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NORDMØRE - a shire in Møre og Romsdal county

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    NORDMØRE - a shire in Møre og Romsdal county

    Today I was supposed to attend a veteran tractor and car meeting at Drage farm, Aspøy in Tingvoll municipality.
    Upon arrival, I spotted tenfolds of old rusty tractors, a couple of old veteran cars barely polished and an old bus.
    Did I make a stop...? Nope.

    Desided to spend the day driving around in Nordmøre shire, and since I was in Aspa, here's my first image showing Eide in the distance towards west.

    Then I drove towards Tingvoll, and here's an image taken from the new road towards south. During my photography today, there were almost always straight on light from the sun.

    On my way to Tingvoll (y'all have to Google here, because I don't feel like making a map), I drove the old road via Gyl, and here's the remains of the old car ferry dock Sandvika at Gyl. The ferry crossed over to Flemma in Gjemnes, it was operated by the boat "Von" which took two cars and a number of passengers.
    The route was operated from 1928 to 1934.

    The view from Gyl towards south and in the Tingvollfjord looks like this

    After Gyl, I drove 3-4 km and stopped at a resting place to picture Reinsfjell from "the reverse side" (I suppose you are familiar with the view of this mountain from the Kristiansund side, in other threads).

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    Re: NORDMØRE - a shire in Møre og Romsdal county

    Tingvollfjord, Reinsfjell and Flemma

    After my stop at that rest place, I finally arrived in Tinvoll.
    I decided to drive up to Tingvoll Museum and the old farm Lia (or Tingvollia).
    The farmhouse were built in 1845 and soon thereafter got its barn, mill and corn storage house. It remained an operational farm up until 1954, when it became a museum.
    Traces of a farm being here earlier can be found in the cadastre way back to 1330.

    A view south from the museum and we see Tingvoll below, then the Stølvatnet and Eikesdal mountains/Dovre mountains and Romsdal mountains in a distance

    Tingvoll Museum. This yellow building is from 1845.

    Another farmhouse moved here after it became a museum

    The barn. This one is from 1898 with restaurations there after

    The old little hut where the farms 'dreng' lived. Don't know the english translation of a 'dreng', but it's a guy, usually single being an assistant to the farm owner. He often did the hard labour on the farm.
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      Re: NORDMØRE - a shire in Møre og Romsdal county

      Located on the upper part of the museum area is a waterwheel, placed here after the area became a museum

      Images following are of the mill arrangements with waterway, waterwheel and all

      And driving the millstones around is this waterwheel

      On my way out of the museum, I passed this wooden piece covered in fungus
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        Re: NORDMØRE - a shire in Møre og Romsdal county

        What a beautiful day to be out in the countryside, Big S!!! And it's strange to think that you still have snow, when it's 32/90 here today in Georgia.......


          Re: NORDMØRE - a shire in Møre og Romsdal county

          To get to my car, I also had to pass the barn so that I could see under it..., so to say. Kind of into its open basement.
          Yepp, they can store chopped wood even today.

          An old shed on the west end of the museum

          And finally, for you who have QR-readers on your phones

          From the other side of the Tingvoll bay, the museum lookes like this (heavily adjusted in light, contrast and colour..., so bare with me on the quality. Don't know how this appears on all your different screens, but it's ok on mine)

          Down by the Tingvoll Hotel, this is the remains of the old car ferry dock. The quay was damaged by the new year hurricane, and the sign says KEEP OFF.
          Belive I would have understood that even without a sign....
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            Re: NORDMØRE - a shire in Møre og Romsdal county

            Tingvoll quay. No ships ever visit Tingvoll, so I guess that's why no one is in a hurry to fix it.

            Down by the hotel is a statue of Gunnar Churchbuilder, yepp..., that's his name, but called Gunnar in the everyday life.
            Gunnar was the architect of Tingvoll church, built around year 1180. This is an old roman stone church, often referred to as the Nordmørsdomen in the old days.
            Gunnar, the statue, is looking towards his church and Reinsfjell mountain

            After Tinvoll I drove towards Meisingset, and had a stop to take some pictures in a small lake south of Stølvatnet

            The last of the lake ice is about to vanish, and it's about time...., as we write May 1st in a couple of days.
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              Re: NORDMØRE - a shire in Møre og Romsdal county

              Also on the way from Tingvoll to Meisingset (I hope you're still Googleing a map of some sort?) is this old lumbered shed which I've ment to picture for years. Every time I've driven here the sunlight has been directly in my camera, and even being so today, I stopped and took some pictures.

              Had to have the tractortracks in the frame

              At Meisingset I took to the right and drove all the way out to Rotås, showing the Sunndalsfjord "from the other side"

              Towards Sunndalsøra


                Re: NORDMØRE - a shire in Møre og Romsdal county

                Driving back from Rotås to Meisingset again (you still follow?), I had to take a picture or two of the beautifully restored old Skar Powerstation
                This powerstation was built in 1920 to give Kristiansund the power they needed there.
                In 2011, the Year of Architecture, the powerstation building was awarded the Building of the Month in March. They called it the castle at Skar.

                Back at Meisingset, there's a small canal with a waterfall of about 50 centimeters.
                The water had a brownish colour to it, and with the strong sunlight sort of behind, this made that beautiful yellow colour in the water just as it floated over the edge.

                Some straws (or reeds rather) in the canal

                The old road through Meisingset went over the Storebro built in 1911
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                  Re: NORDMØRE - a shire in Møre og Romsdal county

                  I'm not into the history of Meisingset, so I'm not sure what this old abandoned house has been used for.
                  But with the road of today in another place with a Statoil garage and gas station on the other side, it's easy to think that this could be the old garage from the old days...? Well, have to investigate on this one.

                  A detail of old Storebro from 1911

                  In post #2 the following image was left out, and since we can only put six images in one post, I'll post it here.
                  This was taken from that rest place towards north. In the far distance, you'll see the partly snow covered Freikoll mountain at the island of Frei in Kristiansund. The boat on the fjord is "Hydrograf" of Statens Kartverk Sjø.
                  For those who remember back to the old ferry dock in Sandvika, Gyl can be seen to the right and the group of houses on the shore there to the left is Flemma.

                  This concludes my trip around in Nordmøre today. Should any one have pictures that fit into this thread, please..., be my guest
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                    Great new thread…great new photos. Of course I’m going to get out maps and enjoy the drive. Must just mention the light on the road and the curves of road and barrier and hillside in #1/2, the farm buildings (I feel I’m walking uphill in #2/3) and that little farm labourer’s place. And then there’s the church-builder looking across the water, the tread patterns in the melting snow in #7/3 (and I see the inspiration from that Stuart Franklin encounter there)…the reeds, the golden water….AND a power station for me!


                      Re: NORDMØRE - a shire in Møre og Romsdal county

                      Thank you so much, C. !!
                      Yesterday was a great day out for me, and I must say to anyone who don't know quite what to do other than sitting down drinking coffee (if you are bored...., to put it in another way) :
                      Grab your camera and go out in your everyday environment.

                      You might say; -"Oh, but I've lived here for ages..., I know my area like my truoser pockets..., there can't possibly be anything out there that someone wants to see...".

                      You're wrong!

                      These past pictures were taken by a guy who's lived among those motifs for almost 50 years...., there's always something out there, it's just a matter of inspiration and looking at the world with the eyes of a photographer

                      If you need inspiration every now and then, click into the Nordic Light webpage or into Magnum Photos ( ) and go to 'Photographers' on the top there.
                      Then there will be a list of photographers to click on and upon doing so, their portfolio will appear.
                      That gives me inspiration...

                      When you look at my pictures above here, all in this thread, I must point out my agreement with professional photographers when they say they hate very strong sunlight.
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                        Re: NORDMØRE - a shire in Møre og Romsdal county

                        You've really seem to had a great day driving around all those marvellous fjells. I agree, hard sunlight can be quite annoying when photographing (kind of hard to see the LCD on the camera), but I honestly think that you've managed that all very good!


                          Re: NORDMØRE - a shire in Møre og Romsdal county

                          Thanks, Tommi!!!

                          Yes, that hard sunlight is challenging. I like sunlight a bit more than total overcast when taking pictures, but some times the air and light get so crisp and razor sharp, like yesterday.

                          I belive yesterdays photography brought me to my personal limit as of this point, and I have never turned camera wheels, pushed buttons and changed settings as much as I did Sunday. The learning curve was steep, or rather vertical.

                          Although my card held over 100 pictures, I choosed 44 to show you.
                          What I want to say is that taking pictures to show to others is a total pleasure, but hard work.
                          I started my drive at 10:00 AM, drove 170 kilometers, walked hundreds of meters and took over 100 pictures.
                          Then I choosed 44 and started to work with them in my photo program to make them presentable for posting.
                          Between dinner, visit from my mom and dad for about one and a half hour, I sat with the laptop for the entire evening.

                          Finishing all off and posting my last of the 44 here at CVF at 01:25 AM last night.

                          I usually don't take what you can call 'snap-shots' anymore, and since it take alot of time (because I love my city and county and want to show it to the world), I'm very glad to get response...., so thanks again C and Tommi...., and to our dear E, who managed to sneak in between two of my postings. Thanks!!

                          If anyone belive I'm talking over my head here, I'm only telling you this so you know what's behind my way of photography. It has turned out a more and more serious hobby this photography-thing.
                          I've told you before that I enjoy taking as few pictures as possible of an object..., in other words, I like to get it as close to correct as possible the first time (maybe that's why I don't take snap-shots).
                          That way I think about the recipient, the viewer, the person in the other end and I put alot into showing him/her a good picture. I want each picture to mean something for the viewer and perhaps I put some of me into it, as a kind of mood might appear from time to time. I don't know.

                          Of course, others put something else into their photography...., and by doing so, we get different and an interesting world of photography develops.
                          It's funny from time to time to see a picture and before you know who's the camera holder, you know who took it. That's because we tend to develop a certain personal style as we grow as photographers.
                          It's like knowing we're going to listen to a tune by Bruce Springsteen before he even open his mouth. That's because he has developed his personal style in music. One single stroke on a guitar...., yepp, it's him! See what I mean?

                          Photography....., to look at others work, to get an idea, to find a (or the) location to spot something interesting, to understand the camera, to take the picture and to work with an image afterward...., it's all so interesting!

                          But look at this...., the King of OT (Off Topic) is performing his duties again....
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                            Re: NORDMØRE - a shire in Møre og Romsdal county

                            I get so glad reading your post here Svein. You have made so many good observations about photography, both your own and in general. Great to hear that you've learned a lot during your expedition, experimenting with camera settings and so. I'm also pretty impressed of your patiance when taking photos, which also reflects in your keepers ratio of 4/10 - that's not bad at all!


                              Re: NORDMØRE - a shire in Møre og Romsdal county

                              Wonderful drive, wonderful photography and a wonderful are .... and a wonderful thread.

                              That very day, I was also in the general same area as you... you didn't happen to see a black Volvo full of Asians and a blond Asian...? That would have been me/us... we were 5 people out of Trondheim on a daytrip to Bud and back.

                              Trondheim - Halsa - Kanestraum - Eide - Bud - Kristiansund and back... a long drive for just a day, speed tourism in its worst sense... LOL

                              Main purpose was a photo tour.... naturally.
                              With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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