Hopefully he gets to enjoy the hospitality of Sabahans for many months to come.

    What about the strippers? They have now pleaded guilty to the charges and will probably get a small fine, or a few days in prison.
    The Father of the British girl is at least showing an understanding of the offence this is felt like by the local Kadazan Dusun tribe who live around this mountain. They are nominally Christians, but have retained a lot of their original believes:

    The infamous British tabloid press is also weighting in with their considered opinions.
    The Sun offer the sensational headline; "Your Boobs have angered mountain Gods":

    I have read some of the comments that is presented in various forum and comments in western newspapers. I find them mostly stupid and totally lacking in understanding of other cultures.

    One question though; is it more illogical to believe in sacred mountains and spirits then to believe in reincarnation, virgin birth and resurrection??
    None of this is held up by science either, but it you would be stupid to loudly contest those believes in many places.


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      As predicted; a small fine and a few days in prison, which they have already served:

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      Some tourists believe they can go anywhere in the world and all things will be seen the same as at home. And if not, then that is the fault of the country. Not their problem.

    Some may know that Norwegians have a habit of travelling to a place called "Syden", where the sun always shine and Norwegian rules do not apply. (In fact no other rules either)
    Here is a recent visitor to this paradise on earth called "Syden":
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      A bit over the top but moderately funny and not far from the truth?!