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    Originally posted by pakarang View Post
    Some may remember my attempt at sports photography a few days ago:

    Today, there was a bike race in Trondheim too:

    In fact it was the Norwegian championship.

    Winner was: Thor Hushovd

    Looking forward to Tour De France, Saturday July 3rd to Sunday July 25th.

    If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you...


      Moving - Why don't take the house with you?

      The work on what is called the new road E6 east is well in progress.
      A new tunnel from "Solsiden" to Strindheim is being built.
      Because of soft ground on the city side, a concrete tunnel has to be used.

      In order to accomplish this, some houses has to be out of the way.
      And to much pleasure for one who is raised in the area, the option of moving them temporarily. has been chosen.

      Møllenberg wouldn't have been the same with modern 5-6 story "blocks" in their place.
      For locals, right here the residential area of Lademoen meets Møllenberg.
      And for primary school children, much rivalry as to which of the schools "Bispehaugen" and "Lademoen" was best.

      The house moves starts today, and some of it can be watched on webcam:

      A screenshot from "Gule Sider" :


        Where will they move the houses to??? Very interesting!!!!!


          Thanks for your interest Ehp !

          Have some pictures from the site, but seems like photobucket has gone into: who know's where.


            Gamle Kongevei - Old Kings road ?

            Some pictures from the site, this afternoon:

            Spectators gather for the event.


            Many wheels are needed.

            All prepared?

            Hearsay at the site says:

            The data program used for calculation of width/breadth/ weight was in English/American.

            The translation into the proper Metres/centimeteres/kilos was somewhat off correct.

            Cause of a an unfortunate delay. (For busy photograhers )
            Why can't you people get into the modern life?

            (Sailors with draught of feet, distance of nautical miles ea - of course excepted)



              Forgot to mention the "Trondheim" style of take-away:

              "What do you want to go with it ?" --

              Ehhhh - A new kitchen - and maybe some new livingroom furniture!


                Nichu, this is absolutely amazing. Like you say, this gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “moving house”! It’s also made me appreciate my many visits to “open air museums” in Norway and Sweden where old wooden buildings of many kinds have been relocated. (I hadn’t really thought about the actual moves before now .)

                I must go check out that sportsfield when I’m in Trondheim. Meanwhile I’m already addicted to that webcam . (Oh, and further down on that link just look at that moose taking a walk along Kongens gate!!!!!)


                  The first attempt at moving this house failed.

                  The weight was calculated at 85 metric tons, but was incorrect.
                  New estimate is 130 tons.

                  So - another larger crane has to be brought here.
                  From "Sterkoder's" city of Kristiansund, media reports.

                  This weekend, the full-rigged sailing vessel "Christian Radich" visits Trondheim.

                  Berthed at the cruiseship terminal, good pictures are hard to get, so this is today's contribution to the forum:

                  A better presentation of the ship can be found here:



                    Didn't see any updates on the housemoving...or the moose...but did notice that there is a beer rafting parade down the Nidelva this afternoon....sounds like fun!

                    The Captain would be apoplectic if he knew everything of interest he is missing whilst on Hell Week.....House moving, raft races, tall ships...his camera would be smoking hot!!!!!


                      Christian Radich:

                      PS: Check out the Sailship thread for more images of the beautiful Norwegian sailboat!
                      With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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                      Main page:

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                        MV Oden

                        The new Munkholmen shuttle boat ?

                        The Swedish icebreaker "Oden" has been at anchor a couple of days.
                        Anyone know the purpose of the visit?

                        The hull has a very special shape, with blisters on the sides.
                        Are these original, or have been added later ?


                          The "Oden" as seen in Trondheim is original from the yard in 1988.

                          Oden link:

                          Why it is in Trondheim, I don't know....
                          Last edited by Sterkoder; July 4th, 2010, 20:10.
                          "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                            Oden is very deceiving. She does not look large enough to have a 40 TEU container capacity and two saunas.

                            I can only imagine the sound of breaking 1.9 meter ice.


                              Thanks, Sterkoder for the link.
                              Looks like from the drawings that the hull shape is original.

                              Another special visitor today:
                              MV Expedition of Monrovia.

                              Tugboat "Chief" and barge "Dompstein" with what looks like clay, from a construction site:

                              Strange how Munkholmen manage to sneak into many of my pictures.


                                MV Expedition
                                If you take away the duck-tail, this vessel has an unmistakable stern of a scandinavian car/pax ferry of the 70's
                                (And just to repeat myself even one more time: I don't laike duck-tails at all!)
                                "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"