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British Passports & British Currency from around the world.

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    British Passports & British Currency from around the world.

    In Cecilia's report from her cruise on Serissima she mentioned the existence of a British Passport for Guernsey and the complications that may entail.
    On other threads the various Pound notes and coins in circulation in the world has also been mentioned, especially during the discussion about Scottish independence last year.
    In that connection I searched and saved pictures of some of the many British Passports in use, or issued during the Colonial days.

    It may be of interest to have a thread for this subject, so here is one.

    I'll start off with the aforementioned Guernsey Passport:

    Here is the official Scottish Passport:

    There are apparently even a special passport issued to those living in England:

    The standard British Passport:

    That is just the beginning.

    The other bit that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain don't appear to have their own Passport, but there are special Passport covers for Walsh Passport holders.

    Northern Ireland does have its own passport, however:

    Then more British Islands with their own passports.
    Isle of Man:


    The other bits around the British Isles with more or less autonomy does not appear to have their own official British Passports.


      The British Empire may be no more, but there are still British possessions dotted around the world where they issue special British Passports.
      These British passports doesn't automatically give right of abode in the UK however.

      Here is the passport issued to citizens of Bermuda:


      British Virgin Islands:



        Cayman Islands:

        Turks & Caicos Islands:


        St. Helena:

        And all together now:

        There doesn't appear to be a Falkland Island passport and here is the explanation: ​


          But there used to be a Falkland Islands passport at one time:

          ​As well as a passport for the British Mandate of Palestine:

          And the Dominion of New Zealand:

          A Passport issued to a resident of the Crown Colony of Singapore:

          And to a resident of the Indian Empire:

          Here is the "full" collection of older British Passports from the time of Empire:

          Of cause British passport issued to Hong Kong residents is not so old:

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            As for new and old Pound Notes and Colonial Currencies there are many to be found, but that will have to be for another day.

            Here is what MAY be one day:


            • yvneac
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              Mischievous Ombugge!....

            An admirable collection, Ombugge. But don't let Dutchie see that last one!
            PS: where can I get a Kingdom of England version? At least I have a cover as per United Kingdom Residual.

            "To thine own self be true.......
            Thou canst not then be false to any man."


            • yvneac
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              Not only Dutchie.In France too we love pretty things....

            • ombugge
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              Could it be that someone has been cleaver in Photoshop?? Or maybe it is only available as PP Cover, like the Welsh version??
              I promise not to tell Thijs about the future Pound notes.

            • wherrygirl
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              Yves, now you DO surprise me!
              OK, Ombugge, otherwise he'll be emigrating to England like a shot.