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Robin Hood, Fact Or Fiction?

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    Robin Hood, Fact Or Fiction?

    This has always been a lively debate between my family. I have always been of the mind that it rests in a fable, but then again who am I to dismiss such a quaint tale of yesteryear!

    Here is the Major Oak that is roughly 1000 years old, the story goes that Robin Hood hid in this tree to escape the sheriffs men.

    So old that it needs supports.
    Infamy, Infamy.... They've got it in for me! Said The Laughing Assassin.

    Now, that is an old tree..... really old. Fascinating that it still lives and breathes even after all these years... imagine all the sunshine, all the rain and all the seasons it has survived. Makes you kind of humble....

    This tree started growing at about the same time as Trondheim, then Nidaros, was founded and when Viking Olav Tryggvason some years later fell at the battle of Stiklestad... that is what I call perspective!

    For the Robin Hood being just a story or true tale... who knows...? I guess it is left to our own imagination and will to decide. I'd like to think he was a figure, but probably think he only lived in the books....

    I do remember how sad I was when my mother told me the "Smurf's" weren't real though... ...and not to forget about father Santa: he is real!
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      I am inclined to believe that such figures are most likely a combination of characteristics and events concerning a number of separate but real individuals. Over time their stories become confused and merge into one supposed person – doubtless embellished in the process.

      Originally posted by pakarang View Post
      ( ...and not to forget about father Santa: he is real!
      Sorry about the smurfs pakarang, and you know, I think you will have to start facing up to this Santa not being real either because my presents are definitely delivered by a Nisse or Tomte, depending on whether I have been in Norway or Sweden most recently, and I have a straw Yule Goat (julbock) too. (Well I would not have considered lowering the tone of this excellent thread, but I went shopping earlier today and was quite amazed by all the Christmas goods already taking over the supermarket shelves…)


        I'd go with you on that Seagull, truth and myth become intertwined.
        The argument of where Robin Hood was born (fact or fiction), still rages here today. Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire or Lincolnshire, all lay claim to him. Although it is said that he was supposed to wear Lincoln Green!

        P.S. What! The Smurfs aren't real...... dear me, I'm stunned!
        Infamy, Infamy.... They've got it in for me! Said The Laughing Assassin.


          Originally posted by pakarang View Post
          I do remember how sad I was when my mother told me the "Smurf's" weren't real though...
          Oh, my sweet boy, so sad and you still remember today........

          And, for the record...I still put my stocking up on Christmas Eve, and it is always filled with goodies on Christmas Santa IS REAL!!!!!

          ps....sorry, your dear mother was wrong. I saw 4 smurfs hanging out with 3 trolls in Honningsvåg......


            Nice to see the major oak is still standing in Sherwood forest Paul. When was the 2nd picture taken? It must have been 15 years or so ago since I visited the forest, the major oak was propped up then pretty much the same at that time if i remember correctly. Don't think it was fenced off though. I should imagine that 15 years down the line it's got a bit more unstable.
            Your charts, your radar, your eyes and ears - if all 4 agree, you may proceed with caution.


              Hi Steve, the 2nd photo was taken around 6-7 years ago. The Oak is also now held up with chains, only that keeps it together.
              Infamy, Infamy.... They've got it in for me! Said The Laughing Assassin.


                I must pass on wether Robin Hood was real or not. (I'd like to belive he was real..., but that's me....).
                On the other hand (SORRY, Jan-Olav!!!!!) I had a party never seen since within norwegian borders when the Smurfs disappeared from the face of the earth!!!
                Sad thing though, is that from time to time, someone is still trying to blow life into those blue little b*****ds!!!!
                (The nice thing with CV is that we can all agree or disagree and still be friends....., I HOPE...., Jan-Olav....?????? ).