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    Ailo Gaup

    Ailo Gaup was born in Tromsø, and grew up there and in Máze (Masi) in Kautokeino municipality. When he was fifteen the family moved to Alta in Finnmark. Ailo is the cousin of actor Mikkel Gaup and son of author Laila Trail. As a 10-year-old, he sold fish and painted a house to afford a mini-motorcycle. He bought a 80 cc bike and began with motocross. By sixteen, he moved to Oslo to attend motocross line at the Norwegian College of Elite Sport (NTG) in Bærum.

    Today, the "Ice man", as he is called, living in Kongsberg in Buskerud county, where he has lived since 2000. He started freestyle motocross this year, Norway won the championship and in 2002 he participated in international competitions. He is running for Kongsberg Club Crossover Sports and manufacturer Honda with a Honda CR 250 He has his path to Lampeland in Flesberg, where he has built his own foam pool. [1]. In Norway there are only two such pools, and both are private.

    He was the first European operator who performed a back flip. This trick he did in Namibia 4 December 2004. He was also the first who extended the distance on backflipen from 10 to 20 meters. In 2005, further developed Gaup backflipen under flip. Gaup was the originator of the flip, one turned back flip, and it is very demanding.

    Gaup has six NM victories in two different branches, and he won the World Cup in 2003 and 2004. He won the unofficial World FMX in 2004, and in 2007 he won the World Cup again. This time, the FMX World Championships was an official event held under the auspices of the International Motorcycle Federation, FIM. 17. November 2007, he won the penultimate World Cup round in Mannheim in Germany, and thus could not take him again in the World Summary: Gaup was world champion and he ran and won with a broken hand and other injuries [2]. Damage to his list is long, and he has a total of 35 broken bones, compressed back and neck and a broken tooth. He has also received fothvileren inside the chest, punctured a lung and a damaged kidney. He is however the only Norwegian who has ever competed in freestyle motocross at the X-games in the U.S.. X-Games is one of the world's largest extreme sports competitions. He has a third from the Dew Tour, a competition it is harder to succeed in than the X-Games. In 2006, he concentrated fiercely on the Dew Tour in the U.S., and he did very well until a whirlwind took hold of his front wheel. Ailo was thrown to the ground and he was badly injured. He went with plaster for three months and there was a risk that the bone would die out due to lack of blood supply. He could not train on the bike for seven months, but he got up again and won the World Championship gold in 2007.

    2008 season will be a bit spoiled at the start because of shoulder surgery Gaup was conducted in January. The first World Cup rounds in FMX went without Ailo present. He aims to be back in form in its own event Ailo Invitational at Bislett Stadium 14 June 2008. [3]

    The fall of 2009 declared Gaup FMX-career ended. He justified this by saying that he "must take care of a frail body, with clear reference to the many injuries he has incurred as FMX practitioner in the absolute world elite, and that he was "drittlei av å holde på med dette".

    Awards he has won.

    Gaup was named the year's nordlending and this year's northern Norwegian sports names in December 2007 by Northern Lights' readers. He won the open class at Sports Gala 2008, and he was almost named the winner of this year, beaten only by Odd-Bjorn Hjelmeset. The winner of this year's name is the athlete or team, which voted out by the people themselves, based on nominations from the main jury. He was nominated for the prize in open class at Sports Gala 2004, but did not win it. In 2007, Gaup also voted this year's race carries [5] of Norway Motorsportforbund. 9. February 2008, he was named this year's model of Sami Sami Sami sports gala of the sports federations, Norway [6].

    Under FMX Awards in May 2008 he was voted "Best International FMX rider" and "Best European FMX rider" for 2007.


    He is my role model. Oh, I have Gaup's cross clothing

    More pictures to come
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    Hello there Joakim... is this an image of you or is it Ailo Gaup?

    I would be way to scared to ride motor-cross, but I love watching a proper race!
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      HEHE. no it's not me, it's Ailo Gaup.


        Here are some more photos of Ailo Gaup


          here is the cross clothes I got from Ailo


            Her is teh home page to Ailo